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  1. Both were full games not expansions... you want examples of what an expansion is? Then look at Witcher 3...
  2. It is a sequel, expansions do not have platinums.
  3. You were lucky, i had to wait 3.5 weeks for mine and they locked me out of the Walking Dead Collection
  4. Day one purchase, the game looks very fun
  5. As long as games play well, i couldn’t give a monkeys about FPS.
  6. There is a trophy for 200 hours😜
  7. Thank you very much
  8. Any news on the cross-buy front? PS4 version still showing up at £9.99.
  9. As I have said, the decision is ultimately Sony’s. Every dev and every publisher wants a platinum. They can can apply for one, but sony is the one who has the final say.
  10. League of Evil is also a hard platinum.
  11. It isn’t actually, devs and publishers can apply for platinums, but the final decision is ultimately Sony’s.
  12. As nice as Plague Road would be in PS Plus, it won't happen in the next 12 months, the kickstarter backers would go apeshit!
  13. Purchased! haven't started it yet... plugging away at Knack 2 right now
  14. Including Eventide 2, 11 altogether i think
  15. Colour me interested DAY ONE BUY! Keep em coming. I love your games!