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  1. That's very odd but explains a lot - thank you very much!
  2. So is it just me or is it not available yet? Kingdom of Paradise was announced to be part of the September 2022 Premium Classics line-up and so far I wasn't able to spot it yet. I downloaded & found all the classic games that were supposed to be released alongside it on 9/20, but Kingdom of Paradise doesn't show up on my store page. I'm situated in Germany, Europe. This is the one game that I was really looking forward to in this month's line-up, so I hope it' just a temporary delay or mistake on my side and they are not pulling the Dino Crisis thing again (putting it on the blog, then deleting it and never speaking about it ever again). Has anybody heard something or does it show up for others? I couln't find any other forum post related to it yet. EDIT: It seems like people on YouTube are actually playing it on PS5. Can anybody else from Germany or Europe in general confirm that they see it? Is this a local issue?
  3. So, will we ever get Xillia 1&2 on PS4/5? ;_;
  4. It's funny how much I have to disagree with you. I know I'm part of a minority here, but I would actually always prefer the final two main installments and I feel like 3 is the weakest of them all. My Suikoden ranking is (from best to worst): 4, 1, 5, 2, 3. But don't get me wrong -- I love them ALL. In my opinion, they are all 5 of the best JRPGs out there.
  5. One of my biggest dreams just came true. Now for 3, 4 & 5!
  6. I really hope they start adding Classics on a monthly basis. This was my personal top selling point for the top tier and so far, it's urgh. However, I'm positive that the July list is not complete in the leak.
  7. This title must be one of the funniest auto-corrections I've ever witnessed. Sorry for off-topic though. @Stevieboy has already said everything that's needed.
  8. So excited! Seen it a thousand times on GoG but never got to play it.
  9. 1. Suikoden (PS1) 2. Suikoden 2 (PS1) 3. [012] Dissidia Final Fantasy (2) (PSP) 4. Digimon World (PS1) 5. Tomb Raider II (PS1) (Jesus, there's so many more... I couldn't fit in Digimon World 2003, Tomb Raider 1/3/4/5, Suikoden 4&5, FF Crisis Core, [...] the list could go on forever.)
  10. You can set the mode in the options menu. "Normal" and "Simple" are available from the start. I guess "Hard" unlocks by completing the game once but can't confirm that as of now.
  11. Actually, this trophy doesn't require any grinding. If you're exploring a lot and doing lots of quest, I'd even say it comes naturally. I am currently 12h into the game and am already at around 70k items picked up, so I really think it comes somewhat naturally by just completing the game.
  12. Hello, everybody! I'm super excited for this game as it is one of the few classic JRPGs that I missed completely - so playing for the first time. That makes me super curious about the trophies too though - especially the endings. For those who played the game: Any idea if they are doable in 1-2 playthroughs or if actually a lot are needed?
  13. I binge-watched Downton Abbey over the last couple of weeks during my university's exam period.
  14. Hello everybody! I was wondering if anybody can confirm any missable trophies for this game? If so, would you be so kind to briefly explain what makes those trophies missable? I've never played this game before but am absolutely willing to start it soon, however, this low rarity of the platinum trophy (almost 30%) made me think, it might be nice to grab it along the way. Thanks in advance! Julian
  15. Scary tweet. I hope this is about Spartacus or something like that, you know, something positive for us lol.