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  1. Crash cove dans dragon mine are probably the 2 hardest track to beat oxide, and may be oxide station if you dont keep the sacred fire a minimum (Ntropy and Oxide time). CNT track are not to bad, just practice a couple of time and know the race. Use a top speed caracter.
  2. No dont need it, got Transporter trophy today. Just need all non dlc cars
  3. if in the challenge description, it ask something in matchmaking, you cannot boost in private.
  4. For Papu pyramid, after you drop the 3 big step, you can turbo drift left 3 time and after just switch side for 1 turbo drift on right and normaly the last shortcut is done more easily than only 3 left turbo drift and hope to cut enough to reach the other side.
  5. Maybe late, but its possible with 2 controllers for the futur players. The trick is to get the gravity with the mystery box. take a couple of try because of random weapon. It is possible to get the dynamite too in the box. For the dynamite, my 1st player touch the 2nd after the remote control for make it explode for get the trophy
  6. Hi, if any one of you have draco wheel in double, i can trade for something, i try to get it in nitro crate but most of time get decal
  7. like i said i have 2 copy, and the back of cd seem to be clean. For the laser, that is the only game that make this, i have no trouble with my other game. Online on bo2 work very well (i play regulary this game for the moment). I will try delete the game with update and play offline.
  8. Hello, i would like to know if someone resolve the prob about those freez? I got this prob on karma mission but after more than 1h i finaly can stat the mission, but now im on the 10th mission and make probably arround like 30 restart ps3. I have 2 copy of bo2 and the 2 make the same thing. freez at different moment, my best is twice at the end infinite loading . will i be finaly able to get this platinum. Thanks
  9. work very well, i got it too!
  10. Hi, all is in the title. Do you have to make a precise thing, or position for that because i block since IA dunk and the challenge dont pop. (I already use player with high stats on block) Thank you for advices
  11. The most realistic hunting game looolll. I dont know. I never hunt in my life but it seem very cool, but this game is so annoying and bad. It take 7-8 fucking long secondes for make a 360 (fortunately, it not like this on fps game like cod and bf lol). At least give a clock
  12. Can some one can help me with certified item. I have only MVP player certified item but im always with very good players. I can give you back when i got the trophies. Or i have few crates to give too. Thanks Edit: Finaly i got it, so i dont need to trade anymore
  13. Hello all, i want to know if someone resolve the prob for the Karma mission crashing. I see on internet than i am not the only one. I tried with 2 differents copy and 1 other ps3 system and still freez since cinematic, loading or since you can walk slowly. Please, thanks
  14. Hi can someone can explaine how to pass level section. The only thing i find it wolf or buck without horn. When i find one on a long distance i cant shot him cause of three hidden my vue. my scope just up on sky, lose control, or my R2 for scope dont appear. Can some one can give me tips cause please,i make a couple of try and never unlock the 2nd level
  15. what i find funny in this game is than sometime you hit the wall and your speed increase to the top lol. your are at 150 km/h hit the wall in a curve and boom you are at 240 km/h. I have to restart the game the the missable trophy cause i make the challenge make the same race 5 times in a row . At the begining i was thinking that was 70 race medails but that is not the case.