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  1. Yes. I sold my PS4 just over a year ago and getting that itch to play so will await the PS5 on day one
  2. Yes I did lol - very buggy at the mo
  3. Submitted a quick little guide for PS4 Minefield
  4. So the game has now glitched in my career level 7, which I have read is a common glitch where the security guard disappears. It's a shame as this was my last trophy before the platinum but I'm not risking doing the career all over again for it to glitch ☹️
  5. This trophy is a right pain - This is my last trophy before unlocking the platinum but on company man level 7 at the mo 😎
  6. Hello old friend :)

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    2. Ac3dUd3-


      indeed it has, how has life been for you?

    3. Marccap


      All good thanks - I've stayed away from the guides really and only done a few for this site.

    4. Ac3dUd3-


      nice, I went and finish my I.T degree and then had a crazy ex gf delete all my PSN friends a few years ago. Only just starting to get back into the PS4 now

  7. Hi Guys, I'm looking for a trophy guide contributor to finish off my guides which I started and completed some/most of it but needs finishing off. You WILL need knowledge of the game so ideally you would of unlocked the platinum trophy or completed most of the game. If you prefer just to fill the guide with the trophy info, I can always tidy it up afterwards. 1) PS4 - FIFA 18 (70 - 80% ish completed) 2) PS4 - Cities: Skylines (40% - 50% ish completed) Message me if interested 😎
  8. Good idea - my PSN: marccap (Not accepting any more as got everything)
  9. Welcome to the site 😎
  10. I’m having issues increasing my industrial squares. I lowered the taxes, gave tax discounts, lowered education, activated schools out policy as need mainly uneducated workers but still having issues. Any tips?
  11. Doesnt sound good lol 😂
  12. Currently working on Cities: Skylines 😉
  13. PS4 Pre Ordered Games, so its a busy next two months 😎 Knack 2 FIFA 18 WWE 2K18
  14. All good so far and I’ve pre-ordered the game so fingers crossed we get to see more soon. Hopefully we will be able to climb the ranks easier in career mode etc
  15. I purchased a 4k HDR TV recently so might make the change soon but PRO might go down in price towards xmas