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  1. Has a very cute avatar!
  2. See All, Know All Fully enjoyed the dressing room.
  3. I Cook Happiness! Completed Minori's story.
  4. Iowa? But... you are Ohio! D:

    1. Cassylvania


      Best state is Pennsylvania. Everybody knows that.

    2. Shiki


      It's a good choice, my waifu is finally here :holy: 



  5. Trap
  6. Genesis - Land Of Confusion
  7. The Sunlight Dragon Defeat Yasuk. Weiss Schnee Complete the campaign using Weiss A great time playing with @Iris Heart, @Tanuzomi, and @Noirne!
  8. Platinum #49 - Date A Live: Rio Reincarnation  (PS4)

  9. Shy Girl Played in the dressing room.
  10. Nice Boobs Hit a total of 11081 notes. Nice trophy name!
  11. The Story of my Tragedy Completed Shiki's story.
  12. Has a pretty cool avatar!