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  1. Could we have an image or something, I can't access that. Also, pretty sure if I went into customer support and asked if I could commit identity theft to get a Korean game they would tell me it was illegal
  2. Just got my 36 fragments plat using this. When we were doing tests we were earning all of the trophies including the plat and then account swapping. That may have been cause of timestamps being messed with. With this being as new as it is I would still be wary
  3. Yes, this takes some getting used to. The first few times I spent about 10 minutes to get the timing right, if you get an error you were too fast, if you get welcome to the vast PSN then you were too slow. Just keep going
  4. What are you seeing? Just press the browser icon and it should take you to the sign in screen
  5. There have been 200 replies on this thread, what are people waiting on to talk about these "actual issues". The majority of people think that team accounts have no place on the leaderboard, the fact they still stand and take up the majority of the top 100 means that the leaderboard is already subjecitve I want to keep this thread up so people who are having trouble getting it work or want to share info on getting it to work can without having to PM me. But at this point locking the thread is looking much more appealing, if you want to argue over this, please take it elsewhere
  6. 1. By syncing 1 trophy at a time or somebody finds what causes the trophies to get lost. I will be doing a few NA stacks over the next few days 2. Fair enough, I don't particularly disagree, I just want vita stacks so I can fully complete every game I start (all stacks) 3. I fear this too, but if they don't read the warnings and get screwed then it's their own fault. They could also hide the game after the fact 4. I like PSNP's standard board the most, if I get removed from other sites so be it. I only use 1 other rival site anyway 5. It has been around for over a year, so I guess we just hope that doesn't happen 6. I don't know how many visual novels are digital only, but realistically like 20 games were posted above that would be a viable option for people to play for a quick trophy boost. Half of these didn't even have plats, some were games only 1 region benefited from. I don't believe anyone is taking down the top doing this
  7. No, there have been reports of people trying to sync a bunch of trophies at once and not all of them working. Could we please stop arguing the legitimacy of this? The community and staff have made their decision. I kept the thread open since people will likely have questions, if there's a lot more arguing I'm just going to lock the thread
  8. I personally fail to see how these are the same thing. It's quite easy to say that trophies earned are ok, but backing up trophies to your PC and just giving them to people isn't. People are going to do both of these things regardless, just with games that have a physical version. People I know have already used this method to get trophies from games in their region. I am asking for trophies not to be flagged based upon region alone. It's also not even known at this time whether a full list can be done on 1 sync, everyone I know is doing a few trophies at a time As for popular opinion I believe that has already been made clear
  9. Since this is, potentially going to be allowed, I feel it's best to say the current method is buggy. Whilst this personally hasn't happened to me, some people have had certain trophies not sync across. I will personally be syncing only a few trophies at a time to avoid this. So be wary of doing this on your main before doing a few test run on alts Since this is my first post since the original, if anybody has any questions that weren't already answered I'll do my best to answer them now
  10. WARNING: In it's current state, this can be glitchy and can cause out of order timestamps. Until more information on this method is discovered, please sync every trophy one by one. If the time stamps are out of order then you WILL be flagged. Step 1: Reset Vita You will want to log in to the account you are using to gameshare Step 2: Download whatever game you want There is no piracy in this method, you need to own the game as you would when sharing on other platformers Step 3: Turn off the internet This isn’t necessary, but if you accidentally sync the trophies to this account at any point then you will have to re-do everything Step 4: Earn the trophies as you would normally ON THE GAME SHARING ACCOUNT Step 5: Send the hidden applications reg to your email through this URL: http://vitatricks.tk/signup.html Step 6: Open up the vita's email application (not in the browser) and add the email that you sent the reg to Step 7: Turn your WiFi back on and add the email you sent the reg to the alt account and open up the email from SilicaAndPina When you open up the email click on the browser icon, you will reach this page: Now when loading the link, you want to wait approximately 5 seconds and disable your WiFi by holding down the PS button and pressing the WiFi button or flight mode You will likely get a WiFi error or the previous screen, but keep trying and eventually you will get this screen: Step 8: Add your main account Enable the WiFi and type the account details of your main account Step 9: Sign out and sign back in Go to the PSN settings inside the settings menu and log out and then back in Step 10: Open the trophies app DO NOT SYNC You will get a “restoring trophies” error, this is good Step 11: Go back to Email and swap back to your gamesharing account by using the hidden applications reg Step 12: Go straight to your trophies app and sync. DO NOT sign in or out using PSN Doing this does not require any CFW or downloading of anything, requires very little technological knowledge, does not use any piracy and works on the latest firmware. I would also like to thank everyone who assisted me Thanks to @inflict54 for this: I tested today with 36 fragments NA vita, i followed the guide, earned 1 trophy, and on step 11 after successfully obtaining trophy on main acc, i was wondering, what to do next. I tried easiest way - i just switched back to game, got new trophy, then again went to trophy app, and it synched just the same way as with 1st trophy. I could see all my main trophies on PSN tab of trophies app so you can easily see success of synching. After that i decided, that trophy app remained bound to my main account, and every following trophy synch is tied to main account.
  11. As I said in my post, I did not download anything. I do not have hidden applications on my vita and the vitatricks website is only needed to send the thing to my email. I missed this in my original post, but there is no piracy involved in this what so ever. In order to get the other region game it is required to be owned on that account
  12. I got it to work on the latest update, no download to my Vita what so ever. @Sly Ripper, could I please get a ruling on whether I would be flagged for this on my main account. My alt australian account that I used https://psnprofiles.com/TheKronoviOfEU
  13. I have never done anything "shady" when earning trophies. I was actually on the fence about this when CFW was required. But I mean, if you looked at my profile, I like doing stacks and I like doing games with online. Haven't tried yet, would have to reset my Vita in order to try and seems kind of pointless to try it if it will never be allowed
  14. So... If I use this am I going to get flagged? @MMDE @grimydawg
  15. What is a completely clean leaderboard? Some people believe using a the debug menu on Jak 2 is cheating, some people believe using a proxy on AvP is cheating, some people believe teams are cheating, some people believe exploits are cheating, some people believe boosting is cheating, some people believe doing other region games is cheating. A singular leaderboard is created so everyone can follow the same rules. I personally believed that boosting trophies was illegitimate for a long time, but I realised if everyone is following the same set rules, I'm not getting an advantage over anybody. I have been reading the thread for quite some time, this thread seems a lot more hostile than the gone spy one. I also see a lot of people saying people with CFW will use CFW to pop trophies which I find weird. Are there a lot of cases where somebody was caught using CFW well? The cases I have seen of this are fairly obvious where they wanted a shit ton of trophies or they probably just paid someone to get the last trophy for x game they couldn't do.