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  1. after mouths of rage, insane moments, crying I finally beat Super Meat Boy and NO I wont do the dark world, If I dont I break my laptop anyway drink on me people

  2. Doctor Who
  3. You wish Is granted but sadly you have been murdered by Yandare. I am Calypso and I thx you for Playing Twisted Metal. I wish I got all video game in my possesion
  4. Rly ? I dont If I should be happy yeah I love Telltale games but I expect more action game rather see a tv episode
  5. I not a huge fan of the Avenger but I wondered Why there no game about the Guardian of the Galaxy or another Punisher game, It always the popular heros who always get a game
  6. Well since I have live In the campus I stick on emulator and Pc game, heart my trophy hunting NES- Megaman 3 PC- Fallout 2 It never get old
  7. Swin 10 miles I do practices Swiming Are you rather see DarksidePhil or LowTierGod. If you dont those two check those video.
  8. I never expented that someone play IHNMAIMS, AM Is easyli the most evil thing ever exist He beat Skynet SHODAN, GlaDos, Hal 9000, like a bitch slap O_o that think scare the fuck out myself. Well since I talk about AI here one quote from Shodan from System Shock
  9. Non.Sorry Motorstorm Apocalypse ?
  10. Over 9000 /10
  11. You wish is granted buttheir discover a new uncure desease you Doom the humanity forever. I am Calypso and I thank you for playing Twisted Metal. I wish I have more self esteem.
  12. Not on the Ps2 but on PSP.
  13. Advance War series
  14. I huge fan of Sci-fi and Space
  15. Little cute demon
  16. Octopus holy crap I cant stand the smell and locking at It. It make me nausions SAme question
  17. One of the old badass forum menber
  18. Banned for see Dark Vader ultimate Badass act
  19. You under arrest In the name of Emperor Palpatine
  20. 10/10 It cool to see a pixel avatar for some change
  21. Saturday Morning RPG
  22. dark side of
  23. COD Black ops declassefie
  24. Saturday Morning RPG. That game rock
  25. I got an question now since those game are no longer In the Ps Store that mean all the DLC content are long gone too ?