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  1. Life is Strange platinum :)

    Worth playing if you enjoy TellTale esque games, but the game has a lot of problems. 


  2. @vegetollo7 @Maxie the Mouse I have done those several times over and have offered to help people for minimal in-game items. They really aren't as bad as people think. I meant trophies like from the original game, ones that requires skill @Lars I'm really confused as to what you think scammers can do other than tell you the wrong prices All of the other scams are designed to target kids or to go after high value items.
  3. To try and get consistently goodish Rocket League opponents I solo searched ranked on an alt. That alt is now higher than my main... FFS

  4. Seems like an easy list, which is pretty annoying, hopefully we get difficult trophies soon. If anyone wants a very rare boost PM me. I will want them back once you get the trophy of course
  5. Anyone on here play/have Quidd?

  6. @Ocean_Raptor @fino_hun @tarutataru Any tips on the 7-5 jump? I have spent about 3 hours trying so far and I just cannot make it
  7. Kill strain platinum - Burn in hell alongside Dead Star

    1. marvelboy10


      Great job! :yay:

    2. DamagingRob


      Nicely done!

  8. 15,000 Trophies! :)

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    2. ExHaseo



    3. Smithy


      Great milestone! Congrats.

    4. ee28max


      Congrats! :yay: 

      Great milestone 👍

  9. A 13 year old me is very happy: Black Ops 1 - 100%

    I think I'm also the slowest achiever of the 100% as well, so yay me

    Broke 600 Ultra Rares too :D

    1. marvelboy10


      Great job! :yay: You have approximately 603 ultra rare trophies. :blink: WOW! That's amazing. 👍

    2. ee28max


      Great job! 

    3. DamagingRob


      Reported. :P Congrats, man!

  10. As long as points aren't deducted for incomplete games it sounds pretty good
  11. Still offering VETERAN, yes VETERAN, certified items for 1 painted uncommon/rare item or 3 crates or 1 key. This will unlock BOTH of the trophies at the same time. I can can also help with the "budding artist" trophy for free.
  12. What is the point of having us have 3 people who aren't prepared to compete in this event, compete. All over something so minor. The event is supposed to be for fun...
  13. Favourite game is Rocket League Thanks for the giveaway
  14. Gems of War and Warframe 100%ed! I'm getting addicted to grinding free to plays now and I don't know why... :/ 

    I'm also on the brink of top 100 UK and top 1000 in the world for standard. 

  15. Done