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  1. OK this is weird but I just bought the Zodiac and I should get the BFG trophy right well for some reason I didnt get this trophy and It the last one for Unlock the platinum trophy somebody how the Hell is going on ?
  2. So summer is almost there that mean for alot of us school is over, but the question is what are you guys doing this year ? So my plan this summer is trying to lower my Backloggery PS3 list, having good time with my sister and go to the beach so many other thing.
  3. It been a Long time Since I post here so here my three last Plat that I done It Plat 21 - GTA San Andreas - A great Classic but the Ps3 Port was kinda crap especially the dancing minigame issue but non the lense a still a good game. Plat 22 - Hitman Blood Money - Not the Hardest of the Three Hitman Classic, kinda afraind that the other two wont be that easy especially Hitman 2. Plat 23 - Just Cause 2 - Fun game but It kinda get Grinding to reach the 75% Since I already done most of the trophy In the past and replay It on the highest difficulty.
  4. But Darksoul 2 does have online Trophy In It ? Cause Online player base are kinda dead here I am kinda afraid to never plat due the online trophy. Also I recommend to play Nioh Nice game the gameplay does remind of Souls games
  5. Well Spaz I say go for Super Meat Boy since It one trophy left. It might be a total pain In The ass but It gonna be worth It
  6. Got Hitman Blood Money Platinum It time for promote to the Hitman List
  7. Put me as a Idol of Sunflower Orphanange i got: Yakuza 3 Yakuza 4 Yakuza 6 Yakuza Dead Souls but non Platinum
  8. Thank Guys for answering. Now i can finally try Yakuza 5
  9. Ok I was interested to try Out PS Now 7 day Trial but since I only have a Ps3 Controller It possible to play some of the game or I really have to use a Dualshock 4 ? Thank.
  10. The entire soundtrack of Bust A Move. Let Bust a move guys show me your dance move
  11. Bust A Move/Bust A Groove Is by far one of my personal favourite soudtrack on the Ps1 the songs are so groovy I need to dance.
  12. Nope never see that one, what about this classic PS1 game ?
  13. Micheal Jordan too obvious. John Wick or Agent 47 ?
  14. Damn I sorry for hear that @TheYuriG I know Is hard to live in Brazil with all the shit going on but parrent abusing that way worste my father use to be abused by his old man, nobody deserve that kind off fate, starting living alone will be more tufer for you, dont let you guard down, I just started living alone this year now since I'm In the university.
  15. Just came back to the Theatre watching John Winck 2 and it awesome I cant wait for the sequel

  16. you wish Is granted but every food you eat taste like glue. I wish to be a skill assasin like John Wick
  17. I kinda wondered who win the fight John Wick or Agent 47 but let me tell you that Is gona be an epic fight In the history
  18. I just watch John Wick 2 on the theatre, Let me tell you THAT the Hitman Movie I always wanted. I cant wait for chapter 3
  19. Nope but I remenber the advertice for this game.
  20. With Donald Trump
  21. @Zanreo Is this game Is like Space Channel 5 ? If so I really out off my confort. I suggest some racing game or trial and error Platform game
  22. Street Fighter X Tekken
  23. Grimm Fandamgo Remastered A Cult Classic
  24. 8/10 Alot of great series but you need to expand more.
  25. I blame you for posting two post in an row