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  1. I have experienced a couple of crashes. I am on chapter 3 and none of the chapter related trophies have popped. Weirdly the game isn’t even showing up in my PSNP...
  2. Thank you, on your advice I managed to find that pesky fish. But I agree the A.I is stupid and so are maps, you need a magnifying glass to see the circles!
  3. Urgh I am stuck as well I am missing one clown triggerfish. I am in the Atoll day map, right on top of a grey circle but all the visible ones are scanned so there must be one hidden that I can't find is this a bug or is there an entrance that I have missed?
  4. Hey, I had the same issues too. Try an other level - not 56 . Worked for me with the first try then.

    1. Witcher70


      Thank you, I will give it a try.

  5. Same here, tried different things including delete and reinstall. Nothing worked, it is the only trophy I need for that plat to pop 😭😭
  6. Both were full games not expansions... you want examples of what an expansion is? Then look at Witcher 3...
  7. It is a sequel, expansions do not have platinums.
  8. You were lucky, i had to wait 3.5 weeks for mine and they locked me out of the Walking Dead Collection
  9. Day one purchase, the game looks very fun
  10. As long as games play well, i couldn’t give a monkeys about FPS.
  11. There is a trophy for 200 hours😜
  12. Thank you very much
  13. Any news on the cross-buy front? PS4 version still showing up at £9.99.
  14. As I have said, the decision is ultimately Sony’s. Every dev and every publisher wants a platinum. They can can apply for one, but sony is the one who has the final say.
  15. League of Evil is also a hard platinum.