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  1. Champion of ChampionsUnlock all trophies in Paladins.
  2. Blast so thanks to a friend of mine going on my account and playing the game he’s messed this up for me anyways thanks for the information
  3. Hello there reader/fellow trophy hunter iv just downloaded the PS4 version onto my console and I never got the message to transfer my PS3 data over to the PS4. I waited around for a bit and nothing happened, I went off the game and went back onto it and still nothing happened even after waiting a while, Iv gone though the settings and my soldiers profile and everything but it still won’t show up with the message, have they removed this option? Or is there something I’m doing wrong here? thanks
  4. I didn’t think such a thing was possible, surely if that does happen they will patch that out or something?
  5. The hold down x button method also works on chests just tried it now so when your running to the heads be careful not to run into chests. I don’t think it took any of my koins though. Edit: just did it on a soul chest and it took my souls
  6. Looks like a good list to be fair, looking forward to this game as it is and now with the looks of the trophy list im hoping to maybe platinum this game considering Iv been so close with the other mortal kombat games and just gave up when I was so close because of other games or lost track of timing
  7. Ah okay thanks for that Information, looks like it’s another playthough then 😅
  8. Just gave this a go, backed up save removed the game of my hard drive went and installed the game, tried to load up my save and it said “update the game”
  9. I have a feeling we would be getting some Lego game(s), fallout 4, doom or hitman
  10. Why don’t the eu ever get things like this?
  11. Nice PSN name :)


    Would be funny to pronounce out loud:





    1. pl0000pl


      Hahah thanks iv had this username ever since I was a child, when I’m online I hear people say my username in all sorts of ways :) 

  12. I have a feeling they will be adding even more dlcs to this down the line and adding even more trophies to the list.
  13. A very good song to listen to when in the final boss fight (the song goes on for a while)
  14. Same here removing the save game worked for me
  15. Done it but the only ones that haven’t popped for me are the collectables related ones