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  1. My text guide says to swap first, so your main account should appear in the online trophies tab. I have done many games doing it this way without time stamp issue. The video guide says to plat the game then to account swap. I believe this to be the cause of most of the time stamp issues but without more information it can be tricky to pinpoint. I would highly recommend practising on alternate accounts beforehand Yes, it works on PSTV though I have not personally done it
  2. If you are earning the trophies before account swapping, then yes the initial error matters. If no trophies are earned then it shouldn't matter. You also shouldn't be syncing on the first swap, just the second. Your ID will show on the first swap but it won't work properly
  3. You should be able to see whether or not it will sync to you main account by checking the playstation network tab inside of the trophies app. If your account is in the top right then it will sync to your account. You shouldn't need to create a new account, but if there is a trophy saved locally that got synced to a dummy then you will have to reset your vita. Getting the timing down on the internet disable was very difficult for me too, spent a good 30 minutes trying on my first time too.
  4. No, what part are you having trouble with?
  5. Replaced with new link
  6. Just bought NA vita of gravity crash and I'm getting the same error :/
  7. Sign me up please, been a while since I did a competition I would also like to say I would be against a trade system, could lead to all of the most dedicated players ending up on one team. It could also mean a player could be transferred to a worse team and lose motivation/quit. Maybe it could work if both player and manager had to agree on a transfer, but even then I think you are just asking for trouble
  8. Seems they are using a new site, changed the OP with the new one Thanks for pointing it out
  9. https://gematsu.com/2018/06/nep-nep-connect-chaos-chanpuru-to-end-service-on-august-8
  10. Did not know that, guess I'll start after Volume then. Thanks for the heads up If you are downloading both the game and it's DLC from the same account then it will work for 100%. I did NA Open Me as proof, the game doesn't even have a base game list
  11. Will you be making a guide for Chaos Champuru? Would love to get that game done. By the way I found that micro transactions work whilst doing this too The Vita running out of battery doesn't break the link, I have had my vita run out of battery on several occasions and it's been fine. It seems to be the link is broken after approximately 24 hours, maybe when you turned the Vita back on you had gone past this mark? Do you mean download their DLC for a game that you own? I have not tested but I would assume it would work if physical, not if digital. If you download their game then that will work instead
  12. Finally got 100% on Dead By Daylight as platinum 350


    The game was great fun with friends, now to find another competitive game with an emphasis on teamwork that also has a long trophy list. 


    Also got the 36th fastest achiever with a time of 7 months lmao 



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  13. Just to add on to what was already said, you can use the mic that comes with the PS4 as a mic on this game too. So one of them and either a smart phone or a PS4 camera and you should be good to go. Someone on .Org said to use a white noise generator rather than a fan, I tried this and I have gotten 5 stars every time, so if anyone still wants the plat I would definitely recommend that over a fan