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  1. Thanks for the post ! I now know where to go!
  2. I replayed the mission and got the trophy, but you are correct I did miss them as on my first play though I kept my self in the tank taking out everyone else Besides worrying about the building 😅
  3. I have no idea why but the trophy “empty platform” didn’t unlock for me I’m playing though the delta difficulty but looks like I’ll have to try again on an other play though just a heads up for everyone
  4. thank you I just checked and it was there
  5. I own super hot but when I go to the psn store it’s coming up as full price and yes I owned super hot before today
  6. for those of you who want to pre order or keep up with the updates for the game check the link
  7. Just putting a warning out there Ive seen a post online about people reporting that there save file has been corrupted, I don’t know what causes this issue but be warned hopefully they patch this out quickly
  8. Came so close to doing this game back on the ps3 looks like I’ll have to do it all again on the PS4 now because I really did enjoy this game not as much as mortal Kombat or so but I was so focused on getting that platinum back in the day
  9. Looks like you need to finish the campaign four times to earn the platinum but the rest of the list seems like a somewhat easy list
  10. its on the store now
  11. #178 - uncharted 4 man it’s sad to say good bye to this series now that iv 100%ed each game from 1-4 and even the lost legacy hopefully one day I’ll get a psvita and be able to play the game that was released on that platform but until then this is the end of the line for the uncharted games for me (unless they make another one) but what a ride this game Franchise has been loved it from the start to the end I’m so happy that iv got to play and experience them all along with getting the platinum in each game highly recommended if anyone hasn’t touched theses games yet
  12. dead or alive 5 last round good and fun fighting game I did the ps3 version but I didn’t upload my save data unfortunately so I had to redo everything on this game again but that didn’t mind me besides doing 100 fights but it’s all done and dusted now so I’m happy I replayed it and managed to get the platinum before the severs become completely dead
  13. rime When I first played this I lost track of what to do for the trophies so it put me off from playing it for a while yesterday I thought I should give it another shot and follow another guide and I ended up enjoying this game glad I gave it another go
  14. shadow warrior 2 oh my god am I happy to have this one done at last. I started this game a couple of years ago with a few of my mates they didn’t seem to enjoy as much as I did we all dropped it but I had this massive itch inside of my head telling me to go back I’m glad I did I enjoyed it more a second time round but after seeing what’s needed for one of the trophies threw me off from wanting to grind it as much as I could of in single goes but it’s all done now and I’m happy with that if your going for this game’s platinum good luck you need it for putting up with the grind and following guides for the secrets is needed but isn’t always helpful due to the maps randomly generating all the time
  15. uncharted the lost legacy Been wanting to grab this game for some time not I saw it on sale for about 9.99 grabbed it and loved playing every second of it just like how I did with the other uncharted games honestly I can’t express enough how much I love this game franchise all really good and fun games amazing story’s amazing gameplay loved it from start to end