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  1. Iron fist doesn't say that and is possible in co-op, that is how I did it. That being said it doesn't really matter since:
  2. 100% - Clicker Heroes - Took me 7 months on and off playing it but happy it's over. Really overstayed it's welcome with the zone 3,600 trophy. The game got boring at zone 1,000 or so. 


    I also finished the story of finals mode on Fifa, that must be the most frustrating trophy I have ever done. I am shocked I didn't break anything doing it. That should be all of the online done though so I can relax a bit

    1. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

    2. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  3. You keep saying there is evidence of you not cheating, but there really isn't any. Everything points to you cheating. - You earned your first trophy 2 years after the closure of the site - You played the game on 2 separate occasions without even looking to see if the custom mask your friend made would work - You're also trying to rush a conclusion, rather than waiting for someone to suggest a solution to the problem - Your unwillingness to provide proof of the mask on the game - You are also friends with a guy that started the game in 2017, who earned this trophy just a week before you
  4. I haven't played the game so maybe this is a dumb suggestion, but can you not take screenshots or videos of you wearing this custom mask?
  5. 17,000! - GoW 1 platinum :D


    Also 1% away from level 59

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    2. Ditto


      Nice work! Made the Platinum for 3 my 13.000th; such an great series. Just wish those were still milestones on here.. 

    3. midgetstrawdog


      Thanks guys, reached 59 now. :) 

      @DamagingRob Yea, the milestones now are a bit... weird. That being said I don't put too much effort in to milestones

    4. ee28max


      Well done on the milestone! ✅

      I love milestones, I plan them occasionally.

  6. Sly recently changed it so non-premiums can flag stuff
  7. After a short break from trophy hunting to play fortnite and Rocket League (In which I finally hit champ rank, really happy about that. Took me 2 years of daily play). I am back, or at least think I am back since I earned another plat - Bigfest

    1. marvelboy10


      Great job on obtaining both the champ rank and the platinum. 👍

    2. Ditto


      Nice work! 

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯

  8. 666 world rank 😈

    1. ee28max


      Beast mark of doom 1f608.png

  9. If you go offline then back online it is entirely possible to get it with 100+ friends. I had like 200-300 friends and got the trophy, just make sure they all appear on your friends list and it will pop fine.
  10. Where is the buy all 3 option?
  11. U3 competitive MP all done. Thank fuck that is over

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    2. midgetstrawdog


      I'm not worried about the co-op, that should be fun. I have 2 PS3s so hopefully treasures shouldn't be too bad. Elimination is done I just haven't synced it 

    3. Phil


      Triumvirate and Overseer are motherfuckers. Also, the going a full match of hunter arena on hard without dying sucks balls. The competative is easily the easy part unless you did it legit. If you got guys to help you with the 3 hardest parts and they're well seasoned at it, then it'll be easy. Otherwise, prepare for lots of hair pulling. Also, the adventure treasures on hard are a pain, most because they don't like to drop. Be prepared to do 2-4 hours for each set. The other treasures are completely random. You could get lucky, or you could be that poor fool farming every day for 2 months for your final treasure.

    4. ee28max


      I see you've been playing that for a while. Good luck on the rest! 

  12. Doesn't the Runner 2 have it's own LRG list? Bard's gold and Xeodrifter kinda have their own lists since they EU-NA stack
  13. If what he says is true about the money being dropped for him by a modder, then it should be allowed. You are not flagged for using modded weapons in other games, no one has been flagged for modded money in GTA 5. Though I guess it doesn't really matter seeing as he says trophies were autopopped for him.