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  1. I love both Sherlock and Doctor Who Freedom Same qquestion
  2. Ban both you and Hyakulegger for speding too much time on Forum Game
  3. I blame you for putting an snake in my BOOTS
  4. Lay. I hate Cheetos 90's Cartoon or Today cartoon ?
  5. Nope and I hope never happen to me The best Fast food franchice ?
  6. I have but not played yet. Fallout 2 ?
  7. Chicken soup Too SAme question
  8. Hell yeah I about to start the third one. Ape Escape
  9. All aboard on the 5864 express
  10. Normal Memes Star wars or Star Trek ?
  11. I blame you for not spouting nonsense
  12. The great mouse trophy hunter that the never see
  13. I wish I could be that good but no. Mass Effect 3 ?
  14. Gein The Grimm Ripper
  15. I would ask you If you could train me to make me more stronger
  16. Huge fan of Naruto
  17. Blody hell those good damn Alien are Stealig our Job
  18. Black Zilla came
  19. all the steak
  20. silly
  21. Granted but their all crappy bootleg arcade from China. I am Calypso and I THX you for Playing Twisted Metal. I wish to become a Dragon
  22. Love of course you know the old saying Money cant buy happines Same question
  23. Welcome on board my friend I hope you enjoy you stay.
  24. You know Telltale should do ? Make a game about a Youtuber call DSP. "This is fucking bullshit" "Those game developer are retarded" Joke aside, a very wish their do a X-File, Starsky and Hutch or some other old TV show