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  1. I blame you because I will bring all of the chaos to the band.
  2. Arrested because
  3. Overwhelmed
  4. Banned because that Del plushie is pure evil!
  5. @Shiki
  6. Foreigner
  7. Cheap Trick - The Flame
  8. Pervy ( @Saionji)
  9. My finger is kiling me today.
  10. The Hekseville Phantom Completed Episode 4.
  11. Platinum #42 - Metro 2033 Redux Platinum Trophy Get all Trophies.
  12. Survivor 2033 Complete the game in Survival Mode. This was suppose to be hard, but I hadn't have a single problem.
  13. Banned because he better do that, or it's going to end up horrible for Murdoc.
  14. Wheeler-Dealer Exchange 500 Military-Grade 5.45 rounds at Exchange kiosks.