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  1. Everybody move you feet and feel united
  2. You need some hardcore platforme game I sujest Super Meat Boy, N+ and N++
  3. Hot Sexy Catfight Fallout 4
  4. 10/10 Alot of diferce genre I respect.
  5. 8/10
  6. Ps3: Okami, Beyond Good and Evil and Wipeout
  7. @ee28max Hey Why you didnt get Hitman Absolution platinum ? It one of the easiest Platinum from the Hitman series
  8. Mighty Max
  9. I trust him but if you dare to backstabe me you will regret It
  10. Granted but you drink the last pepsi on this world. I wish I became an video game character
  11. The hight Voltage
  12. Rayman Legend >_<
  13. And I bet you are an Portuguese
  14. I dont know what is going on can somebody explain me ?
  15. Nope she hurt my electric feeling
  16. Nope she already have somebody.
  17. Fight for your freedom In our galaxy far far away
  18. I plan to play It after beating Magaman 3 4 and 5
  19. I surrender to maring her
  20. Fell depress seeing love In the air and cry In the corner. What you going to dress for this year Carnival ?
  21. Dark Oni
  22. Oh yeah I cant believe there still fan of Samurai Jack I hope Jack deserve an happy ending I so hype for the s5
  23. You wish I grated but you feel in love for him for the rest off your live. I wish going back in the 90's