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  1. I suddenly got frozen in middle of playing this game. I really don't know what caused it. But it seems others got similar problems as well... So post here your frozen problems maybe we might avoid it by playing safely?
  2. Are there secret characters unlocked at Nightmare diffcultiy?
  3. Extra stages (Total. 4) 1up in stage 4 located at the giant stoneheads with the glowing red gems All I can remember for. But I did noticed a 1up at stage 2... What did I just do to cause that appear there? Tiny tanks come out of the bunkers on rail tracks. That was where I saw it there.... How did I trigger it again? Meteorite Breaker stage... I need to score 1000 meteors. I need tips... Or youtube video is good to learn And are there any hidden 1ups in certain stages? Reporting.
  4. Thanks, but I'm taking a break from this game. Didn't think those trophies are actually turned out as impossible to score... But I will play anyways because I love Philosama. FTW Oh hope shmups got 1up location details.
  5. Yeah oblivously but we have to keep spreading to let them know. I already posted at PS trophies forum about issues. However, I DO need to collect issue reports here... Vita digital version, PS3 version/digital, etc...
  6. So it turned out it's mostly +NG issues. I can confirm that. In fact, there are rising posts about that same problem in internet. I agree, Strip combos are very unsafe to play however not only that, provoking NPCs to fight may be frozen as well. And at unpredictable spike rates as well. So now what, what do we do?
  7. Decided to register up so I can ask questions. I'm curious about those leaderboard system, I saw "Dirty with cheaters". Care to explain it to me?
  8. Ah that's surely huge misunderstanding for like that. I thought dirty list includes only dirty players so that's why I came here to figure out why. So I guess there is a flaw in dirty list system huh? After reading all posts related to the dirty list, I remembered something I gotta complete on EDF 2025 despite I plat'ed it because "dirty" made me realized I was partnered up with a certain player have heavyload of HP (obviously alternative "savedata") so I will have to defeat some mission with my own (and my pride) because I got gold trophies but with cheat methods which I was completely unaware of. I know I sounded like paranoid but I just do my own things to honor my efforts. Also, I have questions for the digital copy and the actual disc for trophies/consoles... What happen if you purchase the digital one for Vita however at same time you download the PS3 version in digital, 1#. Will you have two trophy lists updated at your own personal trophy collection? 2#. Is it possible for you encounter yourself to boost up yourself at Vita / PS3 online version or what? I'd really like to avoid being parthered with certain players with dirty/cheat methods so how do I know if there are any difference to label from the normal players in online network?
  9. Thanks guys. Huh, even I'm labeled as Dirty... What did I do to "cheat"? If I don't mind being labeled as Dirty but I don't remember anything I cheated to get tropies. Unless if you mean certain EDF players whose I befriended seems to have alternative "savedata" to passby indirectly involves with me...? Great. I guess there is nothing I can do to rid of this since I was labeled as confirmed... Huh Thanks for info, I will continue to post if my curiousity rises up.