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  1. I'm a bit surprised there isn't a list out there somewhere already but all the sites only have placeholders it seems. I'm expecting at least trophies for beating act V on normal, nightmare and hell difficulty. Probably a hardcore trophy or two. Maybe some other ones like getting the cube, assembling the flail, creating a runeword, etc. Hoping for some class specific ones that aren't super obscure. Looking forward to playing this game again (although parts of me are a bit concerned the QoL upgrades in D3 are going to partially hinder this experience).
  2. 9 seasons and not called up? Is your overall/attributes still super low or something? I don't think I've ever done a RTTS season where it takes more than 2 maybe 3 years max. For the 10 pitches, manipulate sliders to increase foul tendency/contact. Might be worth playing on higher difficulties so they throw more balls and just sit until 2 strikes and try to foul pitches off. This one should come eventually as long as you don't chase really bad pitches.
  3. Probably the easiest MLB list I've seen (managed to plat 3 of the last 4 -- stopped play 19 early). Feels like these can be mostly done organically with minimal grinding which is nice. Pickoff and walk one probably the two trickiest. I'll probably get both via online at some point (always find people who take too big a lead off second)
  4. Went from 23 almost 24 to 362 (85%) 3 trophies last night (1 each of bronze, silver and gold) which put me up to 362 (95%).
  5. I really enjoyed both the gameplay and story/VA in the first game. Would love to see what a potential sequel would bring. Although I'd probably wait for it to be on sale.
  6. Dragon Age Inquisition Platinum Trophy: Collect all other Dragon Age: Inquisition Trophies - 6.60% Such a boring name for a trophy too.
  7. Is this also a part of the patch/update that changed the number of items, etc during mission replay? Because originally, everything had to be done in one shot. To OP: My understanding is that replay is a perfectly viable option to do the gold missions (and there are obviously ones that are significantly easier than others). The old way would have been easier to keep an early save (like ch2/early ch 3) and play off that (using replay for early missions) and getting gold on the story missions from there on out.
  8. I think this sums it up nicely for myself as well. The fact I started with PS (well technically went NES --> Genesis --> PSone) is what continues to keep me aboard on the PS train. Early years of PSone/PS2 and even early PS3 backwards compatibility made it a no-brainer to stick with it plus exclusive titles I preferred on PS over Xbox (up until FF13, Final Fantasy was Sony only from 7 to 12). Also no interest in finding new online friends, starting a new achievement profile, etc.
  9. Came here to post this, happy to see I'm not the first.
  10. I'm not opposed to using guides on subsequent plays. Not sure how you can possibly believe that hiding objects within various levels/areas doesn't encourage you to explore the area to find them. First/blind play goal should be to explore and find as much stuff as possible....then go back with the help of a guide to clean up your trophy progress. I'll agree...some collectibles can be placed in some really ridiculous spots (RDR2 treasure maps come to mind...not sure how anyone found those without a guide). If you think that Plats should be obtainable blindly on the first play, then fine...that is your opinion and you are entitled to it. No one says you have to enjoy or look forward to playing a game more than once or use a guide to collect if that is your preference. But its silly to try and convince yourself that hiding a collectible behind some object or off on a side path doesn't encourage you to explore these areas, examine objects, etc.
  11. Agree with the multiplayer trophies, disagree on the other 3. Even some MP trophies aren't that bad.....but I think they need to be relatively easy to obtain and the game needs a fun online mode. I like collectibles. Missables are a pain if you have no desire to replay the game but both encourage exploration. Difficulty ones can also be hit or miss depending on if its worth trying on a harder difficulty (ideally...difficulty ones will stack). My least favorite trophies are (aside from annoyingly difficulty/grindy online ones) the ones that require you do something that in no way would occur during a normal play through. Uncharted games have a few of these (like UC4's run the gauntlet - stealth, melee, explosion and headshot kill all within 15 seconds or the take out XX enemies in a row with melee after softening them up with gunfire). Ones like the Arkham Knight "perform 15 different combos in a single free flow". The odds of someone doing that accidentally without actively grinding it in a VR mission is unlikely.
  12. Legend of Dragoon Legend of Legaia (preferably with a combat update that gives you SP for using common arts instead of costing it....) Legaia 2 FFXIII Trilogy (preferably as a single set, not individually) Dead Space Trilogy (I played the first one on PS3...never turn it on anymore lol...would love a reason to start and finish the series) Original Dragon Age - Maybe updated with actual voices for the PC and better dialogue. AC: Black Flag and Rogue (combo pack!) Suikoden 1 + 2 Uh probably a bunch more that I can't remember. The above list can be either high def remasters with updated controls/graphics and QOL upgrades ideally, not necessary full blown remakes in the vein of FF7R. If they could find an interesting way to Remake Legend of Legaia or Legend of Dragoon...I'd be totally on board for that.
  13. You mean....this one? Anyway..I came here specifically to say FTL. Very fun game.
  14. I used this glass-cannon guide: I won't post full details (you can check the very thorough guide for that) but the gist is create Cloud/Aerith for magic damage and Tifa for physical. Generally Cloud/Aerith will be casting Firaga/Thundaga to stun lock enemies while Tifa uses attacks and focused strike to build stagger gauge during pressure. Each fight varies slightly but the gist is the same. Idea is to down Bahamut before he even summons Ifrit. Stun lock via Firaga then use Blizzara/Focused strike to build stagger during pressure...pause before 50% and then stagger after Megaflare countdown starts. My runs didn't go as smoothly as the OPs as I couldn't seem to get the pressure/stagger timing down. I got a bit lucky as I was able to down Bahamut after summoning Ifrit (both Tifa/Cloud were down) and Ifrit just kinda stood there while I wailed away on him from a distance (bug maybe? unless Ifrit just chills once Bahamut goes down). I had very low MP left with Aerith after that fight but cleared Pride and Joy with ease seeing that Tifa/Cloud only had about half health and Cloud/Aerith had half mp going into the fight...which should go to show how easy the final fight is in comparison.
  15. I've only got 1 plat since this thing started which I finally played The Order 1886. I enjoyed this game...fairly short and quick (not a bad thing) and a fun story/good VAs and action sequences. Only wish it let you skip cutscenes..made playthrough #2 a bit of a hassle to finish collecting stuff. I think by the end of May I can add 2 more - FF7R and MLB the Show 20...just depends if I want to do the specific trophy requirements in that time for MLB (score 1 run every inning in a full game and finish March to October). Did get 3 plats earlier this year: Shadow of the Tomb Raider (carry over from late 2019), DQXI and LEGO Star Wars: TFA.