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  1. basically the exact moment the game releases.
  2. FWIW, I enjoyed Origins and Odyssey from a gameplay standpoint. Both games allowed for free climbing pretty much anywhere which is both convenient and a bit of a cheat code. Terrible "AC" games though...both games have nothing to do with AC except at the very end/DLC. Combat was completely overhauled and removed the counter-kill feature (personally this is Con for me) but the overall combat is better. Overpower attacks are kind of cool. Origins, from a Trophy standpoint might be one of the most tedious Plats I ever obtained next to RDR2. Have to complete every. single. place. All forts, camps, chests....and its super repetitive...."Kill 1 or 2 Commanders, Kill 3 captains, loot 4 chests, etc" Odyssey was the better of the two from a gameplay perspective but its a very big world as well. I finished 100% in about 110 hours but that includes skipping a bunch of side quests that don't count for trophies, avoiding naval combat like the plague (I preferred Black Flags more modern combat personally) and skipping through dialogue (I'd read it faster than it narrates and just skip to the next part). Black Flag is my favorite, Ezio trilogy is probably the next best in the series. Then Syndicate imo (it was a great rebound from Unity...which on its own isn't terrible...just they didn't handle the uplay/other service stuff well).
  3. Right now...none. But in the foresee-able future: The Last of Us 2 FF7:Remake Possibly Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order. Pretty much only games I can see myself getting on day 1 right now.
  4. You need to draw and stock 100 times (cumulative). Sometimes these types seem to take longer than you expect.
  5. No, its a sidequest. You need a specific key item and it needs to be "powered up" so to speak to open chests that contain the weapons. The weapons also start out locked and each item requires a Crest and Sigil to unlock the abilities on the weapon. You may have come across one or two of these crests/sigils already. As to the weapons. You'll eventually be able to unlock the ability to customize the weapons that have blank slots. Early on, everything is pretty much pre-set. Depending on what you got, you can probably get rid of most items you're not equipping currently.
  6. My minor OCD is annoyed that I don't have 100% because of this. Maybe once I finish Odyssey I'll re-install just to finish it quick. I was just burnt out at the time. Just finished plat (which meant doing ALL locations which were incredibly repetitive and felt kind of dull.) and the additional DLC. I had other games I wanted to play and I need space and Origins was just taking up a ton of space. I couldn't find enjoyment out of doing it.
  7. I'm glad there seems to be no trophies for discovery/tour mode. Its the one thing that keeps me from 100% on Origins. I got so burnt out getting that Plat, by the time I got it I was just done with the game and couldn't find the desire to waste 10 hours of precious game time to take a guided tour of a game I just spent 100 hours on. Too ready to move onto another game (plus the file size for Origins/Odyssey is fairly large and its much needed space).
  8. Most Recent Plat for me is Shenmue 2. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 6/10 for most of the game. 1/10 for the Yellow Head Building/Guilin part (rant below). I have mixed feelings on this game. It was entertaining for the most part but the controls don't age well and there is a lot of un-needed gameplay interruptions. And now a time for a mini-rant: Also, while I don't hate QTEs, this game is excessive with them. Between the Yellow Head building and the forest part at the end of the game, I don't think I've ever experienced a more tedious stint of game play in my life...and this is coming from someone who took the time to Plat RDR2. By the time I got to Guilin, I was just skipping as much conversation/cut scenes as I could just to end the game. Also, not entirely sure why the creators felt the need to interrupt gameplay with annoying mini conversations everytime I found the stairs leading to the next floor or everytime we snuck past a few enemies. What I was expecting to be maybe a 1-2 hours to finish (from start of Yellow Head Building) took like 6. The exact same floor layout for 17 floors with like 3 or 4 guard ambush QTEs for the first few floors each...followed by the same exact chase sequence QTE 4x on the same floor repeated on 2 or 3 other floors, followed by a quasi-stealth sequence that they felt compelled to make you do 4x on the same floor....its just artificially prolonging the game. Then the "2 day walk" to the village felt quite literally like 2 days with probably 8 versions of the same running through the woods sequences. /end rant Now having played the first 2, I'll feel compelled to continue the story in Shenmue 3 at some point but it will likely be a bargain bin buy or a PS+ freebie. As a final note... It bothers me when games can't stand by themselves. I'm a believer that each game should be able to be a self-encased story in the event the next game doesn't get made or people just never play it. Shenmue series is a perfect example IMO of poor story telling since you get no real conclusion at the end of either game.
  9. In no particular order. I could name a lot of games from various series but I'll try to limit to ones I enjoyed most. 1) Final Fantasy X 2) Witcher 3 3) Diablo 2 (include LoD) 4) Shining Force 2 5) Red Dead Redemption 2 6) The Last of Us 7) Dragon Age 2 8) Uncharted 2 9) Assassins Creed: Black Flag 10) Metal Gear Sold 3: Snake Eater
  10. Its not like Luck was healthy and getting ready to play. He's been injured all preseason so they were starting the season without him to begin with. Sure I bet they had hoped he'd be ready to go fairly soon but from everything I've seen is he's only been getting worse on the health front.
  11. So many.... Currently working on Shenmue (#30) then will follow up with Shenmue II (#31). After that I'll probably get back into Dragon Age: Inquisition for #32. I should have this already but I made a wrong decision in one of the last few story missions and missed a I figured I'd handle on run #2 that I started to get some of the DLC trophies that required a new play through. #33 should be Assassins Creed Odyssey and #34 might be Shadow of the Tomb Raider and #35 might be Witcher 3 since I've had an itch to replay it.
  12. The CS trophy will be a hurdle for a lot of people I think. A few of these will be tricky due to how specific they are. Post season cycle might be the most annoying. Probably my least favorite every year. Lead off walk, switch hitterHR from both sides are totally going to be luck dependant. 3 pitches 3 outs might be tricky...any take or swing and miss or foul ball will ruin it. No no and immaculate inning should be fairly doable on rookie
  13. First Horse - Cayde Second Horse was a male Black Arabian I bought in St. Denis which I named Zavala. He tragically died while I played Poker at Flatneck station. Apparently he wandered onto the train tracks so I came out of the poker game to a dead horse. Third Horse was the female White Arabian I captured. I named her Ikora. She was the horse I used through the rest of the campaign. Prologue, I used Rachel (default gained) until I was trying to shortcut my way to a treasure map and fell off a cliff/waterfall and drowned. Final and current horse is a female Turkoman I named Yuna. Online, my horse is that red one I think was a preorder bonus. I named it Ifrit.
  14. For me, its not so much a chore but how to allocate my gaming time. I have a ton of PS4 games in backlog that need to be played that I haven't started. Also have a ton of games I've played that I could put more time into and work for Plats now. So ultimately it becomes do I want to spend time on my older PS3 or continue working on my PS4....the latter always wins. This has unfortunately sometimes caused me to re-purchase (usually at a big discount) remastered versions of games I already own just so I don't need to switch consoles.
  15. Keep them mostly. If they are discs, they go back on the shelf. If digital, I just delete from the HDD and obviously can just re-download if I get an itch to play it again. Only exception for the most part are sports games. I find these are fairly useless once the next years version comes out (applies less if you only play vs cpu or friends). So I'll try and plat if I can and then trade in maybe 3+ months before the next game comes out to get $10-$15.