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  1. Looks pretty standard to me
  2. Rock-Steady Treasure Hunter (Open 400 chests in Liyue)
  3. I mostly keep getting useless weapons and books. I want more characters lol 😁
  4. Just got Klee last night
  5. Crash Bandicoot
  6. That's sweet. I love it
  7. Thank you
  8. The treasure chest one becomes tedious after a while. All the main quests are done. And the side quests are done except for the 9 pillars and then one for lvl 32, 33, 34. So the only thing I have is the geo nucleolus and the weekly/monthly challenges left to do. It would be nice to have different trophies other than collect a billion of these chests
  9. The world lvl going up. Some of the quests become way harder due to when you lvl up the world. It's great for items, really bad for quests
  10. It most likely won't work then. I was really happy too. I have wanted Qiqi and also Keqing. Mainly Qiqi though. That's really disappointing. I used real money to be able and get my wishes. Kind of scared to buy more now. I don't want the same thing happening again
  11. Same thing happened to me. I pulled QiQi and Keqing along with a lot of weapons. (I was so happy!) Then My game somehow crashed. With a playstation error. When I came back online- the characters are not there. The weapons were also gone. Somehow the money was put back as if the wishes never happened. I tried again, and got only weapons. All my other pulled characters are fine. They are still there. But I don't seem to have Qiqi or Keqing anymore. Did I do something wrong, and what happened please? is there another email or does [email protected] work?
  12. Currently my main is lvl 60 and everyone else is lvl 50 . And, Draps-1337 is correct. It takes a lot of time, item materials and money to be able to not only ascend your character but also the weapons as well. I have my weapon at lvl 35. It needs to be lvl 40 to ascend. Not to mention- since I have been upgrading just the one characters weapons, everyone else weapons have not been upgraded at all yet.
  13. These are all incredible games. They honestly are. However, most people probably already have them for the PS4. If they had it so there was new trophies or new content that would be epic. However, it's not something that is fabulously new.