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  1. 74th Platinum Donut County All Done Unlock all trophies. Never posted this one ops. I was so excited for this game to come out. I didn't think I would finish it this fast though, lol. I definitely recommend this game to people who like puzzle games. The amount of humor in this game is great. 75th Platinum Slime Rancher Platinum Platinum This game.. everything was fine till rush mode came around. Even though this game is very fun and cute.. when you're timed to do certain things, it'll make you want to rip your head off. Overall this game is fantastic - so you should definitely touch Rush Mode last if you wish to fully enjoy it.
  2. I love it. I love the list, the trophy images, everything. I can't wait for the game to come out in November!! Much nostalgia.
  3. Didn’t get far in Unlimited on the PC, but I am now with this being on the PS4. This game is definitely a nice little break from lengthy and complex games.
  4. I personally like Spiderman a lot more. I didn't play GoW, but watched my fiance play it. It doesn't seem like a game i'd play. Although, Spiderman is so much fun, I love the open world, it's just an extremely pleasant and well-made game.
  5. Trust me, you're not the only one. That's the same reason I bought the LE lol. ___ Trophy list looks simple. Can't wait to get into this game
  6. I'm really upset because it was next month and a week before my birthday. I had already requested a couple days off to play it nonstop. I mean hopefully the reason why is because of the whole games on the disc situation because that rattled a lot of people. Digital or not though I'm definitely starting with Rypto's Rage because it was the first of the series and the most one I've played on my PS1. I'm just disappointed why they announced this a month before the game came out aside from a few months.
  7. Super excited!! Although, I feel like this level should've had more of a night time essence to it imo..
  8. It's storming way too loudly.
  9. They are not listed in order. There is also no chapter select. I should have the guide up by Tuesday since I've been busy with work. It's also a little more than half way from being done.
  10. It's neat that some people are able to maintain such a high completion percentage, but I find it could add more stress to trophy hunting. As someone brought up, server closures, glitched trophies, etc. I know I have one of my friends that ruined his 100% because of Lawbreakers. That's why I'm perfectly fine at my 32%. Taking my own time, doing my own thing. Not to mention my attention span is like a goldfish's.
  11. Everything in that video looks amazing!! 😍 I absolutely cannot wait.
  12. Where did I state “every game is bad if it doesn’t have a campaign” ???? I was stating that Fortnite has one, which I can understand why it has a platinum because there’s more to do in that game than just the BR which basically makes my opinion on it doesn’t seem like H1Z1 needs one or any other game that has BR. Have you noticed other games with BR don’t even have trophy lists for them as well? (Paladins is the only other one I can think of atm). I also don’t hate games that are multiplayer based, I prefer them more. Like Overwatch, KF2, COD(rarely ever play the campaign) etc just because there’s a variety of things to do in those games. Not just play the one mode, the same mode, on the same map, that’s it. That’s what I personally find BR to be. I just don’t find games like these worth a platinum. I’m shocked that it got a list at all though because it’s been out for quite some time. I mean platinums nowadays are being thrown around on the strangest games, but again. Mainly based on the population of this specific game and again, what the game has to offer - which is only one mode.. I don’t find the platinum necessary and I assume that’s what the devs thought as well because there isn’t one. Im not against this specific trophy list at all.
  13. Just stating my opinion, I didn’t know I wasn’t allowed to not have a popular opinion. No reason to get all salty. Fornite sparked something that everyone is starting to chain react to, even though H1Z1 was out longer. Also if you’d like me to explain why I find this game to be the scum is because first of all the kind of gameplay the game brings and also the community. Because I work at GameStop I deal with these kids on a daily basis and I’ve never had to deal with anyone as obnoxious as these people. - I’d prefer the kids that come in that wish to get GTA and have that whole scenario play out. Please understand that I have a right to my own opinion and there’s a reason why I feel this way. Thanks, have a wonderful day
  14. Thank you for the helping links for The Wardrobe!

    1. DuckSwimmer


      You’re very welcome :) 

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      thank you

  15. But it's BR which is literally the scum of the earth. I'd rather have platinums for real games instead of something like this. And bringing up Fornite again - their platinum consists of the save the world/campaign part of the game. If H1Z1 had that, then yeah go for it, although it doesn't which doesn't really justify why it should have one and I'm pretty sure this BR faze is going to faze out eventually. Edit: ALSO all of these others responses about people not even knowing the game is still alive is another reason as well lmao.