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  1. Thank you... it’s still not high enough
  2. Does anyone have any helpful suggestions or videos on how to get gold? I’ve searched YouTube but none of the videos seem to work for me. I barely just made silver. I have gold in all the subcategories except for killing the freakers.
  3. This is completely terrible. The mechanics in this game are awful! instead of coming out with more DLC, they should fix what’s wrong with the game in the first place. This is going to give it even more bad ratings. I can be perfectly fine hit a rock and die. I can be playing the same route again hit the same rock again- and be perfectly fine. It makes no sense whatsoever ... and then there’s an invisible wall by that one huge ramp -which I went to the left and immediately killed me. This is awful
  4. This is awful. It completely sucks
  5. Same. Having the exact issue
  6. Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 PS4
  7. I tried it a little bit before I left for work today- wasn't too bad. But... I only tried it 3 times. Hope it is not as frustrating as the other ones have been. It'd be nice to actually be able to get gold relatively quickly for once
  8. Put Me Down Already Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online
  9. I was hoping for a combat one. Maybe we will have two combat ones back to back?
  10. Thank you guys 😊
  11. Anyone have any helpful pointers please?
  12. Aw, really? I wanted a combat challenge too. Especially after last weeks golf cart thing. Any pointers on gold for mass destruction? Thanks
  13. I’m sick of this stupid mass destruction. I missed it by 11 🙄😖
  14. It worked! Now I just need gold on In Da Zone and Mass Destruction. Any tips? Thank You
  15. Dolla Dolla Bills, Y'all from Days Gone