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  1. Why have a Ps4 if you aren’t going to play the big exclusives? Yes this is top notch
  2. People misremembering Horizon already. The facial animations on the side quests were awful. Loved that game too but Ghost is right up there with it as best looking open world games
  3. Yeah you got lucky it now says I’m not missing anything but the trophies didn’t pop. Congrats though I’m happy for you I know how frustrating it is. I’m just going to do it all over after ghost of Tsushima if it’s not fixed for me by then
  4. Still bugged the newest update gave me One of the trophies but still 3 bugged and only way to get them is to start over and 100% it again. Frustrating. But I believe it’s fixed for people wanting to start it now
  5. Yeah same here. Queen of the ocean trophy popped and I got the shadow head but no trophy for all evolutions, caviar bay 100%, all landmarks. This is so frustrating
  6. Story was great. What a bunch of babies. Go play spongebob or something and let the adults play this game
  7. Anyone get a fix yet?
  8. Thanks for clearing that up 👍. I’m sure they will make it happen
  9. Yeah it’s killing my OCD to have earned the plat but looking at 72%
  10. Yeah what a tease. Maybe the next patch. I’ll give it a little more time I don’t feel like doing it all over again but looking that we will be
  11. So after the latest patch it is showing that the landmark is completed but no luck on the trophies
  12. It changed it a little. Now it is showing 100% complete but the trophies aren’t popping. So no it didn’t fix the issue
  13. The landmark glitch is not fixed yet
  14. Great. I guess I’ll wait to see if it get patched before I start over. Worst glitch I’ve ever encountered
  15. I can’t get one landmark it’s just not there. Did everything else in the game so this one landmark is preventing me from getting 4 trophies and the plat. Tried reinstalling and even that did not work. Ruined a pretty good experience so if anyone else ran into this glitch and figured out a solution please let me know