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  1. Does anyone know how to get the path to enlightenment trophy?
  2. I heard a while ago they were remaking until dawn. I would love to have an upgraded version for this. I know it’s not considered a dark pictures game, but technically without that game there wouldn’t be the dark pictures anyways
  3. I’m not buying them
  4. Thank you. I assumed that’s what had happened. Luckily just beat it 🥳
  5. It’s fun. Wouldn’t say it’s the best though
  6. Can someone please tell me how to get the cheat codes to work in the Challenge mode? I already unlocked them all, but for some reason I don’t know where to go to input the cheat codes when you start the challenge mode. They only show up under standard
  7. Seems the same as the rest
  8. Does anyone know how far we can upgrade the statue of the seven in Sumeru so far? Mine is saying level four and I have 15 out of 30. Thank you
  9. Unless it is something that I really love, no I do not go back to the game after I get the plantinum
  10. Same here. Tried seven times and am always missing two I am seriously starting to hate this game. I think they released an unfinished version without testing the controls. The camera angle is annoying. I’ve died from “fall damage” when I’m nowhere near falling. Some of the later levels they made a bit too hard. Especially if a kid wants to play this thing
  11. Thank you. This game is infuriating at times. I don’t think they test played it before they released it. The camera angle is awful. I’ve “died” from fall damage when I’m nowhere near falling. Feels like a glitchy unfinished mess
  12. The new store layout is very irritating. Whether it’s an easy platinum or not, I would most prefer to have all the brand new games at the top instead of having it as a cluster mess.
  13. The easiest way to get this, is in the middle section directly above number eight. It’s on me of the side missions -when the meter which is zero. It’s more or less a race but there’s no robots at the end. Way easier than other ways I’ve seen done