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  1. Not in story mode no.
  2. FYI. You can use split bullets from the start of the fort. Hightlight your weapon in the weapon wheel and press right on D pad to change from regular to split bullets you can do this with your pistol as well as your revolver
  3. What version is this game as Eu and us have both been released I think it maybe Japanese ?
  4. All trophies are missable, however once you get to the chapter “lift off”. You can chapter select and earn all trophies within an hour.
  5. I have only 4 uncommon items. I need 5 to trade for the trophy. Is there anyone out there willing to trade an online uncommon item for any of my rare, ultra rare or certified items. It is the only trophy I need for 100%. I am willing to trade whatever I have for a uncommon item or even help with any trophies. Thanx in advance. No requests please as I have the trophy now
  6. I will give you a couple of trophies that have failed to pop on the ps4 pro but when playing on the original PlayStation 4 they popped first time. Boots on the ground make it personal both on infinite warfare as I said both trophies did not unlock on the pro but as soon as I played the game on the original they both popped first time.
  7. Just to reiterate the trophy trap game strong would not pop no matter what I did (ps4 pro). Once I went onto my original ps4 I activated the same trap 10 times and the trophy popped first time. This isn't the first time trophies have failed to unlock on the ps4 pro
  8. The same thing happened to me, the trophy wouldn't unlock no matter what I did. However as soon as I used my ps4 the trophy unlocked. Just to reiterate this didn't unlock on the ps4 pro