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  1. Platinum 800 Higurashi PS4


    First in the UK to plat this too :D 

  2. Only the US account has to be primary. Primary just means that other accounts on the PS4 can use content
  3. You could also message the guys in your lobby and ask if they want to boost (they tend to call it farming). You'd be surprised just how much these guys agree to help out. It's how I got the huntress trophy. This used to be much easier on the old pip system. Obviously return the favour by letting them get the score they want. Though if you have 3 PS4s that is probably the better route. I tried boosting before the game was on PS plus and it was hard then so I'd imagine it's much worse now
  4. https://psnprofiles.com/leaderboard/multi/gb


    Been casually aiming for this for a year or 2 so nice to finally reach it :D


    1. DamagingRob



      Congrats on reaching the top!

    2. ee28max


      Congratulations! :yay: 

  5. @OrphioonThe way vita trick works is it transfers unsynced trophies to any account. So if people are playing the game outside of the desired region then this will work. It's possible the Capcom account may require some verification from an actual Asian person but the account region lock will be bypassed. If either you or @uBATTLEu has discord I'd love to talk there so we can get a little group going
  6. You should be able to play it through vita swap using the offline method, I have a couple guys who are interested in doing this. PM me if you are interested in teamming up with us Or at the very least so we can share information, would be nice with it being Asia only and all
  7. This should be unlinked from the vita version, since the PS4 version is a compilation of games including the PS vita version. Not just a PS4 of the vita version
  8. I have played most of the games listed in this thread and honestly, this is by the far the worst of them
  9. I posted it on another thread, but in case you missed it: Close application then race as the Blue turtle
  10. Still hidden and I have synced 9 lists since then. Anybody able to help? @BlindMango maybe?
  11. This seems to have happened to me too, both my MineCraft story mode platinum and the griefer trophy have been hidden. They are visible on PSN and other trophy tracking sites but not here. My games list shows it complete but clicking on the list doesn't have any timestamps for them
  12. So... You didn't question your brother when the UNO 100% just appeared on your profile? Somebody on your account got all the trophies years ago, probably you, so it's likely you knew the absurd requirement yet didn't question it. You supposedly also let your brother run your account on his jailbroken PS3? That's an awful lot of trust. Your story has holes and nobody is buying it
  13. Yep, just make sure you both use fresh saves
  14. Life of Black Tiger
  15. After you get the error, you must do this: It still works on 3.70, if you are still unable to get it to work I would follow the steps exactly once more. If that doesn't work there are now multiple YouTube videos and other text guides or you can send me a DM on here and I'll do my best to help