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    top... gaat tot hoe ver ik het 100% zeker weet dus niet tot hoeveel ik er ken of leuk vind de top... van alles kan wel eens veranderen maar dat gebeurd zelden. games (ultieme) 1 final fantasy 2 star ocean 3 dragon quest 4 chrono trigger 5 kingdom hearts 6 runescape (hele goede) 7 the elder scrolls 8 monster hunter 9 drakengard 10 tales of symphonia 11 zelda 12 dungeon siege (???) ? etrian odyssey ? diablo ? dragon age (games specefiek) (bijna perfecte) 1 final fantasy XII 2 star ocean till the end of time 3 final fantasy X 4 dragon quest the journey of the cursed king (films) (ultieme) 1 game of thrones 2 lord of the rings/the hobbit 3 avatar 4 harry potter 5 eragon 6 the hunger games 7 divergent (dieren) 1 vogels (nr 1 andescondor 2 stellers zeearend) 2 vleermuis (nr 1 brilbladneusvleermuis) 3 kat (nr 1 siamees) 4 slang (nr 1 rosy boa) 5 hond (nr 1 golden retriever) (wapens) 1 zwaard 1 pijl en boog (pretparken) 1 walibi (dierentuinen) 1avifauna 2 burgers zoo. ik heb meer top zoveels maar deze horen bij mijn intresses die ik mij wist te bedenken.

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  1. just thought of something, the shinigami eye deal means you trade half your lifespan to get teh shinigami eyes, which allows you to see someone elses name and lifespan. but i was curious, what would happen if kira would have took the eyes? obviously it would half his lifespan, but in which way? as we know, in the end kira was killed by near (literally ryuk, but near is the reason) in other words, if he took the deal he would have known his name by just looking at him, making it unnessecary to use his plan and kill him anyway. in otehr words, if he knew his name he would still be alive. so taking the deal means his lifespan is cut in half, but the actual death would be negated because of it. so does that mean he would have actually lived longer by taking the deal? or would he have died in half that time anyway even though his death would have been negated? or would itbecome half the time the next time he would have died?
  2. im a completionist and i enjoy trophy hunting, so i'm going with plats.
  3. FFXII for sure 😁
  4. Oof

    oaf oh ...it
  5. i really like this thread as im a huge game of thrones fan, so im happy to share my theories 😁 warning: i don't use spoiler bars as it's meant for season 8, so i assume every1 in this thead has already finished the series till S7 * first of all: my main theory is about daenerys. as we all know daenerys's biggest desire from teh beginning is to take the iron throne, and obviously she's in a very good shape to do so. because of this i do think she WILL actually be able to conquer the throne, i also think she's the one that she will be a main part of beating the white walkers (i assume it's called fire and ice for a reason ). however even after considering all the things i just mentioned, i don't think she will actually take the iron throne. this probably sounds strange considering all the time and trouble to get there, but my theory is that she will rule as queen of essos instead. first of all, even though she has a legitimate claim to the throne, she has been in essos for almost all her life. but even more important, all stuff she has accomplished was in essos. and since she really cared about the rights of teh slaves she freed i assume she feels that she will be much more nessecary in essos then she is in westeros after the threat of the white walkers is dealt with. as we have seen, when she left there were new masters trying to take over. there's not much doubt this will happpen again. long story short, i think she will conquer the throne but realise in the end that she's much more needed in essos, and with the power she already has, she can just as much rule essos instead. * about jon snow. as we know by now, he has the very best claim on the iron throne, however there are 2 reasons why i don't think he's gonna take it either. first of all, this one might sound like old news, but i think he still won't take it because of his oath with the night's watch. i think he still cares about honor and truth, so i think he still takes his vows seriously. this might sound odd since he left the night's watch, but as we have seen as well, he isn't the kind of person that follows the rules by the book, he's following them in a more realistic way. a great example is when he quoted the part "i am the shield that guards the realms of men" when he referred to help the wildlings, the most of tehm were against it because the are the 'enemy' but jon knew better so he did it. obviouly he cared about them (especcialy ygritte) but still, he wasn't lying or betraying the night's watch by doing this. the other reason is also my theory, which is that i think jon will rule the wildlings instead. first of all: mance rayder was ALSO from south of the wall. but he turned over to the wildlings, second: is that he really cares about tehm, third: is that even though he isn't from north of teh wall he kinda is teh best canidate to do so. it was already kinda between tormund and jon snow, but even though we haven't actuallly seen tormund die, it's highly likely he is dead because the nightking threw him off the wall, which is a almost 100 meters fall. long story short: i think jon snow might become the new mance rayder * about the actual ruler of the iron throne: since i have a different idea for teh 2 most likely canidates at teh moment, it means there is another one i have in mind. it's one that almost no one seem to have in mind, which is gendry. first of all, he is the only living son of robert baratheon, so he does have a claim at teh throne. but probably the biggest reason is BECAUSE he's just so unexpected. as we all know from game of thrones is that unexpected things usually are the things that happen, to strengthen this point, he is a guy that has a serious reason to be able to take teh throne, yet he leaves the show for several seasons and no one mentions him anymore, which is strange cuz he could make a big difference. and after all the time being away he happens to get back into the show at the second last season (S7), so they are kinda saying that he still has a role to play in all this. so why all the mysterious stuff only to get him back just to die in the end, or to become a simple smith or warrior which he kinda already was. besides all this, he suddenly appears to be a part of teh group with dany and jon snow (the main canidates for teh throne) so if the otehr theories might be right, they have to find a new person to rule instead, and they just happen to know a certain guy that has a claim to teh throne and which they know of to be a good kind of leader. long story short: i think gendry will be the one that gets teh throne in the end. mostly because in game of thrones unexpected stuff will often actually happen, and he has a claim to it, and seems to be the best guy if the other two that know him go on another path. as for the likelyness to my theories to be actually happening: i would rank the one about daenerys nr 1, the one about the throne nr 2, and the one about jon snow nr 3. i have all these theories for a several seasons already, so i'm curious to see if some of them will actually come true hope u like my theories, have fun every1 😁
  6. thx 4 the information so far
  7. just curious, i'm watching the series now and i see it's kinda like a remake of the movie (mortal instruments city of bones). so i like 2 ask, are S2 and S3 advancing beyond the movie or is it just more of the same?
  8. ah ok, thx 4 the information. lemme see if i understand right, even though your 4-6 isn't your actual top 3, you feel like they are better fit to be put into the ranking then your real top 3?
  9. nice 2 hear u liked them as well 👍 just curious, u menioned your top 3 is same as mine, yet you mention 3 other ones. do you mean your top 3 is changed to those new three, or are the other 3 just honorable mentions?
  10. anime for sure 😁 mirai nikki or tokyo ghoul
  11. think im going for rogue. runescape 3 or old school runescape
  12. was watching a few old threads of mine and realised i haven't answered my own poll yet. since more then a year has passed, i think i can answer my own poll . the first one was quite obvious to me as it's still my favorite music by far. the second question i still a tough one, i actually like all three of them a lot, the only thing i am sure of is that tuomas is a great songwriter, as i clearly hear almost each song is amazingly fitting for the singer who it's made for. meaning they are all clearly the best when it comes to their own songs. but since i still wanted to pick one, i chose floor. even though they are all great imo, i think i like her just slightly more. the third one however was the hardest. even so hard i am still completely unaware what my favorite song is (which is odd, as i usually pick favorites with many things). i have found as well that at the time i made teh poll, i apparently haven't added even a single song of the third generation, and since i picked floor in the 2nd question of the poll, i can only assume the highest probability lies in a song of the third generation, so i have picked the other option.
  13. game of thrones without a single doubt 😁 lannister or targaryen
  14. update: made the forum explanation in the first post more clearly to read.
  15. bee for sure. bees are friendly and useful. mosquitos like to stab and are annoying. robbery by force or by stealth