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    Gaming, comics, occasionally sports. I find less time to grind out trophies lately with work and social life, but I am trying to make more online friends to play with at night and on the weekends.

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  1. I went to college down there! But I'm from a bit further north. Closer to SB.
  2. Sign me up! I have 1 plat and all the games available for the ps4 but have only got the plat for KH1. I'm really want to go for the rest because the upcoming release has me HYPED on the series and this is a good way to motivate myself!
  3. Kingdom Hearts Series: I need to do this. Especially since 3 is coming and I will finally have the entire series in one place. Bloodborne: The Souls style games are tricky for me, but I like this one's style. I definitely need to practice more because even the third boss I've found is annihilating me. Skyrim: As a game that I've played multiple characters across multiple platforms, I really need to just sit down and grind this one out. I guess I tend to just get too lost in it and forget about going for trophies (plus now I can try to go for the platinum in VR 😍). Titanfall 2: I'm sure I'll beat the gauntlet this time..... Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1&2: I love ARPGs. I love Marvel. 'Nuff said!
  4. Dude the VR has absolutely CONSUMED me lately. I think it's an absolute blast to play. That being said, I scare super easily so a lot of the super immersive games a little intimidating. I really loved Batman VR because I think that whole universe is stunning. And Beat Saber is an absolute must. Just. One. More. Song. Ya I've noticed some games have multiplayer and would really like to check it out. I'll shoot you a friend request. (also as a noobie is there a way to add a friend to your ps4 friend list through PSNP? You nailed the part about irl friends. Whenever I bring up gaming anything it's just crickets. 3 weeks. 3 weeks. don't be mad that i haven't platinumed all of them. BUT I WILL.
  5. Hey everyone! So I've been a member for quite some time now, but never contributed for reasons unknown. Anyway, I recently left a job that had me in Europe for the last few years and now I'm back living in my hometown in California for the first time in a decade. With that, I don't really have many IRL friends here anymore and all of my gamer friends are on a 9+ hour time difference. I game pretty much every night and on the weekends and I'm really just looking for people to chill with, boost some multiplayer trophies, or maybe play some Overwatch or other multiplayer games since I don't get much of that fix these days (not a fan of playing mulitplayer games solo). So that's me in a nutshell! I'm looking forward to meeting some new people and finally adding to the conversation! Keep playing. Whennessee
  6. Joe Danger on Vita. That last stunt course was driving me nuts. Crazy sweaty hands.
  7. Add me up please! Have had a vita since November and no one to really play multiplayer stuff with (really wanna co-op Soul Sacrifice). PSN ID: WhennesseeTiskey