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  1. 71st and 72nd Platinum: Super Destronaut DX Platinum Destronaut Get all the trophies Really enjoyed what I played for the most part. Anything space invaders is always a blast
  2. 1. Persona 5: Literally the one game I've enjoyed in such a long time. Such a beautifully done JRPG. 2. Dying Light: Dead Island + Mirrors Edge hybrid. What could be more better than killing zombies in a parkour fashion. I've poured hours into this game because it's just so much fun. 3. Overwatch: A Multiplayer-only game, yeah, but with the events, arcade stuff and just the stuff blizzard adds to the game is always nice and keeps the ball rolling. 4. Ratchet and Clank: If Spyro was out, it would take this spot.. The thing I love about this game is the nostalgic feel to it that video games nowadays lack imo. 5. Wolf Among Us: Literally. The best. Telltale. Game. Out there. The story is so good that you just wanna play through the whole thing in one sitting.
  3. 71st & 72nd Platinum: Super Destronaut DX (Vita/PS4)

  4. I mean I could understand 999 because it wasn't originally released on the vita, but you're kinda just in the dark about the beginning of the game although what you've said, they do mention things throughout the game. I played ZTD first and I was confused majority of the time because I had a bigger gap. Although to be smart with purchases, if he does get the series, Nonary should be purchased because it comes with the first two games.
  5. super spoilers below, please don't click if you haven't played or finished the zero escape series.
  6. I mean since you've already played Persona, there's no need for me to fan girl about that. The Danganronpa series is amaaaaaazinggggg. There are a total of four games in the series. 1, 2, Ultra Despair Girls and Danganronpa V3. ..Although if you do decide to pick these games and and wish to get the full experience out of them, after playing Ultra Despair Girls, watch the Danganronpa 3 anime (you're gonna half to flip back and forth from the future and despair arc episodes) .. then after that play V3. The Danganronpa 3 isn't about V3, but it's to bring closure to all of the three previous games that you've played. ALSO, the Zero Escape series I also adore as well. Although this one you have to strictly play them in order.. I played the last one first without knowing lmao. Although purchasing these is easier than the game above. The games in the Zero Escape series is 999, VLR and Dilemma. For the vita you just need to purchase the Nonary Games which comes with both 999(was originally exclusive to the nintendo ds) and VLR. ALSO AT THE MOMENT DILEMMA IS FREE FOR PS PLUS, JUST PUTTING THAT OUT THERE. - but just in case you're not, they do sell this game separately physically. Also for any reason if you want to get more trophies out of this game, they initially made VLR separately for the vita, which means it has its own trophy list as well and it's not shared with the nonary games. . In the spoilers I vaguely explain the game, but for safety reason I'll put it in spoilers for those who want to find out for themselves. Highly recommend both of these series.
  7. Welcome to the forums~! Tbh you've got a pretty cool occupation 😯 Also what's your youtube link? I'm curious to check it out. Any who, I hope you have a great time here!
  8. ^ you'll have to hide this game if you want to be put back on the leaderboards.
  9. Which version did you initially get the platinum first.. because you have to complete the game first in order to pop all the trophies on other versions. Your profile only shows two games, but both were completed in 1 - 2 minutes.
  10. The Sly Collection is on ps now. Three games, three platinums. Games are straight forward and you could look up a video for clue bottles if needed. If only Barbie and her sisters puppy rescue and monsters high new ghoul was still on ps now, I would include those too
  11. Just get a Zarya for when it comes to the Strike trophy. Adaptation is just simple survival. Glad these don't seem like a pain to get.
  12. 70th Platinum: Deformers Top Form Collect all trophies Thank. God. All these server closures are literally killing me. This game was fun to just screw around in when it first came out, but the grind is so real. At least the servers are dead enough to easily boost these trophies. At one point I had the level 20 and the gold prestige trophies glitch on me and boy was that nerve-wracking lol. Huge shoutout to @KiNGHeNRY8869 & @Gillberg for being amazing and lending a helping hand😁
  13. 70th Platinum: Deformers

    1. DamagingRob


      Nice work!

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      Well done!Β πŸ’―

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      Congrats! πŸ‘

  14. I love this so much *-* ❀️ September come now!! 😭
  15. Sorry for bumping an old post.. but does it only spawn on a certain map and/or game mode out of curiosity?