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  1. Got to crota on crota's end on hard not bad for first day on hard setting :-)

  2. Been playing destiny for 4 weeks solid no good loot drops everytime an exotic is given after a strike it's to someone else. all I seem to get are shitty green and blue engrams Grrr!

    1. McJacs2


      The same applies to me, except I've been playing for almost 4 months.

    2. Carville87


      The loot system is terrible in that game until it starts going your way :)

  3. Happy Xmas folks hope you all have a nice day hopefully look forward to playing some games with the you in the new year :-)

  4. errmmm maybe this I even made it in to the gaming news lol
  5. normally pick my games up from online deals think the last 4 games ive had only paid £34 max each for on the PS4.It does seem tho uk is a little bit more of a rip off Still really chuffed at finding killzone shadowfall for only 85p on the uk store. Think the trick is always kkep your eye out has saved me bucket load over the years also
  6. Got GTA 5 On PS4 ging to fire it up in a mo :-)

  7. Managed to get PS4 remote play to work on my note 3 last night winner winner chicken dinner!

    1. Nasty_Rory


      I was wondering if I would be able to get it to work on my Xperia Z2 - this gives me some confidence that it will. Dont really need it to tho as the Vita is more than capable ;)

    2. GIennb


      hack will work on all android handsets now

  8. PX4 headset anyone £59 brand new use new customer code for £10 at tesco hurry selling out

  9. looking for destiny people to do some raids anyone intrested?

  10. waiting for my Destiny limted edition

  11. I picked up the turtle beach px4s from tescodirect for only £69.99 went on offer. If you can wait for a while just keep looking on tescos website for some reason they always do offers now and again on the the turtle beach headsets winner winner
  12. Phillip Williamson on the playroom is pure comedy gold

  13. ds rom and psp rom work wicked on my note 3 got persona 2 and 3 for psp crap load of ds games ordered a game pad to make gaming alot easyer also can use this it work and leave my vita at home now