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  1. @Leon Castle I beat the story mode if you want to give this a try. Both of my versions are vita versions so lets hope PS4 connects to Vita
  2. No, PS4 does not have private matches. But it does have a vote to kick option so it's basically the same
  3. Ok, i will work on this over the next few days I have a dummy vita I could add to the competitive mode too if it doesn't require any progress
  4. I have this game and would like to boost it. Do I have to make any progress in the single player campaign before boosting? I speak no Japanese and never watched the anime so not really sure what any of this game is saying to me.
  5. Yea, mine glitched too. I looked back through my convos and found this So get cooking Or leave your PS4 idle for a bit...
  6. Account sharing is totally fine by this sites rules so you won't get a flag for this unless it's extreme (like a game with stamps from 2014 appearing in your games with stamps from 2019). There are people that want account sharers removed from the lb, but even then I doubt the flagging team will take this route to ban teams if it ever (hopefully) comes to fruition
  7. Doing a long game without testing on alts first is a very, very bad idea. If you do everything offline, then swap, then sync that should work. But if it syncs at any point to the alt then you can't get those trophies to your main and will likely result in a flag without resetting your save
  8. It will likely reset, you can check in the online tab of the trophies section. If it is your account then it is set. But this trick is far from permanent and will stop working after about 24 hours so I would just do the trick again when you are ready to play
  9. I would set up a brand new g-mail account and use that
  10. Set your profile to private, sync your PSNP. Then earn a trophy and sync your PSNP again, should fix it
  11. Something that would be really neat is if you clicked the ribbons, and there was a simple leaderboard of the people who had the most of that type of ribbon. I also really like the look of the sidebar
  12. You can do the trick before ever earning a trophy, so you can see if all the trophies get transferred across as they should . If not, from what I understand is that an older stamp cannot be overwritten by a newer stamp (referring to the date on the stamp, like a trophy in April could be overwritten for one in March but not one from May) under any circumstances so unless you get a blank stamp you should be alright. You will probably not get your Golden Abyss stat boosters though
  13. Never tested it like this, but since you can split screen online I see no reason why playing in shareplay would be any different, though both of you would still have your screen cut in half. A laggy shareplay session may not be the best way to get him into rocket league though
  14. It creates a sort of hybrid of the two accounts, but logging on to an account that is in the case of the swap normally breaks it. I've had instances where it hasn't but for the most part it's largely untested. Some games can't handle the swap anyway and just give a network error if you try connecting to their servers
  15. Platinum 800 Higurashi PS4


    First in the UK to plat this too :D