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  1. Just 100% the game. Flame gun (lvl 14), Penguin gun and Beach Ball gun (lvl15), but after 60th day, I've used Fork gun instead Penguin gun (keeped at level 1, is enough) only in special mode: very useful to stop enemy bullets!
  2. So, anyone had some news about next DLCs? I need to know if Level5 will refresh the list getting out other trophies. I've the game for only few months... Thanks
  3. I confirm that too: for every 100's trophy, you must use the four commands on 100 different items. Thanks for the tip!
  4. After beating the game meanwhile doing daily challenges, you'll be at the beginning of level 10 (barely 4000), reach the next one and the trophy, need others 2000 points. You don't need to reach level 15.
  5. Here we have the trophy list. I suppose that "seek and destroy, again" is similar to Stormy Ascend "seek and destroy", so you must hit ALL 145 cases (level bonus and death route included) and gain two diamonds. The second trophy I think is simple, you must shoot a rocket launcher robot, I suppose... Anyway, I hope you've keep the save file, because is impossible to beat the level without Crash's upgrades!
  6. Hi everyone, I've got a question: the co-op trophies (Power of Love, You've Got a Friend), can be earned selecting chapter 6 and finishing the game, like others? Thanks
  7. For me, I've played until floating islands, finish that and REPLAYED TWICE. that's it. No one spells buyed. Trophy popped when I come back to the map.
  8. Hi guys, Someone confirm that buying the whole game + 4 DLC from the store (in Italy is 9 euros), the "online pass" is included? thanks
  9. Only me. I've got only platinum. but I've read in other topics that u could gain trophies in F2P version, and on PS Store I've seen that 3 DLC are free and 2 to pay... Every DLC's got 10 trophies (I think almost the same for each...)
  10. Hi everyone, I just mind now I've got two PS3, I ask to you how many trophies (of 10 per DLC) you can obtain with an alternative account, so only with another player. Thanks
  11. Thanks to all... I looking only for plat this game. Now I boost online with another ps3, but I'm afraid for others trophies... SF4 is an old "mistake installed trophy list"
  12. Hi everyone, The most painful mode in this game is trial mode... do you think I should buy an arcade stick or an official Street Fighter pad? (Like the Sega Mega Drive one ) Thanks for any help
  13. Confirmed: you can do the only one online trophy, linking two ps3 with two copies of DR by LAN: shoot your alt then cure him. Confirmed: you can do the only one online trophy, linking two ps3 with two copies of DR by LAN: shoot your alt then cure him.