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  1. How did my shit post turn into an intelligent reply I don't think games that were a few pixels really had much thought into the race of the people playing. The games from the 40s at least seemed to mostly be just about was it fun to play and that doesn't look at race or sex. Not to mention Ms Pac-Man was also released in 1982 which sold well, despite a female main character. I also don't think because the main audience of something means it was made for them. I think for the most part games don't really see race, maybe I'm just uninformed but I don't really know if minorities tend to like a certain game so i will refer to music. If Queen is mainly listened to by white people, I just don't think their music was made for white people, it's just how it is. In the same way a black rapper than is mostly listened to by blacks they didn't make their music for black people, it's just how it is. They made it because they thought it was a good piece of art regardless and I think it's reductive to the artist to say they were making it for a certain audience. I know I am now cherry picking, but GTA San Andreas released in 2004 with a very non-white main character and still did exceptionally well. So I really don't think the issue is this sort of bigotry that is being proclaimed.
  2. All the reviews for that are negative, if you Google 1982 games it doesn't even come up. If the argument is most games were made for white men why are we picking a game that was never popular. Now I suppose you could drag it out and start picking games throughout the generations, but I think at some point you have to realise this is not "most games". Though I think you are smart enough to realise the person I replied to is arguing in mostly bad faith, or at the very least extremes spurred by emotions only.
  3. This is what games looked like 40 years ago, could you educate me on how these were made for white men?
  4. Sign me up :>
  5. @AstraiIIa The 24h window is when using the online method. After this window is up the swap will break and will sync any unscnyed trophies to the alt account. The saves and everything else should be intact. If you do the offline method you don’t have to worry about this unless you forget to turn off the WiFi. You will have to do step 7 @Bliss I have done longer games that don’t have plats by syncing every trophy as I went. It’s no different to an easy plat as long as you are careful. Or do the aforementioned offline method and sync the whole thing once it’s beat
  6. Most definitely because of the time requirement. The very few people that have played this enough to be even close to those 0%s don’t care for them as far as I can tell. 3 of the 4 0% trophies have some really ludicrous requirements. The 4th one has considerably easier requirements if I understand it right though. I will say though, the game is dead and I could realistically see them closing the servers before anyone gets 100%.
  7. Yes, this is possible. You will need to factory reset to get rid of the trophies though and make sure not to sync or the trophy list will not be at 0% But as I say to most of these questions, practice first. If you try doing stuff like this and something goes wrong the chances are higher of a messed up list
  8. If you only use one EU account then yes you can do that. The only reason you would have to reset the memory card after that is if you make a mistake and sync trophies to the alternate account since the only way to get rid of them is to delete the user
  9. I have toyed around with this idea for quite some time and the best idea I had come up with is to keep the current leaderboard the same, but have a separate top 100 or so solo players leaderboard since all of the teams are pretty much in the top anyway. This avoids the entire leaderboard needing to be moderated and the teams get to keep their rank without being moved to the side. Also to the no team would admit to being a team thing is completely false. Maybe they wouldn’t actively click a button but if you ask some of them they are usually pretty honest about it. There will always be bad apples though, obviously, but a good chunk of the top trophy hunters are pretty honest and trustworthy people
  10. From what I have played this game isn’t difficult at all, just awfully long, like 500 - 1K+ hours long. I was talking to someone who has over 2K hours logged in this game and they are level 81 and need 500K XP per level, just for some idea of how long each XP level is that far into the game.
  11. Set your profile to private, update your PSNP so it’s all hidden. Then unhide it all and earn another trophy and update your PSNP again
  12. Ebay copy for less than £10 even after shipping : Link
  13. I would also recommend not looking at the leaderboards. I lost a lot of units (approx. 150K, so half the plat) whilst playing this game and I think some was lost when looking at the leaderboards since it would reset back to whatever score I had on there.
  14. If you are serious this is possible, but it's going to be a huge amount of work for what is IMO the least important stat.I would follow @FawltyPowers suggestion mostly, get a solid idea of how much time this will take. You should also consider playing new rata games since they stack 6 times and are going to increase your completion rate by a bit and don't take very long, VNs if you can afford them/have the contacts to get them cheap. You should also use the exploits that most profiles with 100% completion use. If you start a new game you can play it on a blank account and if you don't get 100% or want to get 100%, just delete the profile (this only works for offline games / the offline portion of a game). On PS3 if you never sync the new game to your profile you can just delete your profile. This way you can never mess up starting a PS3 game and will always get 100% on your new games no matter what.
  15. @Leon Castle I beat the story mode if you want to give this a try. Both of my versions are vita versions so lets hope PS4 connects to Vita