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  1. #50: Lara Croft GO Didn't enjoy this one as much as Hitman GO. The vita version had some serious frame rate issues, and I found the controls in general to be a bit awkward. Nevertheless, it had nice visuals and a good soundtrack, and collecting the relics to unlock outfits was a pretty good time.
  2. this is actually a damn good sale. i think i'll take home lara croft go, adrift, and the ratchet and clank remaster for now
  3. Right now I have the life is strange prequel and cuphead per ordered. I plan to preorder pyre and hellblade within the next week or so
  4. This looks like a surprisingly fun list. I didn't have too much interest in this game before but I'll have to keep an eye on it now
  5. #49: Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor This game was super fun! I wasn't expecting to like it nearly as much as I did. The nemesis system was without a doubt the game's strongest attribute. Other than that, it had a nice gameplay loop and satisfying combat. I had bought this game awhile back on sale, never really having an intention to play it, but now I'm really glad I did!
  6. not a bad month. I already have borderlands but abzu has been on my wishlist for awhile
  7. Same thing I want every year, new IPs
  8. First month I've been happy with in a long time. This war of mine and titan souls for me
  9. Not too bad of a year. Didn't make most of my personal goals but still had a ton of fun Bronze trophies: From 2791 to 3304 Silver trophies: From 818 to 934 Gold trophies: From 204 to 278 Platinum trophies: From 34 to 46 Best game I played: Firewatch. Game of the year hands down for me. Oxenfree and Assassin's Creed Syndicate were also high points for me this year. Worst game I played: Zombi. Just terrible.
  10. Awesome!
  11. From the psn sale I'll be picking up shadow of modor and sniper elite 3. The only physical game I'll be getting is far cry primal
  12. For anyone that's playing rise of the tomb raider, is there a way back to syria after you finish the game? Just noticed there was no fast travel point and I've missed some stuff there

    1. LegacyJKO09


      I can confirm you CAN go back to Syria. You go to expeditions from the main menu, replay mission, Prophet's Tomb. That is the Syria mission

    2. katniss1444


      Okay cool thanks!

  13. Not a bad month. Just resident evil for me
  14. From my understanding, preordering a physical copy from any major site, gamestop, amazon, or the square enix store, will grant you the artbook, whereas preordering the game digitally will grant you a digital copy of the definitive edition of the first game. Hope that helps!
  15. Life is strange- the kind of game I only want to complete once Ether one- got no enjoyment out of it the first time Super time force ultra- helladeck levels Sound shapes- death mode/general lack of enjoyment from the game