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  1. Yeah, it does.
  2. Rented it from Gamefly. Interested to see if it is any fun, but don't want to buy it. Especially for only a few trophies
  3. Agreed. I can think of a lot off the top of my head: pasta break Penguin break teddy bear break Vegetable break mermaid break they honestly probably just got tired of coming up with new name ideas
  4. Agreed. Or need multiple play troughs
  5. I must have really lucked out then that it didn't do that to me
  6. Awesome Thank you. I will see if I can afford it this month. If not, it may need to wait for Christmas
  7. Seems like a very standard list to me. Looking really forward to this game. It comes out on the 30th right?
  8. Sounds good to me. Love the trophy icons
  9. Rift Adventure Kena
  10. Hopefully everything goes smoothly and you get the plat. Fingers crossed
  11. Glad that I have not gotten to this yet. I was planning on starting the game today though....So, the issue is with the PS5 version only then?
  12. That one is easy. Just start another save file. I had to skip it twice really fast, and then it popped. Not miss able, just a bit tricky
  13. Scarlet Nexus... I should go back to. Tormented Souls I most likely will not be returning to. So, I will probably go for Tales of Arise, Sonic, or Kena.