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  1. Nothing crazy other than slightly glitching on the propeller-like objects in Hurricos.
  2. Checked the final gb size today since I wasn’t sure if anything was going to be updated yesterday for whatever reason. On my system I have a final gb size of 67.5gbs for Spyro. Please also don’t be misleaded by the countdown. I had pre ordered this digitally, but installed and playing it physically.
  3. Currently playing the game atm and also - ignore the 66min download time. I figured out I was installing the Spider-Man update the same time I took this picture.
  4. Just a friendly heads up about this update, which is currently live so if others get their hands on early copies, you’ll be able to play everything. It is about 36gb and it’s needed in order to play Spyro 2 and 3.
  5. Super hyped because I’ve been wanting to buy this on the PC. I’m also excited how it has a plat as well!
  6. I'm excited. It sounds interesting.
  7. That's honestly exactly what I was thinking lmao. You're literally not wrong though.
  8. Yep. Activision replaced Campaign with Blackout, their battle royale mode. Therefore having Multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout.. making it 100% online only.
  9. I actually retract my comment. I just looked at the back of the box since I wasn’t allowed to take that home. It says 1-4, although I’m not sure if there’s a specific mode that you can have multiple people in. In the regular base game it just doesn’t make any sense imo.
  10. Collectibles aren't that bad to find. At the end when you finish a level it shows all of the bots you've obtained/didn't. So let's say for example you got bots 1-5, 7 and 8. You missed bot 6. It wont light up the sixth spot which is extremely convenient for whoever will eventually make a guide for this game since they can literally "number" these bots. There are also chameleons as well which you gotta go through a find within the levels. Chameleons unlock challenges for to to play to unlock more bots and medals. The chameleons can be a bit tricky to find, but if you basically look around the whole room after taking a couple of steps you should be able to find the one in every level. Completely agree with @AJ Maciejewski though. The game is a lotttt of fun.
  11. After playing this for a few hours I'm pretty sure it's only single player. I know the playroom gave you the option to be the one robot that flies in the saucer, but there is nothing in this game that comes off as it being co-op unfortunately ):
  12. 76th Platinum: My Brother Rabbit Super Explorer Unlock all the Trophies. I absolutely loved this game. The puzzles were nice. Point and click games I love because I grew up playing those when I was younger. This game especially has a bit of a heartwrenching story even though there's no dialogue and occasional cut scenes that explain what's happening. The music is also such an important part to this game as well. The music is so beautifully done and incorporated with the game that it enhances the experience so much. For those who enjoy point & click and puzzle games, I definitely recommend this. 77th & 78th Platinum: Jack 'N Jill DX Platinum Jack N' Jill Get all the trophies
  13. Ratchet and Clank to Barbie and her Sister's Puppy Rescue. Sly 3 to Monsters High New Ghoul in School. I think those really are the only strange combinations I have.. more or less because I'm a bit shameful for these games(barbie &monsters) lmao.
  14. 74th Platinum Donut County All Done Unlock all trophies. Never posted this one ops. I was so excited for this game to come out. I didn't think I would finish it this fast though, lol. I definitely recommend this game to people who like puzzle games. The amount of humor in this game is great. 75th Platinum Slime Rancher Platinum Platinum This game.. everything was fine till rush mode came around. Even though this game is very fun and cute.. when you're timed to do certain things, it'll make you want to rip your head off. Overall this game is fantastic - so you should definitely touch Rush Mode last if you wish to fully enjoy it.