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  1. I can confirm that, starting fresh, you need 25 fatalities to earn a decapitated head. Here's the approximate math: On Survivor Tower, where it's only one round, you can earn a decapitated head for one character (and get the trophy) in about 45 minutes. For the related trophies, the math is decapitated heads for 2 characters every 90 minutes, or 4 characters every 3 hours, or 8 characters in 6 hours, or 10 characters total in 7.5 hours. After 10 decapitated heads placed, Shang Tsung's throne room is accessible to open chests (25,000 koins each). Each chest gives you one character's intro. Equip 5 intros. via Kustomization to get the trophy. You also get victory poses, although just placing the decapitated heads gets you those before you ever get access to the throne room (and you need 5 for the trophy). TLDR: 25 fatalities for one decapitated head. ~7.5 hours to get the three related trophies: decapitated head, victory poses, and character intros. trophies.
  2. Some people find the game unsettling or creepy. I can see that, but it's not actually scary to me. It doesn't have jump scares or similar tactics. It's really more of an escape room style of game. So, if you like solving puzzles, especially hard puzzles, this game is for you. The puzzles are indeed difficult. As to the "story," if there is one, it seems to involve some ghost or otherworld entity (perhaps you've seen a picture of the ghostly looking Asian woman). Anyway, the levels seem old timey or other worldly. But ultimately, they just seem like disconnected cool-looking rooms to try to escape from. Check out some reviews on YouTube to see if it otherwise is your type of game. Off to work now. Take care.
  3. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/242771-18-floors
  4. That's a good question. When the game released, it was criticized because it was called "18 Floors," but it had only two floors. When a player went to press the button for Floor 3, the game said "To Be Continued." Some people complained that that was false advertising. The developers promised two new floors as DLC, and they delivered. But it seemed like they released the DLC merely to appease the critics. Now, this new DLC comes to an end, but there's a new elevator button for Floor 5. You guessed it, when you press the button, the game says "To Be Continued." So, do the developers intend to release even more DLC? Was it just a stylistic choice to end the game? Is that a tease for the continuation of 18 Floors on the next gen console? It seems likely that they might continue releasing DLC, but I don't have the answer. Then again, at a $10-15 price tag, how much DLC should they be expected to deliver? All the way up to the 18th floor itself just because they dared to call it "18 Floors"? Seems like that would take years and a lot more money than the selling price asks for.
  5. I created trophy guides for Floors 1-4. You can access them at the Board for 18 Floors on GameFAQs.com here: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/242771-18-floors Happy hunting.
  6. There isn't a trophy for that. (Double-check the trophy list for Chapter 4.) However, that is one of the requirements to check all the boxes and get the 100% trophy for Chapter 4. So, you'll have to tell us which boxes you didn't get checked off. Otherwise, do you mean that the box for ducking successfully didn't get checked for some reason? If that's the case, you may not have successfully ducked each time. 1. You have to successfully duck three times. 2. You can't just do an anticipatory duck. If you duck too early, the object will get thrown right at you. You would need better timing. Wait for the "tell." The demon will un-tilt its head and close its mouth right as it is about to throw the object. Then you have to (in real life) duck really, really low, and fast. Again, you have to do that successfully three times.
  7. I wrote "unofficial and casual" guides on Gamefaqs.com for the board of The Exorcist: Legion VR. It's not thorough as to all the trophies, but there may be enough there to help you get a number of them.
  8. For no hints, make sure you take out the Bee's Oil before you get to the invisible bridge and get a buzz and a hint. Also, you want the salt spray out before you use it on the priest's face in the green lit room. I say these just in case, so a hint isn't forced on you. For no dead ends, you always have to choose the correct path. If you make a wrong turn and run into a wall, you've failed. If you're stuck, go to Gamefaqs for The Exorcist: VR Legion. On the board, I did an unofficial and casual walkthrough so that you'll always make the right choice and never get to a dead end.
  9. Pleased to announce that the new patch is now up. The Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 100% trophies are now fixed and obtainable. Happy hunting!
  10. Yes, I received an email from the devs, too, and they said just what TachikomaShiki said. Both trophies should ideally be fixed as soon as next week. It seems the Chapter 4 bug led to the Chapter 5 bug, as well. By the way, there was some patch or update for the game today. I played through Chapter 4 just to check, but the "research"/trophy wasn't fixed. So today's patch/update didn't resolve the issues, in case you were wondering. Lastly, if you couldn't put the video cassette into the VCR (as I couldn't) after Chapter 4, that's going to be fixed, as well. Cheers.
  11. I think so. I should've already had 100% for both chapters. But I only have 75% on Chapter 4 because I can't get the "research" check mark. I've followed the four rules that the devs have said you need to do to get the check box. I've literally picked up and put down every item in the room (yes, I saw all the pictures on the camera in another area), including breaking open the sample jars and picking up each of the four parasites within. For Chapter 5, I have 100%, but the trophy did not pop. I've played both chapters 4 and 5 probably a dozen times each, trying new things each time. I've deleted my saves. I've deleted and reinstalled the game multiple times. Nothing works. I've emailed the devs, and they think that the problem is on my end, but I don't know about that. At least, they said that they're going to work on solving the issue. I dunno. Pretty frustrating. I've moved on, in the meantime, until they (if they) do a patch or something to fix the two chapters' 100% trophies.