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  1. Crash Team Racing 👍
  2. Great completion lately, keep it up ✌ I'd take Hellblade. This is on my list and I really look forward to playing it.
  3. (All 3) Bioshock 100% 👍
  4. GTA: San Andreas
  5. Battlefield 3 Plat + 100%👍
  6. Guacamelee 2 Man I gotta play this asap. I loved the first game.
  7. GTA V is a great plat to have
  8. Thx. I guess I'll try avoid my first 2 unobtainable trophies lol
  9. Do I have to buy a physical version though? Can't I just buy the NA digital version along with the DLC and play on my european acc? 🤔 Does anyone know? And oh...if you have an american disc version for sale hit me up haha
  10. Wolfenstein: The New Order
  11. Both FF VII and the Remake
  12. The Witcher 3