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  1. ☝️ 💓 🚗 💩
  2. Finally "New PS+" rolled out in all regions. And ps+ extra games become essential. All of the big ones like Spider-man, Returnal, GoT, DStrandin...etc will eventually become essential collection. So if you pay for extra you'll only get the games a bit sooner. Tier 2 should be "ps+ sooner".
  3. I saw one profile plat this game on ps4 less than 2 hours couple of days later plat the ps5 version less than 3 hours How is that possible? I see guide says 7/10 diff and 65-80 hr
  4. Yes essential lowest tier
  5. I went into secondary account and it said included deluxe and 364B like you said. But I've only essential ps+ must have been a glitch.
  6. Just delete the post then Idont care got free anyways Many times it happened before they do something wrong in stores souteast asia
  7. I wanted to upload my ticket got on email but not possible to upload to site.
  8. I went in store and could download it for free!
  9. Burger Break cost 92$ in psn Thailand https://store.playstation.com/en-th/product/HP4312-CUSA33437_00-7625579333538242 I'll wait for a sale for this one!
  10. many releases has stacks on ps4 and only one version on ps5. Like last free ps+ game "Tribes of Midgard".
  11. I'm pretty sure it will not be forever,
  12. Just got ps4/ps5 versions downloaded
  13. Beginning of Sandys dream you can explode alot of tiki stones to get shinies. Can make 10k in about 12 minutes. After collect them jump of platform. Rins n' repeat.
  14. I got all trophies using IBaddriverI's walkthrough on Youtube. Dont need to buy any dlc's.
  15. Both autopops because stats are saved online on their servers.