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  1. I would like to welcome everyone to the LittleBigPlanet! LBP, is a really fun platformer game with a great sense of humor. The character you play is this cute little guy you are able to decorate as you see fit and you pick up more decorations the more you play the game. The platforming puzzles are well put together. Sometimes, it takes a while to figure out the best way to get to the end of the level, but it always makes sense. As you play you earn more badges both to decorate your character, and to build your own levels. Admin: Vert/WulfPack3 Special Thanks Zone Hunter for the PP concept and give look at info thread for more info Iris Heart/Cadever_no_life for the all of graphics and trophies Suicide_Tortuga for all of the trophies names Every platinum has to be earned legit. Hackers will be found out and banned from the event. Only unique games are eligible, completing the same games with different region trophy lists will not get you any points. When a new game is released you'll have to re-earn your place in the Hall of fame if necessary. The hall of fame requirements will be updated whenever a new game releases. The order of the Hall of fame is by order of sign up. First come, first served. If you want to sign up please refer to which Hall you are eligible and provide the list of your games. Creator Curator - Earn 5 all platinums MM's Pick - Earn 4 platinums Member of the Alliance - Earn 2 platinums Sackperson - Earn 1 platinum Mr. YellowHead - Earn only one trophy from any of the games Bonus Trophy Prehistoric Runner - Getting 100% in both Sackboy's Prehistoric Move and Run Sackboy! Run! Creator Curator "It's time to leave your Pod behind and rejoice, as you become one of the guardians to help maintain LittleBigPlanet in a healthy balance" MM's Pick "Your fame has caught the attention of some rather interesting individuals. Not to worry, they won't Tearaway you from your Dreams" Member of the Alliance "Join the movement and get your Sackbots ready to fight those who seek to destroy Imagisphere" Sackperson "Train with the famous Larry Da Vinci passing his various tutorials and Pop it Puzzles" Mr. YellowHead "Starting your little journey in Craftworld and become the start of something big" Prehistoric Runner "Going the distance to get complete non platinum titles"
  2. The 1st trailer for the EN version of the game.
  3. Gary Moore - Over The Hills And Far Away
  4. The garlic is cute.
  5. Got the ship that I wanted
  6. She coming...
  7. New ships for the next event.
  8. Time to marry my Azur Lane version, of my Kancolle wife! Easy!
  9. This is how I lost my Japanese account, last year. New Ships New Retrofits
  10. After 2 days of serious grinding, I finally got RJ. My harem is getting bigger, and bigger! Next, Lusty, and Belfast. I only have 300 cores. There is 0% that I'm going to get Atago's gun, let alone the rainbow torpedo. Screw that event!
  11. I'm definitely going to be getting Life is Strange: Before the Storm.
  12. He would be my only 2nd male character, that I have in my collection.
  13. I can't get them stupid core datas! I have only got 30 on my 1st day.
  14. First, the new that I got in this event! The lewd one... I married my 2nd girl. And, finally I bought the new year's outfit for Prinz.
  15. All done with event!
  16. I finally got Kaga!! I also bought the summer skin for Tirpitz. I like it so very much!