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  1. I love the game don't get me wrong but it's killing other trophy hunts. Far too much time needed for the grinds. I resent the time it takes. I'm hooked so in but just warning others be warned !! Got two of the three released today but as I hate delves with a passion still chasing 20k yet alone 30k rep and don't mention gold medals !!
  2. They don' seem to care about the trophy/achievement community. Yes current hooked players will grind on and on. New players STAY AWAY !!! this game will take far too much time for pathetic bronzes !!
  3. Ok i'm fifty this year and gamed all my life. This game has now joined the list of games that are killing me !!! Hardcore mode is so tough. Currently bribing one of my kids to complete game for me. Guess i need to play more hidden object games :-) My gaming skills such as they were are going :-(
  4. Quite shocked sorry for lack of formatting.. 1) Gems of war 204 Hours 2) Battlefield 1 54 Hours 3) Sleeping Dogs Definitive edition 44 Hours Days played 266 hours played 1057 468 Trophies
  5. Fubar difficulty has killed me... this is on my rage list !!!
  6. Bought my kids their own version of the game and with the help of their friends we've all been getting some trophies. It's great fun and a great distraction when stuck on other games.
  7. Good tip :-) at my third house I've currently stacked stone in a tower so high I can see if from a fair distance away :-) I will find those missing houses one day !!
  8. Perfect I need to be a bit legit so the second link subscribed and I've just starting watching Minecraft survival guide episode 1 :-) Perfect just what I needed. Thanks for your help have a good one.
  9. Hi gamers, My kids have been playing minecraft on my PS4 but they are soon (Thanks santa) getting there own. I've been watching them play and foolishly said .. I bet I can platinum this game !! Bet you can't dad was the reply it's well hard !! Starting playing and boy I'm stuck ! On my third house as i've died twice and couldn't find my home yup I'm that bad !! Can anybody recommend a good tutorial I could watch ? :-) Happy holidays all.
  10. Said this before but I need to quit this game now. Proud to be 100% club over the years but this trophy is a grind too far. Actual explore grind is just about manageable with a decent team. Grinding souls is depressing. Combine this with trying to fulfill guild requirements (If you want more stuff guilds are the way to go) and i've had enough. It's a brilliant gamen the devs know what they are doing they have hooked so many people who can commit the hours/buy stuff, etc .. If you have a job and family don't start this game !!! unless you don't care about completion stats.
  11. Bloody trophies !!! Though I was done with Delves now the grind begins again :-( !!!
  12. Well that is me done with gems until they add more trophies. Good luck those after this beast Took me months of saving gems and waiting for Crypt keepers faction event .. nearly six hours playing today I quit :-) !!
  13. This is me .. i'm going to try and ignore games and play for fun nowadays...
  14. My popped first fight had World breaker explode lots of gems. Got the rest on sign in and giving kudos to one of my guildies. agree hardest trophy left in game is 2500 faction rep.. Can't see me getting that anytime soon (if at all...) as my game time restricted.
  15. Never mind my 15 year old has shamed me .. mind you it took him three attempts and he found it tough going !!!