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  1. Leap year bug does delete unsynced trophies though... Unless something else is found the flag should be lifted
  2. LittleBigPlanet Vita 100%! Just LBP3 on PS3 to go for the full set!

  3. Why is he still on the leaderboards then? He now has 440 hidden trophies, he just hid everything he cheated
  4. Platinum #250 and game completion #600 - Undertale


    I have yet to actually beat the game, odd they made the plat not require beating the game, so far it is absolutely fantastic. I wasn't keeping track of the numbers, but somehow I had a flat 50 PSN games and DLC and 50 plats since 500/200. 

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    2. bezdomnekoty


      Good Job! 250!

    3. ee28max


      Well done on your milestone! 💯

    4. MetalGarurumon
  5. Yes, I am out. I looked at the challenge and deemed it impossible, the fact that @ArtikSkarab did it in less than 2 days is mind blowing. GG to him and to all that played. Was fun. Hope for a season 2
  6. My completion rate took a hit for this, but I finally made it. Vividred Operation Mayo.. something - 6 Unmechanical Extended PS4 JP - 5 Unmechanical Extended PS3 JP - 5 Gunstar Heroes - 5 Paperbound JP - 5 Anywhere VR - 7 Little Big Planet Vita - 1 Saints Row The Third Ger - 2 Final Horizon - 3 Super Hang On - 9 Alex Kidd in Miracle World - 9 Dead by Daylight - 2 Life is Strange PS3 - 59 Also, I haven't used any yet, but are we allowed to autopop trophies through cloud saves @Fredoline05
  7. This may sound like a dumb question, but what is the best way to play a VN? Should I use a walkthrough from the start or have a couple blind runs?

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    2. PooPooBlast


      I would try to find a guide that has no spoilers if possible but if not, then yea blind it is.


      For me, for the sake of time I have and just in general, I don't like to make multiple playthroughs if it's unnecessary.

    3. midgetstrawdog


      Thanks guys, blind playthrough it is. :) 

    4. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Only skipping already read text.

  8. Challenge complete PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale
  9. Money is dropped on the floor all the time by hackers. Disabling this doesn't do anything. Though this doesn't help either side of the argument Join public matches, there are quite a few hackers Using items given to players by modders has been allowed for quite some time. I'm not really a fan of this rule No. The BO2 trophy is an example of this. Much less support is gained for people wanting that trophy What? No, time is the only real factor in to getting a game complete. You know these 2 situations are completely different, for this trophy all of the requirements from the player have to be done.
  10. Challenge Complete 0-10: Adept Nightmare - Dead by Daylight 10-20: Leapfrog - Dead by Daylight 20-30: Escape Artist - Dead by Daylight 30-40: Hippie Boy - Manual Samuel 40-50: Eye can't believe it - God of War 2 50-60: Super Sized - God of War 2 60-70: Whip it Good - God of War 2 70-80: Made Tony Open a Cafe... - Manual Samuel 80-90: The Reincarnation of a Sinner - Dying Reborn (NA) 90-100: Mathew, what on earth have you done? - Dying Reborn (EU)
  11. How good are you hoping to get? If you are just wanting to be a good player, the above advice will get you there but I would be pretty doubtful if they would get you to the higher rankings. If you want to be a great player, you have to experiment with everything. If you do this you will feel confident in every challenge. Also, exclusively play ranked. You will get consistently better players. Watch tournaments and YouTubers too