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  1. Ah okay thanks for that Information, looks like it’s another playthough then 😅
  2. Just gave this a go, backed up save removed the game of my hard drive went and installed the game, tried to load up my save and it said “update the game”
  3. I have a feeling we would be getting some Lego game(s), fallout 4, doom or hitman
  4. Why don’t the eu ever get things like this?
  5. Nice PSN name :)


    Would be funny to pronounce out loud:





    1. pl0000pl


      Hahah thanks iv had this username ever since I was a child, when I’m online I hear people say my username in all sorts of ways :) 

  6. I have a feeling they will be adding even more dlcs to this down the line and adding even more trophies to the list.
  7. A very good song to listen to when in the final boss fight (the song goes on for a while)
  8. Same here removing the save game worked for me
  9. Done it but the only ones that haven’t popped for me are the collectables related ones
  10. With the collection being on sale at the moment well worth picking up and trying this out
  11. Well in that case it's a late update then I guess I didn't see it before
  12. Same here's the second I found it I got it
  13. Just looking though the new sale on my console and found this for free with ps+
  14. Makes two of us
  15. Oh thanks. I looked on my Austrian account and all I can find is the demo