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    top... gaat tot hoe ver ik het 100% zeker weet dus niet tot hoeveel ik er ken of leuk vind de top... van alles kan wel eens veranderen maar dat gebeurd zelden. games (ultieme) 1 final fantasy 2 star ocean 3 dragon quest 4 chrono trigger 5 kingdom hearts 6 runescape (hele goede) 7 the elder scrolls 8 monster hunter 9 drakengard 10 tales of symphonia 11 zelda 12 dungeon siege (???) ? etrian odyssey ? diablo ? dragon age (games specefiek) (bijna perfecte) 1 final fantasy XII 2 star ocean till the end of time 3 final fantasy X 4 dragon quest the journey of the cursed king (films) (ultieme) 1 game of thrones 2 lord of the rings/the hobbit 3 avatar 4 harry potter 5 eragon 6 the hunger games 7 divergent (dieren) 1 vogels (nr 1 andescondor 2 stellers zeearend) 2 vleermuis (nr 1 brilbladneusvleermuis) 3 kat (nr 1 siamees) 4 slang (nr 1 rosy boa) 5 hond (nr 1 golden retriever) (wapens) 1 zwaard 1 pijl en boog (pretparken) 1 walibi (dierentuinen) 1avifauna 2 burgers zoo. ik heb meer top zoveels maar deze horen bij mijn intresses die ik mij wist te bedenken.

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  1. anime for sure 😁 mirai nikki or tokyo ghoul
  2. think im going for rogue. runescape 3 or old school runescape
  3. was watching a few old threads of mine and realised i haven't answered my own poll yet. since more then a year has passed, i think i can answer my own poll . the first one was quite obvious to me as it's still my favorite music by far. the second question i still a tough one, i actually like all three of them a lot, the only thing i am sure of is that tuomas is a great songwriter, as i clearly hear almost each song is amazingly fitting for the singer who it's made for. meaning they are all clearly the best when it comes to their own songs. but since i still wanted to pick one, i chose floor. even though they are all great imo, i think i like her just slightly more. the third one however was the hardest. even so hard i am still completely unaware what my favorite song is (which is odd, as i usually pick favorites with many things). i have found as well that at the time i made teh poll, i apparently haven't added even a single song of the third generation, and since i picked floor in the 2nd question of the poll, i can only assume the highest probability lies in a song of the third generation, so i have picked the other option.
  4. game of thrones without a single doubt 😁 lannister or targaryen
  5. update: made the forum explanation in the first post more clearly to read.
  6. bee for sure. bees are friendly and useful. mosquitos like to stab and are annoying. robbery by force or by stealth
  7. just gave this thread a repeek because i wanted to know something. but i found something in the process: apparently some update happened (might be a while ago possibly), which most likely increased the number of posts into one page. as a result, the links i posted at the topic of where the rankings are became inaccurate. the old version showed the rankings were at page 3,5 and 10. while now, the actual rankings are at post 2,4 and 8. my apologies for the error, but it has been fixed right now. good luck and have fun with posting the top 3's, and reading the rankings. have fun
  8. i don't know much about SMB, but i do have played a few monster hunter games and i defenitely like the games. i have to say however that the skill difficuly kinda decreased in the newer games. however if you do like grind based difficulty as well, you might consider it anyway. there are 2 trophies in MHW that you're getting by getting all gold crown trophies. monster hunter is mostly about doing quests, in which the majority are hunting quests. meaning you need to kill one (sometimes more) boss monster(s). the crowns you may get are RNG based. just like in real life where people differ in length, so do monsters in MH, when you get a large or small enough monster you get a silver crown. if you get an even smaller or bigger monster you get a gold crown. besides the information i can give you about MH, i have made a few threads here about the most difficult (rpg) plats. it's mostly abut rpg's because it's what i like most. but they might help you out either way since you clearly play them as well. here the links: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/34870-post-your-hardest-rpg-platinum-from-the-poll-list/ https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/17868-hardest-platinum-trophy-or-hardest-rpg-platinum-trophy/ hope this helps, yiazmat.
  9. thanks both of you for the responses. i've been trying the whole day to fix all this, but sadly enough without succes. i started with the app2sd app you referred to and worked myself further from there. there are indeed apps like this one that can force your apps to move to your sd card. i also read it can make your games slower but because i haven't much choice i gladly take it. however soon i found that these apps require something called rooting. which is kinda meaning you use a special download to remove your restrictions and be able to do way more then normally. but there is a big flip side, there are many warning these root downloads have risks of destroying your smartphone. but as i said earlier, i don't have much of a choice. so i decided to search which ones are most safe and kingoroot seemed the best by far. so i downloaded that one and without problems i got it to my pc, however when i started to move it to my smartphone, it gave an error that is couldn't been downloaded, i gave it several attempts afterwards but still the same result. so i deleted it and started searching for another one. i had to do this several times and eventually i had tried out 5 different options, 2 from the play store, and 3 from the pc. 1 of the play store seemed like it worked, but after i tried link2sd i had to download as well earlier, it mentioned there wasn't any root on the phone. the other one i found wasn't to root teh phone, but to manage stuff when there alredy is a root, so that one was useless as well. about the other 3, i already mentioned the first one, the second had similar results, and the 3rd one was a real virus scam. gladly enough my anti virus scan picked them up even after being needed to allow the download earlier. after all this trouble i decided to search for an option without rooting to make it possible, but in only a half hour i had seen anytihing i needed to know there isn't such a thing. because it took me all day to find a way to fix this shit and still i have nothing. i still like to ask if any of you or someonoe else knows of something i haven't found yet? i'll gonna sleep now since it's nighttime now and i'm tired of all the searching. thanks, yiazmat
  10. according to my profile picture, i'll go with sephiroth 😁 medieval or future
  11. hi, i have a smartphone (samsung galaxy J3) with a very small standard memory of 8GB. the only things that's on there is mostly standard stuff. i only downloaded just 3 another additional things: what's app (66MB), pokeren.nl app (7MB) and yu-gi-oh duel links (1.78GB). as you can see, duel links is the only large thing on there. first i tried to delete stuff of which i was certain enough it's unnessecary. after some time i decided to buy an SD card to be able to clean my internal memory and have enough space again. today i bought one i and moved the apps right away. i started with duel links as it's my largest app and after a short time it succeeded, or so i thought. because when i watched better i saw my memory got from 98% full to 97% full (it should have been about 22% difference, not just 1%). so i checked what gone wrong, and i saw only 139 MB has been moved. on top of all this, i decided to move my other things instead, but every app is impossible to get moved, including the things i downloaded myself. duel links is the only app that has the option "move to SD card" even to be clickable. and even that one that does "allow" to be moved does only move 1% instead of the 22% it should be doing! 😑 i really hope someone can help me with this because it's really annoying and i'm unable to update anything when it's full of data that doesn't want to move! thanks a lot if someone knows something that might help, yiazmat50112254
  12. wow ok, thx for the information
  13. thx for the information
  14. just curious. i have platted dark souls (ps3) a while ago, so i decided to start the lv1 challenge about 2-3 days ago. because i started just a few days ago i'm not far at all yet. but i am curious: is it possible to complete it on NG+ as well or is it impossible? thanks
  15. lol, don't know. also don't know why i'm gonna react anyway here's one that isn't even in your list: etrian odyssey