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  1. He ment if you got 2 consoles, then you can boost this alone.
  2. Thanks for the heads up! I got 415.98m after around 20 tries. Tried different characters but got it with a princess.
  3. Now available for EA Play members
  4. They have not fixed this yet. Almost a week already. This is not one region problem only my asian account have the same issue.
  5. I'm just quiting matches because I want to be in lower divisions when I start the game one PS5. Thinking it will be easier to do some of the trophies. I've been quitting at least 30 matches until Club icon trophy popped but still in 4th division. How do I get relegated?
  6. I've not bought Fifa last couple of years but did this to get upper hand in rivals. I quit the match if i felt the team/gamer I meet was better than me. But I see this can be used for 200 quick matches. You need an older mobil telephone and play online on this units wifi. I used and Samsung J3 (2016). Just after kick off use another phone calling the one used for online play, this will cut data comunication. The game freezes and after about 2-3 seconds you cancel call, you get an message about losing connection to your opponent and the match will count as an draw if the result is a draw. Calling to long will count as disconnection. It can be done later in the match as well but the match need to be a draw or this will count as an disconnect.
  7. At the moment players cant redeem access to FUT Champions and unlocking trophy for this. So platinum unobtainable at the moment.
  8. Played to much Fifa. My last was Fifa 20 but if this is easy i will pick it up in about a year for 1 euro monthly membership at EA Play.👍
  9. After qualifying for div.4 on alt. account I continued play this game for fun. Couple a days ago I got 2000 pts and wanted to registrate for FUT Champions for the "Welcome to the League" trophy but its says "registration has ended" and only option is x button for "Later". Looks like this trophy is unobtainable now.
  10. Competition is back online!
  11. Did 5 straight wins in placement matches on alternate account. It's probably easier to qualify because you dont meet any overpowered teams. Just use team fitness card between every match because many doesnt' and you will overpower them second half. And hope for this "competition closed" get lifted soon.
  12. Sales prices in EU and US has big differences. Ex. Civilization VI are close to 15$ lower in the US region Spider-man Miles Morales 18$ lower. Why is it like this?
  13. My sub expired couple of days ago. Must be much better than it has been last 12 months for getting me back as subscriber.
  14. No games are fun when you got to grind this much. I've changed the trophy list a bit and it looks a bit more doable. Complete matches (1,25,100) Play the game for 1047 minutes Win matches (50) Get kills without dying (5,10,15) Get 500 kills Get 25 double kills Get 10 triples kills Get a quad kill Get 50 headshot kills Destroy 10 enemy portals Get 30 Pistol kills Get 10 First Blood medals Get 25 Revenge medals Get 25 headshot kills with the Sniper Rifle Get a collateral kill with the Sniper Rifle Get kills through portals (1,25) Deal 2500 damage with the SMG Deal damage to enemies (10k,50k,500k) Win a game of Takedown Get the round-winning kill in Takedown 50 times Earn 500 points in Domination Earn 500 points in King of the Hill
  15. Good respond on my topic. Thanks everyone for tips. Looks like I did the easiest events allready. The trophy list was easy breeze until this trophy. Suddenly it felt like running against strong winds when it came to this trophy's requirement. Havent tried changing ability yet. Will try that.