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  1. Said this before but I need to quit this game now. Proud to be 100% club over the years but this trophy is a grind too far. Actual explore grind is just about manageable with a decent team. Grinding souls is depressing. Combine this with trying to fulfill guild requirements (If you want more stuff guilds are the way to go) and i've had enough. It's a brilliant gamen the devs know what they are doing they have hooked so many people who can commit the hours/buy stuff, etc .. If you have a job and family don't start this game !!! unless you don't care about completion stats.
  2. Bloody trophies !!! Though I was done with Delves now the grind begins again :-( !!!
  3. Well that is me done with gems until they add more trophies. Good luck those after this beast Took me months of saving gems and waiting for Crypt keepers faction event .. nearly six hours playing today I quit :-) !!
  4. This is me .. i'm going to try and ignore games and play for fun nowadays...
  5. My popped first fight had World breaker explode lots of gems. Got the rest on sign in and giving kudos to one of my guildies. agree hardest trophy left in game is 2500 faction rep.. Can't see me getting that anytime soon (if at all...) as my game time restricted.
  6. Never mind my 15 year old has shamed me .. mind you it took him three attempts and he found it tough going !!!
  7. This favour has has broken me in post game .. the hardness is killing me .. Got the special outfit to get better accuracy but the bikes just swamp me... guess i'm going to fail .. unless some uber player wants to share play it for me !!!
  8. Going to be controversial and say yes !! Well for me anyhow !! I find that trophies have ruined my gaming somewhat.. I get obsessed every so often with whether games can give ma a platinum that I loose sight of why I play games !! I've got a shed load of games in my backlog that are untouched or uncompleted due to this. I know its my problem and on the flip side when i'm in the zone the thrill of getting an elusive trophy is amazing. Pre trophy days I just played games.. because i liked them !!
  9. ^ i'd take Ni no Kuni I just couldn't gel with that game maybe I should try again one day :-)
  10. ^ Apologies if already suggested but the Wolf among us if you still have it.
  11. ^ Minecraft - My kids are trying for me but I just can't get into it.
  12. Thank you not got many trophies in this game so another one was a must go for :-)
  13. Seriously join a guild far too many empty guilds already. You won't regret it.
  14. Nai .. I would take Skyrim. Just don't have the time to get into it anymore.
  15. Hate this trophy also. I know I have tons of missing trophies on other games but this one just does my head in ...