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  1. Porsche challenge on Ps1 back then I never have I memori card so It was painfull to finish and It was my first game including Tom Raider 2
  2. My PSN name was based from multiples thing that I like. Doc is based from Doc Emmet from Back to the Future and Doctor Who, Volt is Volteer from The legend of Spyro series and last not forgot Otacon from MGS my friend always call me by is name so it stick with me mix together and you get Doc Voltacon prety fancy ehh ?
  3. McDonald Lucky for me where I live and their only 1 KFC place
  4. Their is my list to do on Zombie outbreak. 1-Get all combo weapon on DeadRising2 you never knoe if their work in real Life 2-Get my Bros 3-Get the bomb, Gum, Ammo and of course food 4-Get some perk-a-cola from Call of Duty 5-Listening ACDC High Way To Hell 6-Kill all those son of dead right to HELL
  5. It hard to remenber but if my memory dont fail me it was my sister Gameboy when I was 3 year old I gues
  6. I love mine it a fusion from diferent games and series that I love. Doc-So many to tell I let you guys guess wicht one Volt-Volteer from The legend of Spyro series I love this guy Acon-Otacon, my friend always call me with that name Prety creative eh ?
  7. My childhood hero Spyro and Crash That will be so AWESOME better that Skylander and Mutant series
  8. Well if I remenber well my 1 game was super Mario on Game Boy
  9. OK thank
  10. Yes and Yes
  11. I love this game It remind my your childhood
  12. Well my Favourit is Akiyama and Kiryu their awesome and Badass
  13. I got Yakuza 4 and dead Soul I loved but It sad that will never be released in Europe and US I will try to find Yakuza 3, sadly i will never find the 1 and 2 were I live
  14. Sound crazy but I got probleme with one trophy (maybe more later) I just buy the Zodiac I suppost to unlock BFG trophy but It didnt apaer I got the rest but the BFG is still unlocked and I wonder if their are some trophy of R&C trilogie that have the same issue ?