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  1. I used this glass-cannon guide: I won't post full details (you can check the very thorough guide for that) but the gist is create Cloud/Aerith for magic damage and Tifa for physical. Generally Cloud/Aerith will be casting Firaga/Thundaga to stun lock enemies while Tifa uses attacks and focused strike to build stagger gauge during pressure. Each fight varies slightly but the gist is the same. Idea is to down Bahamut before he even summons Ifrit. Stun lock via Firaga then use Blizzara/Focused strike to build stagger during pressure...pause before 50% and then stagger after Megaflare countdown starts. My runs didn't go as smoothly as the OPs as I couldn't seem to get the pressure/stagger timing down. I got a bit lucky as I was able to down Bahamut after summoning Ifrit (both Tifa/Cloud were down) and Ifrit just kinda stood there while I wailed away on him from a distance (bug maybe? unless Ifrit just chills once Bahamut goes down). I had very low MP left with Aerith after that fight but cleared Pride and Joy with ease seeing that Tifa/Cloud only had about half health and Cloud/Aerith had half mp going into the fight...which should go to show how easy the final fight is in comparison.
  2. I've only got 1 plat since this thing started which I finally played The Order 1886. I enjoyed this game...fairly short and quick (not a bad thing) and a fun story/good VAs and action sequences. Only wish it let you skip cutscenes..made playthrough #2 a bit of a hassle to finish collecting stuff. I think by the end of May I can add 2 more - FF7R and MLB the Show 20...just depends if I want to do the specific trophy requirements in that time for MLB (score 1 run every inning in a full game and finish March to October). Did get 3 plats earlier this year: Shadow of the Tomb Raider (carry over from late 2019), DQXI and LEGO Star Wars: TFA.
  3. They make perfect sense if you take the time to look at it. I'm more or less paraphrasing from a discussion I've heard elsewhere but everything that was said makes sense plot wise (for now at least) so I'm ok going along with this line of thinking. The Whispers are there to attempt and keep the original events together and preserve the original timeline. Sephiroth is trying to avoid dying in the original timeline so he's trying to manipulate events (he's basically AC Sepiroth from a future time that has found the ability to manipulate time lines and is trying to re-write his history). They don't need to preserve every single thing, but mostly the key events. They keep Aerith in place so Cloud meets her in Ch 2, just like he would post bombing mission in the first game. They appear in Ch 3 and result in Jessie getting hurt so Cloud goes to the Reactor 5 ultimately resulting in him falling into the church and meeting Aerith again. They prevent Cloud from ending Reno in the church, they prevent Aerith from falling during the escape so she doesn't get captured early. They prevent the team from arriving at the plate pillar too early and prevent them from stopping the collapse. They prevent Barret from dying in the Shrina building and prevent the team from getting wiped out during the motorcycle escape when Cloud takes out the chopper. Whether or not you think the whole timeline/whisper plot is good or not is purely up to your own personal tastes and preferences but to say the whispers made no sense in what it appears like SE was going for in this game is just incorrect. There appears to be so much more to this story than just relating to what happens in the Midgar section of the original game. There's tie ins to the FF7 universe with Crisis Core and Advent Children. Based on what source? The discussion that makes the most sense to me that I've seen so far absolutely supports that this is a future version of Sephiroth (AC version to be specific) who is working to manipulate the past timelines to prevent his own death in the original game. Until we get confirmation via additional games or statements from SE themselves, this is very much a real possibility.
  4. Not a bad way if you have a lot of enemies to assess. First Strike + Assess will clear these requirements almost instantly. But, if you assessed most enemies in your first playthrough, just go into Enemy Intel and check which ones are not yet assessed. It tells you where to find them. For example, outside the optional bosses/VR fights, I know anything Pre-Ch 3 due to not having assess was needed but I also missed a few enemies in the underplate section and post collapse and only need to add it after a certain point.
  5. Each numerical game is a different game and they all a bit different in presentation/setting and seem to add/change mechanics with each installment. If you're main attraction is the combat style, your best options are somewhere in 12, 13 or 15 (11 and 14 are MMOs). 15 is pure action. Press buttons to dodge/attack, and you can enter commands/use items similar to FF7R. Summons are pretty epic, but you'll likely see them like once. 13 introduced the stagger system. You only control the one character but you create "paradigms" (builds) and you can shift them in battle. Each "class/role" specializes in doing a specific task (building stagger, pure DPS, healing, buffing/debuffing and tanking basically). (Sequel FF13-2 has same battle system basically but only 2 characters and you can "recruit monsters". Final game FF13:Lightning Returns is action based/hybrid combat if I remember correctly. Fairly unique gameplay as there is a time component involved. I actually enjoyed this one). 12 is an ATB style with gambits (AI Logic) that allows you to move freely during battle, but actions are only taken when the ATB bar fills. You can set gambits (things like If Ally HP < 50%, cast cure on that ally) that helps automate tasks and makes it easier to have smarter AI players if you are not controlling them. Also great for trying to keep buffs up when they run out, etc. Some fans say the gambits make it too easy/game plays itself (you can set it up that way if you want). 10 is pure turned based (and you can see the order during battle). 10 is my favorite in the series personally and the first to allow you to switch party members in and out during battle. 4-9 are all ATB style combat (bar fills up, then you can select/take actions with your characters) 1-3 are turn based. Probably the best option right now given that you just finished the remake. Graphically going to be a shock but you'll understand the whole story of the original and you'll notice the early changes that were made. The changes to the ending are the most prominent but you'll notice quite a bit in regards to smaller changes throughout the early story that they added in the remake.
  6. I'll help balance it out I like to think that I really only play games I have a general interest in..only game on my list is Shenmue II (I guess I can include Shenmue as well) Never played the original on dreamcast but I've heard of the game and it seemed interesting. Honestly, Shenmue wasn't terrible. A bit clunky and issues with wasting too much time idling to just be able to pass time (fixed that a bit in Shenmue II) But the second game felt like such a slog. Some parts were way too repetitive (climbing that Yellow Head and it just repeats the same QTE events over and can I guess (and I like QTEs to an extend...which seems to be different than a lot of opinions on QTE in general). Other waaaay to drawn out (entire Guilin section). No reason to have 3 hours of "gameplay" to walk through the same area 400x. I was skipping all the dialogue by this point because I just wanted my plat. Also dialogue/VA is rough and controls are clunky.
  7. So far based on some info from the PS blog post and the OP picture: I just hope it feels comfortable ultimately. Things I like about the new controller so far (in-no particular order): - Adding light bar to the top/face of the controller. - They didn't mess with the stick/dpad location - Added mic for quick chat (assuming there is an option to disable this....sometimes I don't want my mic on and I prefer headsets anyway) Things I'm not a fan of so far: - Two-tone color scheme (maybe a chance to buy a specialty controller instead or a different color at least) - The general shape (looks too much like an xbox controller which I was never a fan). At least size comparison is similar to DS4. - The plain looking buttons. I like the color coded blue X, red O, etc etc.
  8. If you were planning on getting, I'd do it sooner than later. Everyday you log in you get the login reward which is either some tokens, in game currency or a pack (might be a standard pack, or consumables). If you log in for the entire week you spin the wheel to get a chance at a better pack or bulk sum of tokens or MC coins or whatever. Every bit counts when you are Free-to-Play.
  9. The almost first quarter update: 3 new plats (DQXI, Shadow of the Tomb Raider and LEGO Star Wars: TFA). I'll probably have #4 in a week or so (by the time I get around to it. I got to finish a collectibles run in The Order 1886 Total Plats: 37 Ultra Rare - 2 2019 and prior Percentages as of 12/23/19 2020 percentages as of 3/16/20 2011 - 2 - Most Common: God of War III (16.16%) and Most Rare: Dragon Age II (7.79%) 2012/2013 - 0 2014 - 1 - Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus (52.50%) 2015 - 2 - Most Common: Game of Thrones (48.51%) and Most Rare: inFamous: First Light (22.29%) 2016 - 6 - Most Common: Final Fantasy VII (24.17%) and Most Rare: Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Remastered (16.78%) 2017 - 5 - Most Common: Assassins Creed II (37.64%) and Most Rare: Dishonored 2 (10.08%) 2018 - 8 - Most Common: LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7 (42.47%) and Most Rare: MLB the Show 17 (3.97%) 2019 - 10 - Most Common: The Walking Dead: Season 1 (72.97%) and Most Rare: Red Dead Redemption II (1.87%) 2020 - 3 - Most Common: LEGO Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (24.50% and Most Rare: Shadow of the Tomb Raider (16.37%)
  10. Easiest trophy list in the last 5 years imo (I got the plat for '17 and '18). No online requirements really unlike last year which had the CS ranked requirement (pretty much my barrier and reason I didn't try to plat '19). All the DD related trophies can be earned playing vs cpu. Gold cards are relatively cheap (and the longer the game goes, the cheaper the get....usually around 1,000 stubs). You can easily earn cards of all levels randomly by just logging into DD daily, getting the free login reward and selling it on the market (sell now) or quick selling (earns minimal amount based on tier) for stubs. Use those stubs to buy cheap cards for the required trophy. Can easily get the diamonds from the "xp track" just by playing the game (pretty sure you earn xp from any mode). The silver 1 (level 101 essentially) might be the "grindiest" part but if you play enough of practically any mode ,you'll get there eventually (goes quicker doing DD missions/programs).
  11. Update: January -FF7R - Digital Deluxe Preorder - $79.99 -Pillars of Eternity: Complete Edition - $12.99 -Dragon Quest XI: Digital Edition of Light - $29.99 February - Nothing! March -MLB The Show 20 Digital Deluxe - $99.99 (not yet purchased but highly expecting it to occur next week) Total = $223 (rounded), not including sales tax.
  12. No particular order as well: 1) Final Fantasy X 2) Final Fantasy XII 3) Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King 4) SOCOM: US Navy Seals 5) Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater 6) Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty 7) Dark Cloud 2 8) Rogue Galaxy 9) God of War 2 10) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 11) Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 12) Guitar Hero 2 13) Devil May Cry 3 14) Kingdom Hearts 2 15) Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits 16) Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven 17) Suikoden III 18) Prince of Persia: Sands of Time 19) Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3 20) Legaia 2: Duel Saga (I wish the original Legend of Legaia had Legaia 2's combat) HMs: Dark Cloud, SSX3, Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry, Onimusha: Warlords
  13. Watch Dogs. I remember looking forward to this game and think it was PS4 only so I figured that was a good time to upgrade. Was a fun game but ultimately disappointing in relation to what it could have been (and probably how it was advertised). I tend to wait for either an exclusive or a certain buffer period before upgrading to the next console.
  14. I will do what I typically do....I'll add both to my library and never download them due to an insurmountable backlog combined with less time to play and new games that take preference. I've never played the original SotC so would like to eventually give it a shot. I have heard controls are a janky mess. Hard to know for sure until I give it a shot.
  15. Mostly this...and ones with really weird/specific requirements that you may not do or come across during a normal play through. I'd definitely lose my RDR2, and Uncharted 1-3 (remasters) and Lost legacy.