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  1. Thanks for help - worked for me.
  2. Great game, but I still have 1 story trophy bugeed, few side quests I can't finish, because of missing NPC - some of those quest have mementos, so I can't finish Mememto trophy (114/117). There should be a big update this week on PC (next on consoles) so rather wait few days until they release this.
  3. You will return to Norway later in game (story progress) and you'll unlock upper parts of map. If I remember correctly, you can't complete everything in Norway right after start. Continue story, collectibles are not missable, you can return to Norway from England anytime.
  4. Hi, I wanted to try this method, but after uninstall and reinstall from disc (without patch) a can't get even to main menu - game crash after intro video with error CE-34878-0. Did you try this? Does it work for you? My save is from 1.07, which aparently not work with 1.00.
  5. PRO TIP: Always hold X while manual - that increases your speed.
  6. It´s disk version With all DLCs released at least in czech and slovak republic. Its like goty. Here si link to local seller
  7. I get this trophy in overrun very easely... Don't shot, just run and take as much flags as you can. If you take most flags and your team wins, you'll be MVP.
  8. Same here, Jaguar outfit didn't work for me, but after collecting and crafting new set, I get that trophy.
  9. On picture top, if you follow the arrows, last blue room (without any tetris shape) is with teleport to lost temple.
  10. I had similar problem, my map stop revealing places. When i came to unexplored place, main map (when you press start) was unchanged. Try save game in bed, quit and close game, then try to start and load your game. For my it was the solution. Also there is a blips map option in settings for minimap -
  11. First one is near yellow dancing mushroom, second after first battle, third is hard to explain... video, at 16:32. Is right in this section on the wall