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  1. There's a dragon in Adan Lake and one on 4th lords ship
  2. Prolly Alice Madness Returns game was pretty tough at parts but fun
  3. Oh like the old polygons gave so much insight into what ethnicity Aerith was, give me a break dude
  4. I got a Gold crown for Tzizi from the new Chicken Carnival event quest in Master Rank
  5. Damn how much bigger is the Gold crown over the Silver, he already took up basically the whole screen at silver
  6. The PSN friends list isn't working rn, but you can invite them by typing their names into the search and add them that way and then invite them. You can invite right away as soon as you get to Ramsgate
  7. I heavily agree with you, I used to really enjoy scrolling through the forums, but for the past two years or so this site has heavily degraded into nothing but a bitchfest, even the moderators do nothing but bitch about something half the time.
  8. Mmmm having a discussion on the difficulty of a video game where you can't actively choose a difficulty to play on is pretty mute imo. In games where there's just one singular difficulty to play on like Soulsborne, the difficulty is ultimately decided by a particular players skill set in said game. It is easy for you or me or others to say that the Soulsborne games aren't particularly difficult because we have the skillset or the mindset to learn from the trial and error parts of these games, and proceed to move through the games and beat them. Others players just don't have that particular skill or mind set, so Soulsborne will in fact be very difficult for them and they will die "100's or 1000's" of times throughout their playthroughs, it doesn't mean they are doing something wrong, they just don't have the same skillset as other players.
  9. I honestly think the only factor that will affect the plat rarity in a large way will be how the Dragon Rot system works in relation to the 4 endings you need to get.
  10. I feel this approach, I think it'll be interesting
  11. Yes, Sunlight, Vaati, Terra, Iron Pineapple, and even Lobosjr have all said that we are going to have to readjust our mind set and muscle memory for Sekiro. I'm excited for it
  12. All of the Soulsborne content creators who have spent years of their lives mastering these games have all said that Sekiro is much much more difficult than any of the others, so people going in expecting this to play and beat this like the soulsborne games are gonna be in for a shock.
  13. Screws over Hideo, screws over the Silent Hill IP, screws over the Castlevania developer, yep there is definitely nothing Konami won't screw
  14. I used Roland just because I felt he's more of the central character and his playstyle suits me, but as my other 2 I used Evan and Tani
  15. You only need about 500K to get all the trophies for buying items. Just save, go to shop, buy all you need for one set of the trophies, dashboard, reload, and rinse repeat for the other two. You'll have plenty of money by the time you reach 50% mission completion