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  1. A little hint of the next event.
  2. I finally got my missing ship from the event, unfortunately I had to use 26 cubes.
  3. Thank you for that link, because I was lost, how to start her quest line. The next event.
  4. Now, I just need to get one more ship from the event. Plus,I finally got the creepy one...
  5. Some more new ships for me. This made me laugh.
  6. 2 down, so I just need PoW, now. Plus, 2 US battleships that I really like, that manage to get,too.
  7. At least, I have Prinz in a swimsuit, now.
  8. 10 attempts, and no Atago, unfortunately.
  9. I can't wait to give it a try!
  10. It's new figure time!
  11. I am feeling better, now.
  12. ZZ Top - Sharp Dressed Man
  13. Platinum #58 - Far Cry 3: Classic Edition 

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      Congrats! 👍

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      Well done! 💯

    4. Atago


      Thank you, everyone!

  14. The Cult - Sonic temple Sweet soul sister