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    Florida, USA
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    Im all about fitness, love to run and workout any day and push my body to the limit, I like eating healthy and also love sports specially soccer, anything nature, games of course but not all, military life (Future US Marine)

    My gaming history goes back to watching my oldest brother play Resident Evil and Harvest Moon back in the late 1990's. My first games were Super Mario 64, Super Mario World, Donkey Kong, Yoshi Story, Street Fighter, Mario Party 1 and 2 as well as Super Smash Bros all for nintendo 64.
    I didnt come to play Resident Evil nor Harvest Moon till 2004..thats when I started playing Resident Evil 4, Harvest Moon A Wonderful life, WWE Day of Reckoning and Sonic Directors Cut.
    I continue playing Nintendo all the way up to 16-17 I would say and finally once I hit 18 I begin my journey on the PS3 with Resident Evil 6 and Dead Alive 5, at the age of 19 I came back home (Florida) from venturing to NYC for almost a whole year all by myself right after graduating from high school. This is when my trophy hunting journey began lol early April of 2014. A year later here I am still at it lol Level 17 trophy 45% as of May 13th 2015 :)

    First Platinum : Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
    Lastest Platinum : God of War Ghost of Sparta
    Latest PSN 100%: Hohokum
    Currently playing : Race the Sun (71%)

    Dream Plats: Evil Within, Dead or Alive 5

    Want to play wishlist:
    Dying Light
    Mortal Kombat X
    The Last of Us
    Dead Space 1
    Bioshock 1
    Borderlands 1
    Mirror's Edge 1
    Dead Rising 2
    Fallout 3
    Metro Last Light
    Tales of Xillia

    Upcoming interests:
    Farming Simulator
    Mirror's Edge 2
    Final Fantasy XV (maybe)
    Resident Evil 3 ( hopefully XD)

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  1. Dead or Alive 5 Last Round
  2. This game I love/hate so much, we always make up at the end tho lol well a few tips, for 50 air tris make sure you have a good region 1 map, learn it and if its good enough you should be leaving that region with at least 21 air tris. Believe me I would sometimes even get 24 air tris leaving region 1 and makes your other remaining air tris so much doable. For Apocalypse 4 regions cleared you need a good map layout as well, good would be a portal at the beginning of region 1 and beginning of region 2, region 3 is pretty hard but keep at it'll be over soon lol (I flew thru most of 4 lol I was so scared..)
  3. I've honestly never hated a game so much. The trophy for Hohokum that requires you to beat the game in less than 60 mins completepy killed what I thought was a creative game and made it into the most obnoxious piece of crap. What makes me more upset is that one of my runs was 60 mins 8 secs..I know many of you feel my pain with this sort of unfairness :'(

    1. Ctoala6474


      I gor it first try this morning :D

  4. Name 5 games you enjoyed and think others should try 1) South Park Stick of Truth- Hilarious and fun gameplay 2) Child of Light- Very well made and fun gameplay 3) Race the Sun - Addictive and fun 4) Dead or Alive 5U/5LR- Fun fighting and great graphics 5) Resident Evil 4/6/Rev2- Great story and gameplay
  5. Just started playing The Unfinished Swan, its interesting..the story is quite dull but gameplay is a bit fun, I tried the only gold trophy it has and I got it! I got to say that was one goldie I really enjoyed and feel pretty accomplished for :)

    1. Stupid91


      That game has 2 gold trophies.

    2. Ctoala6474


      Yea I just realized that today lol xD

  6. My last God of War platinum..1, 2, 3, Ascencion, COO and GOS..all done so glad lol these games are great first playthrough but not a second one on hard

    1. GoldenShaka


      Yeah great games.

  7. Rachel is very annoying with her pick up grapple, hate that and its *Ultimate lol Im not sure if you were mispelling it on purpose just thought I'de point that out
  8. Oh yes I officially finished all challenge of the gods for all God of War games, just to do a quick hard mode playthrough fo both GOW Chains and GOW Ghost and will have all plats for all PS3 GOW games..I feel proud I used to see these games as really hard :')

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Ctoala6474


      Lol GOW Ascencion didnt get a good review, I didnt know there was an upcomming GOW 4 lol

    3. F22-Razgriz


      yeah...forget about Ascension...it wasn't even closed to GOWIII.

      though for the love of the game, I took the pain and finished it, narrative wise and as always, brilliant....gameplay though....meh

      lol...something like that but haven't made official by Sony and SMS. Hopefully, this year's E3 would packed some punch with regards to the franchise latest instalment and direction.

    4. Ctoala6474


      Yea hope so too I would love to see a GOW 4 on Ps4, I just beat my last GOW platinum, I hate GOs on hard lol

  9. BAYMAN yess lol
  10. What are your top 5 characters in Last Round? 5 Most annoying to fight? Top 5: 1) Ayane 2) Hitomi 3) Marie Rose 4) Helena 5) Honoka or Pai Most Annoying: 1) Christie (hate her so much lol) 2) Hayate (all his moves make my Ayane fightless) 3) Helena 4) Alpha 152 5) Kasumi or Rig
  11. Another thing to look at is that Resident Evil has gone too far in the story to try and enact a horror game and not make it cinematic or action-y, I mean the whole world is pretty much infested with zombies and weird creatures you cant expect them to make games like RE1/2/3 where they had less zombies scattered throughout, the series has gone too far in story only a reboot can bring back a sense of survival horror, but I personally love RE for the characters and great gameplay whether its survival horror or not, and really think the games would be pretty boring if they kept doing the same scenerios over and over..ex mansion, train, ship..small places, Im glad they tried something different like 6 and ORC, for you all that didnt like them who asked you to play? Lol nobody is forcing you to play, I also much enjoyed Revelations 2 give yourself a chance folks it has a pretty interesting story just a little short
  12. Really enjoyed reading this lol
  13. For those who love to plat games, we have all platted a game and felt pretty proud of ourselves for overcoming great challenges, list your top 5 and why 1) Resident Evil Operation Racoon City: Not my favorite RE game but those S+ Ranks were not easy at all 2) Rune Factory Tides of Destiny: Winning multiple times on Colloseum one after the other, not easy and this game took me over 100+ hrs, well enjoyed 3) Resident Evil Revelations: Beating the game on infernal is not an easy task with the last boss, Plus reaching level 50 multiplayer takes time (unfortunately) + ghost ship 4) Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate: Completing tutorial 100% and a characters specific combo challenge 100% is not for the common player 5) Call of Duty Advanced Warfare: The Exo switch flip is hard but going through a second round of 50 waves of enemies right after is truely a challenge, get your best team and be ready to game for about 2 hours nonstop for this meticulous trophy *Honorary Mensions - Resident Evil 1 I truely had to learn the game left and right to platinum it..I didnt mind that at all I loved this game and beating the whole game under 3 hrs and on so many different difficulties was awesome *All God of War games give me a sense of great accomplishment, 4/6 platted
  14. This made me laugh lol
  15. 2 more weeks and 4 days till I leave for Marine boot camp! Beyond ready for this new challenge in my life.

    1. Boots_12345


      good luck man, *Salutes you*

    2. Ctoala6474


      Thanks bro! Appreciate it