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  1. Yea I used that guide (thanks btw) but I think because I transported from a vita without ever have unlocking the trophy it won't pop. Also, I don't that glitch is there on PS4
  2. The trophy is not popping, I have no idea why. Any ideas? i've triple checked each area
  3. As of 2.50 you can take games off your trophy list that have 0% completion. Thoughts? I'm personally very happy and Xbox has had this feature for forever
  4. So will active things like levels pop? Because owning a level 50 character is meeting the requirements of the trophy
  5. If it is a separate list, then yea
  6. I figured since the prequel got its own BL2 was, but found it odd that they weren't put up at the same time. So I'm just looking for confirmation
  7. Will it have its own separate list where you will get new trophies if you use cross save? Because thats how it seems to be with The Presequel
  8. Ok so I'm just probably missing some from a side mission or something
  9. I got all the safe zones, but in the statistics menu is says I have 0 and the trophy never popped. Anyone else?
  10. SORRY Changed it
  11. I remember there might have been a choice to take kenny's gun away earlier in the episode. Can anyone tell me what would happen at the end if you did?