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  1. Got the ship that I wanted
  2. She coming...
  3. New ships for the next event.
  4. Time to marry my Azur Lane version, of my Kancolle wife! Easy!
  5. This is how I lost my Japanese account, last year. New Ships New Retrofits
  6. After 2 days of serious grinding, I finally got RJ. My harem is getting bigger, and bigger! Next, Lusty, and Belfast. I only have 300 cores. There is 0% that I'm going to get Atago's gun, let alone the rainbow torpedo. Screw that event!
  7. I'm definitely going to be getting Life is Strange: Before the Storm.
  8. He would be my only 2nd male character, that I have in my collection.
  9. I can't get them stupid core datas! I have only got 30 on my 1st day.