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  1. Think I will pass
  2. This thing is not even fun. I deleted it
  3. Silver Bullet
  4. To The Fifth Circle Raise The White Flag Dearest Listener
  5. For me, personally- once I beat the game and get the Platinum, unless I love the game to death- I never play it again. So replay value is extremely low for me. I don't think the game is like that. Start over from scratch if you die. It did not come across as that . And if so- glad I will rent it and not buy it then because that does not sound fun. It sounds irritating and annoying
  6. I still am going to rent this. I'm not spending $80 on it. Looks good. Trophy list seems easy and direct to the point Agreed
  7. New Ruler Of Hell
  8. I never played the originals, so I really want to try the reamster Ok, Thank you. I have a PS Now subscription so I will check it out
  9. PSN ID: Sealightbreeze Systems: PS4 Pro, PS5 Country: Ohio, USA Timezone: Eastern Accepts blanks: No Currently playing: Genshin Impact, Poison Control
  10. Honestly, I just kept playing. It eventually unlocked
  11. I am terrible at first person shooters. I want to try and play Mass Effect Legendary Edition and other shooter type games. This will be good practice for me and, it only cost $1.07
  12. Level 390
  13. Handle With Care
  14. Thank you for the guide. I just got it from Gamefly yesterday and started today. I really enjoy it so far