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  1. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (Vita version) 15th of April 2014
  2. Many of the earlier releases from Ratalaika was similar to this. EU, NA and AS release PS4/Vita and JP only PS4. Today Vita versions in AS region is removed from store on most of this games.
  3. Why order the PH version if you can download it just buy 1 month of EA play?
  4. Why didnt you get platinum for 1st place? We were 4 players on 1398,96 and it indicated that my score would give me an platinum. I was just suggesting a little bit of cooperation between gamers, thats all.
  5. Challenging themselves? Phfu.. BS. Arkiokin goes 21 km everytime on this challenges because he has experienced that nobody else make it this far. He could probably go way further than this if he was challenging himself.
  6. My tip to the masters of this game. Please look at the leaderboard before making your run. If everyone fail at the same distance like yesterday we could all get the platinum. Some of us don't wanna spend their life learning the ropes. Most games are boring after 30 hours of gameplay.
  7. Shit! I've waited more than 2 years for that easy glitch to happen. Why cant everyone just fail there all together. The people that pass probably got the platinum allready.
  8. I just got 1398,96 with 3 other. I dont know how to pass that area so hopefully it's glitched. It's easy to get there so go for it.
  9. Finally I could order one. Just visiting websites every other day. Was lucky and probably it will be in my home 1. of June. Not a very long story but a good one.
  10. Better wait until release of PS5 Pro before buying this title. I've heard some rumors that PS5 crashes a lot when playing this title.
  11. Its a sale on several titles from Ratalaika/eastasiasoft in Asia region right now. Many titles dont show up in the Vita shop and in the description on PS4 dont mention cross-buy. Not getting platinum stacks anymore. Look like this affect only Asia region not NA/EU. PS vita will be very dead soon.
  12. Just hide the game so it doesnt show up in your stats. And voila you got 100%. it's magic!
  13. If you like platinums to be harder to get. Why did you use Dev Commands when you plated Subnautica a few weeks ago?😂
  14. Winning in Squad Show is easy with a group of 4 skilled players. I got the last three wins with randoms and the plat yesterday. Boosting Infallible trophy this weekend with a big crowd here: https://discord.gg/wEbEFXzzkM It's very good organized group but you need to put in around 20 hours before it's your turn. They helped more than 200 people get Infallible past 3-4 weeks.
  15. Found this on twitter: Keen to try out #DIRT5 on PS4? Good news! DIRT 5 is available to play FOR FREE on PlayStation 4 right now, until April 5 🖐️ Take it for a test drive this weekend ⤵️ https://t.co/d79t8iEFWh https://t.co/PmPaIgxjAm