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  1. The patch notes were silent about that. Since I obtained these trophies months ago, I didn't know they were broken.
  2. As far as the unobtainable trophies go, the new patch seems to solve the issues, and the plat may be once again obtainable. "Faith in the Fallen" will be obtainable at a different locations. Also, the 1000 dragons trophy will be much easier! https://www.arcgames.com/en/games/neverwinter/news/detail/11506533-patch-notes%3A-version%3A-nw.135.20211219a.6 Achievements Drakes now count toward dragon slayer achievements. The in-game achievement, “Fallen Tower Jumper,” can now be completed by leaping into a portal from the Moonstone Mask island in Protector’s Enclave. The in-game achievement, “Pew Pew Pew,” can once again be completed. The in-game achievements, “The Pilgrim” and “The Primal One,” can once again be attained through the Chult campaign store. See the Items and Economy section for details.
  3. I don't know but would give it a try. I started the game a month ago and both trophies popped just fine in my first playthrough. So is seems the bugs might have been corrected. Good luck.
  4. I created a video for the 1st hotel and crate parts. The final part is also easy when you know where to stand (Resolution is better on youtube website)
  5. I am still struggling with this. Hitting walls is what is preventing me to get the trophy. When i am tired of failing, I turn on slow motion just to beat the time. I also found out that slow motion is good for adjusting the run. My last tip would be to use aim assist - when you press the button to aim down the sight, if you are close enough, you are automatically drawn to your target.Plus, you don't need to wait for the full animation to shoot - you can release the button and shoot and keep moving.
  6. I did what jrod2510 said, with a few modifications: 1) Wait about 10 secs after the helicopter lands for your friends to start killing enemies. 2) Dont forget to put C4 near cars and on the path from the booth to mcmillan and only blow it after the helicopter landed and after they started killing. This is to ensure no enemy is alive by the time you leave the booth. 3) toss a flash before exiting, just for precaution 4) memorize McMillan position so you dont waste time looking for him. 5) after picking him, walk to the helicopter while alternating left and right. 6) throw flashbangs when inside helicopter to stun enemies. I found this part waaay easier that the large room with boxes in No Fighting in the War Room
  7. Franks. My turn: CoD Zombies or CoD Spec Ops?
  8. So I finally managed to do this, with some variations: 1- as soon as I entered the fight, I ran to the spot beneath karrundax; 2- Since my game takes too long to load the char list, as soon as I killed the 2 baby dragons, I logged out and logged in again, spamming the X button so I don't lose any time. 3- I then reappeared beneath karrundax and with the two baby dragons alive. From there it was like the video. Important to note that I did not wait for Karrundax to land. Hope this helps.
  9. I will try, but I think its the game that takes too long to load for me. No way my game loads as fast as in the youtube videos.
  10. Maybe you can try to reassign buttons in the ps4 controller and switch the ones you need with R2 or L2. I honestly don't know if will work, but it is easier to control pressure with those buttons.
  11. I can't do the method above. When I try to change character, the game logs me out, and when I return, I am dead. Can't even use a scroll - only option is to release and go back to the campfire. Unless someone can help me with the above, I will have to do the old school method.
  12. Which quest are you talking about?
  13. Sometimes you have to logoff and login in the game for the trophy to pop. This happened to me with other NW trophies.