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  1. Holy, there's so many good deals! I'm probably going to go through the list on the PS store when it updates so it's a lot easier to see the pictures with the prices. Also - if you haven't picked up/played Liar Princess and the Blind Prince $10 is such a good deal for that game. The story for that game is awesome.
  2. I'm extremely happy there's a choice to play this game on Veteran or Realism and not just Realism is required.
  3. Probably another easy plat since it's made by Outright Games, but at least the games are a little bit more timely to plat aside from other devs.. lol Going to probably pick this up for my physical game collection since there is also a physical release for this.
  4. I didn't even know Powerpyx has a guide up for this. Also Thanks for the tips, especially the waving one. I'm just like, I keep high fiving this damn genie, but not waving lmao. You can easily beat this game in less than 5 hours. That's what I did and I took my time with this game. Try to not assume the content/playtime when you haven't even played the game yourself.
  5. Took me about 4 - 5 hours to complete, definitely could've beaten it faster if I wasn't taking my time. At this time I'm trying to go around and look for collectibles - which are a frustrating portion of the game tbh. In section 2 on the map I have 16/30 collectibles for one category (there are two/three collectible types). I ran around the map for a damn hour and I'm just lost lol. Also, I think I may have glitched a collectible in the wall on the lighthouse portion of the game. - This whole scavenger hunt for these things is honestly killing me lol.
  6. Going by the positives - How smooth the game is, the art style, the story, it’s price point ~ Also the negatives - how short the game is(although not bad for how much the game is), little replay value except from gathering all the collectibles. I’d honestly give it a High 6/7ish out of 10.
  7. I just beat the main story to this game about 30 mins ago. I absolutely loved this game. If you could care less about your completion percentage or have a VR I definitely recommend picking up this game. You go from it being an artistic puzzle game to a little bit of a hack-n-slash at the end of the game. The trophies for this game are also very simple. The collectible ones are the ones that are kind of annoying me right now, but definitely not impossible. This game’s overall grasp on bullying was very well done. This game did not disappoint me what so ever.
  8. Super Monkey Ball. I had gotten both that and the system during a Christmas.
  9. I'm actually surprised this is coming to the PS4. Hopefully eventually localized. I really like Level5 though, hope to maybe see more of their content eventually showing up on PlayStation ~ Like Professor Layton 👀
  10. Definitely picking this up. I’ve platinumed the other two and I absolutely love these kind of games.
  11. Appreciate the review. I'm purchasing it as we speak considering it's on sale right now.
  12. I absolutely loved Ghost Giant. I highly recommend that. I feel like I'm the only individual that likes this game, but I extremely enjoyed Eagle Flight as well. The game is nice when played by yourself, since the majority of it is single player, but there is a multiplayer aspect to it although the servers are dead majority of the time. Another one I would recommend is Moss. It's not much of a VR experience like Eagle Flight, but it puts you in the game to help out your little furry creature like Ghost Giant. Lastly I would highly recommend Job Simulator. If you plan on getting any of these physically, Ghost Giant is the easiest to find since it just came out. Eagle Flight is a hit or miss because it released so long ago. Moss may be a bit tricky to find. Job Simulator, there was a limited release on it so it would either be almost impossible to find or expensive . Oh also, Accounting+ (digital) is hilarious if you're a fan of the type of humor in Rick & Morty. Also The American Dream (digital). The American Dream is HILARIOUS and I believe is still on sale right now? It basically stereotypes how american's live with their guns as soon as they're born and how they're used in every day lives. I like all of these games because they're not so "realistic".. It seems as though it's easier for the developer to focus on the "depth" feel of the game, more than the realistic feeling imo. With the depth feel, it makes you actually feel like you're there. Example: I played PSVR Worlds day 1 and it was alright.. as soon as I switched to Job Simulator I started flipping the hell out because I actually felt like I was there. (Also Astro bot is an AMAZING experience so I'm happy that's one of the games on your "buy" list) Although there are two games I will say I will never recommend to anybody. RIGS and Loading Human. I have a high tolerance to motion sickness(I've played VR games for like 15+ straight and I'm literally fine lol), but both of these games were just so poorly made that I had violently gotten sick from both of them. RIGS because of the aim controls at the beginning (they want to you aim and look around using your actual head turning motion), not sure if there was ever an update for the beginning controls, but I had never went back to it since I didn't want to suffer through that again... and Loading Human just had such a poor moving transition.
  13. Debating about Moonlighter currently..
  14. As a long time fan of ugly dolls, I'm happy Ice Bat has some recognition on a trophy 👀 Excited for this game though and the list doesn't look so bad.
  15. Going to clarify this a bit more. I'm currently using the Gunslinger class at the moment and on the skill tree I have the skill "This is my Rifle" unlocked which gives me an ARK-203 AR at the start of the game. I sometimes use the gun throughout the whole mission, but at the end of it, it does not reward me with any weapon XP for that weapon, nor my secondary which is just a standard pistol. I tried picking up another weapon during the mission and it only sometimes gives me weapon XP for the weapon that I've picked up in the mission. Anyone else having this issue? I know this game is a melting pot of bugs and glitches at the moment... 😑