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    1st Platinum: Resident Evil 5
    10th Platinum: Resident Evil Remake HD Remaster
    15th Platinum: Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City
    20th Platinum: Resident Evil Revelations
    25th Platinum: Resident Evil Revelations 2
    30th Platinum: Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster
    35th Platinum: Alien Isolation
    40th Platinum: The Evil Within

    1st trophy : Meat Shower from Resident Evil 5
    2,000th trophies: Down Boy, Kill 13 zombie dogs (lifetime), from Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City
    2500th trophies :Platinum trophy Resident Evil Remake HD (*.*)
    3,000th trophies: Platinum trophy Resident Evil Revelations
    4,000th trophies: Platinum trophy The Evil Within

    Favorite Quotes:
    "It is better to play than do nothing."- Confucius.
    "Get busy living, or get busy dying." - Andy from The Shawshank Redemption.
    "Winners lose more than losers. They win and lose more than losers, because they stay in the game." - Terry Paulson.
    "The only way to survive in a mad world, is to embrace the madness." - Strand from Fear the Walking Dead.
    "Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up." - Thomas Edison.
    "You know, all that really matters is that the people you love are happy and healthy. Everything else is just sprinkles on the sundae." - Paul Walker.
    "Attitude is attitude, whether you you're a West Coast gangster or East Coast gangster, you know?" - Paul Walker.
    "Winners lose more than losers. They win and lose more than losers, because they stay in the game." - Terry Paulson.
    "Why so serious?" - The Joker, Heath Ledger from The Dark Knight.
    Wouldn't it be wonderful in real life when you died you came to a screen that said "You Died...Try Again?" - Kaluim Seabrook (DemonicArcangel) YouTuber.

    Interests: Resident Evil, ALIEN, and the Survival Horror

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  1. Noooooo... !! I actually loved UC2 & UC3 a lot. I don't know how many hours I've spent playing them but I've played them pretty fuckin' lot. It's shame to see these servers going down. As for those who want to boost these DLCs on UC2 and UC3 to get 100%, you should do right now but I wouldn't recommend at all because it would be a REAL PAIN IN THE ASS when going for these treasures and never let these rocket hit statue in cathedral. But boy.. wish they'd bring the offline bots mode so I'd play an offline MP more.
  2. Heavy Fire: Afghanistan and Heavy Fire: Shattered Spear. What did I think?! SMH.
  3. I loved the first two films so much and I'd always watch these anytime, but I haven't seen the latest one. So count me in! And thanks for such awesome giveaway.
  4. I just had to come back once again, I'd like to share my experience and a bit of suggestion if you don't mind at all. As for UC3 grindy trophies, I really can't remember how many players exactly required for boosting, but I assumed it was like, 8 or 10 players to start the match so make sure there's no random players otherwise a random would ruin everything. And, IIRC, if there are the players in the lobby and no one quits as long as you stay with them, you'd play the matches multiple times. This does benefit for everyone to focus on the grindy trophies they'd work. But, the hardest part was to gather players when they have different time zones, and for often or a bit too frequently, if one player loses the connection, this more likely forces everyone to search separately all over again to meet each other in the lobby to avoid the random joining. I would suggest getting the trophies that required more than 3 or 4 players out of the way first because it was really pain the ass. And, now the treasures trophies are the worst part of the whole game you might want to worry for last, as others have said, it might take a hundred of hours to get what treasure you need, and what's really bad about is that it's all based on luck. This might sound scary, but all the treasures are not impossible to get! I'd suggest to read different methods/guides about what's the best place to farm, etc. This is what I did. Listen to your favorite music while farming the treasures helps you to keep going on. And, for these co-op trophies, obviously like others said, you just really need to be so good at it! No worries, like I said, you will have infinite attempts to try and you get familiar with how everything works. Each co-op map is at least 15-20 minutes If my memory serves me right. And that's all I had to say for now. I also noticed that you enjoy to get 100% on your profile, which is really cool thing, but that's making me think you'd really not want to do this, honestly. On a bit of my personal note, while I was sweating my ass to get 100% through the darkest times of my gaming life and I constantly thought, why the heck would I want to do this?! True story, and eventually I finally got my last treasure and 100%, I don't even know how to describe how so happy I was and how much I wanted to thank to those who played with me. I know, I know...I know I'm sort of reflecting my past. It was really cool meeting a lot of boosters, chatting with them and all like that. And, last thing I wanted to say that UC3 is fun, absolutely fun! And, you might want to depend on with full confidence and find people who are really motivated to stick with you, you're good. But, think twice before starting this, this could take you months to get everything done. Wish you the best of luck and happy gaming.
  5. Getting 100% on UC2 wasn't really that bad, but it took me a long, long time to reach 100%, but at this time I imagine that it might not be enough active. I haven't played it in while. However, UC3, well, if you're going to get 100% on UC3, it might feel like forever/impossible to reach 100% in everything at first, but have faith and read how to get the online trophies especially co-op, make sure to have a plan before playing with two players you trust with their works, if thing didn't go well, they can always try again until 100% in the coop trophies. On the other hand, farming the rare treasures was the most tedious thing I've ever done.
  6. RE4 deserves the plat.
  7. Worst Or Hardest? Could it be both? (100%): Uncharted 3, oh gosh… no word. And, Operation Flashpoint Red River, it was a lot hell pain in the ass due to that nastily and horribly server that I could never forget..It’s very last map that has a lot of bad glitches. If I platted NeverDead, I would add NeverDead to the list. Already got all online trophies, and they were deff the worst.
  8. Bayonetta Heavenly Sword Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Collection
  9. Thanks bud, I'll check it. The fun always comes first, the trophies come for last, I play it for what I love Devil May Cry as my favorite series all time. It's shame there's not a lot of leisure times I have right now. oh well, and, I hope I will have the plat all of the DMC and DmC games, That would be sick lol I hope to see the DMC5 any sooner.
  10. sorry I didn't notice that. I guess this has to be locked then.
  11. Just in case if you haven't checked this out, go check at PS Store and download it!
  12. If you have friends to play with you on RE:ORC, I say yes. It would be fun when playing with friends. But, still it's not great game.
  13. I have earned this trophy but not plat it yet. I’ll do again on PS4 version. It’s definitely hard but not really hard if you’re good at being patient with it. Only the chapter six, eleven and other chapter where there’s some yellow gates (I forget which chapter one)that punished me so badly. More importantly, The sprint, flash and shock bolts level three or four, and also the rifle to max are useful in the akumu mode and make your life easy. Good luck, not a lot of people loved it but I definitely enjoyed it a lot and thought it's pretty decent game.
  14. #30 Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Wanna Go for a Ride? Earn all trophies. It's definitely the best game that I have played ever! I can't wait for remake RE2 and my first plat of 2016!
  15. I totally loved it!