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  1. Yes this works on PS TV
  2. Mxgp compact (PS3) and quell memento (China vita) both have their trophies offline. Though would probably require some sort of black magic to get either fixed
  3. Don't give them ideas
  4. Does anyone have any further tips for the driving license trophy? I've been riding around the track for the last hour maybe and nothings popping Edit: I was going anti-clockwise, this trophy only unlocks when going clockwise. RIP 2H
  5. I guess they don't absolutely have to play Rat's stuff, but they do have to play some sort of easy stuff to reach top 500 or some decent rank. If that wasn't the case and people could get there through playing legit games then these sort of threads would not exist. Creating alt accounts really isn't that hard. Buying the game multiple times is kind of annoying but shares exist and if it's an Asian stack then it's not likely to be on someone's main. If the game is kind of long then I don't really mind paying again since I stack long games too rather then just fast/easy If you count the PSTV as a vita then I have 3 vitas There may be some people who do enjoy stacking them, but even if the majority don't, are they really going to post how much they disliked the game? Imagine if someone posted in every rat thread saying they disliked their game yet had every game they released at 4-6 stacks, that would look unbelievably silly.
  6. Fair enough, I strongly agree with that.
  7. Sure, that is an issue, but people have to play them for rankings and such, regardless if they actually want to or not. Blame players > players got to play because rankings. It's never going to work out how you want and just creates this sort of divide we have going on now.
  8. This isn't something that just the guys going after plats are doing. Look at the some of the guys going for trophies now. Trash like in space we brawl, grinding orcs must die for 200H. Buying a racing game from 2010 despite having none of the other games in the series. I doubt it will be long before a rarity hunter buys the tickets for elemental monsters. Competitive people will always be competitive There are very, very few profiles that have put in a good amount of time into trophy hunting and also stayed away from some sort of stat padding, whether it be rarity padding or platinum padding. I can only really think of one As for stop buying the games and blaming the players, it's kind of a stupid mentality IMO. How many guys are realistically going to take a hit in rankings in an attempt to stop production of these games? A lot of the top guys share these sorts of games, alongside the sheer amount of codes given out it has to be the casual hunters keeping them afloat so I really doubt the Rat, ugh, "hate" threads are going to change anything As for me, I'll continue to be king of trash, whether it be for easy plats, easy 100%s or easy rarity Stats and competition are life
  9. I did North EU and Drowning EU, could I please have Awesome Pea NA PS4
  10. Just got this to pop without deleting my save. I closed the app after repeating a few characters, just in case it was in one sitting. When I rebooted the game I picked the blue turtle (Leonardo), third from left at the bottom. Didn't even win, came 5th and the trophy popped. I'm having some trouble with the slime trophy now, though there's a good chance I just missed one
  11. There is an easier solution to all of this, don't give the games a platinum. Then he can have his 40 minute lists
  12. We should be arguing, or debating, or whatever you want to call this. The leaderboards are a fairly big thing in some people's lives. I haven't really picked a side on this yet, on one hand having the leaderboard weighted by rarity is quite a good thing. It allows the top to go and play something for fun without fear of losing their positions. I have talked to guys a decent way away from me that feel they can't take breaks from the easy games else they will just fall down the boards. On the other hand, changing the board this drastically is going to make some people very unhappy. If it's the main board I can see a lot of the ezpz players moving elsewhere, either away from trophy hunting or on to sites that's main board is total points. It is also quite nice to have a total trophy board, it;s a summation of the most unbiased thing. I am not disputing time as a major factor, it obviously is. But even skill based leaderboards are heavily impacted by time. I would replace money with access to games, there is so many ways to stretch how much money a hunter spends. Almost every ezpz will go on sale for 3.99 or so on either the NA or EU store. Use sites that sell codes for below the RRP, use a Canadian PSN rather than a US one since stuff is often cheaper there. Currently both those rarity boards are pretty broken. The board on PSNTL can be abused by doing the pinball games, they may be hard but once you have a game that gives that many points it really needs to be nerfed. And the one here just has a bunch of hackers that hid their trophies so they can't be flagged. The board that is currently the rarity board is quite a nice weighted board though I am kind of curious, since you say money is a big part, how much do you think the top hunters spend?
  13. Whilst I did not try for this trophy on 1.01, this did unlock for on my 1st 20 x2 on version 1.00. So if you can't get it to work on version 1.01 this is a pretty much confirmed way of getting 100% of the time. I can also confirm that it can be the same dice getting 2 20s. It also did not pop for me when I rolled a 20 and then a 1
  14. I fear you are putting words in my mouth here. I was simply saying money is not really one of the two defining factors. It definitely is a factor, but high leaderboard positions can be acquired with very little if you join the right communities and such. I am definitely not any "side" here. Unless by side you mean I care about the leaderboard. Everything is both pointless and valuable at the same time, saying there is a "side" here would be quite childish. If anything I agree with your thread, but I think the main problem with the thread was that the stuff was kind of obvious. Anyone that had invested a decent amount of time trophy hunting realised that the leaderboard is based almost solely on the quantity of ezpz games someone plays. There wasn't really a need to tell people this, or the more degrading term of "pointless". The bottom bit wasn't for you, that is probably my fault, formatting and such is not my strong suite. There are 2-3 posts from others saying every trophy above 50% should be given negative points on a leaderboard and I think that is very unnecessary. If you want to have a rarity leaderboard have a rarity leaderboard. Not a rarity leaderboard minus ezpz I hope that makes sense I feel like I rambled a lot
  15. Wasn't it already explained to you that money isn't that big of a factor? It definitely helps but it isn't like someone without a small fortune can make it. You seem to be a very close minded person so I'm probably wasting my time but perhaps you could consider it IDK. OT: For me, the ezpz games are a means to an end, with that end being trophy leaderboards. If the leaderboards were to change to favour rare games then that is what I would play more of. I don't really want to be stacking every Ratalaika game 6x, but I do want a high leaderboard position so that is what I play. That being said, I think awarding negative points to a common plat is just silly and seems anti-top of the leaderboards for no real reason. If I have 10 hard plats and 50 ratalaika games, I shouldn't be below someone with 5 hard plats. Just award either nothing or minimal points