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  1. 8 hours ago, timpurnat said:

    Dark souls 2


    It's the best souls game, in my opinion, I know that combat can be a bit of a pain sometimes but the level design is 1f44c.png. Platinum is also the easiest in the series.

    But Darksoul 2 does have online Trophy In It ? Cause Online player base are kinda dead here I am kinda afraid to never plat due the online trophy. Also I recommend to play Nioh Nice game the gameplay does remind of Souls games


  2. Damn I sorry for hear that @TheYuriG I know Is hard to live in Brazil with all the shit going on but parrent abusing that way worste my father use to be abused by his old man, nobody deserve that kind off fate, starting living alone will be more tufer for you, dont let you guard down, I just started living alone this year now since I'm In the university.