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  1. I mean ... these are great games, both of them. But just very recently, PS+ became MORE expensive and now they are REDUCING the content from 5/6 games to 2 without any replacement? This is ... this is just ... no, I can't find any words.
  2. Just wanted to buy it in the EU PSN store after discovering it just 2 or 3 days ago ... but it's gone. wth
  3. I personally think that the first three were waaaaaay better than the fourth, except for the smaller character roster obviously. But the story modes & others were great. However, I don't think many will share my opinion. I just hated the picture-by-picture cutscene system in the 4th entry.
  4. I agree that Ranked should be boostable. It's luck to even find anyone and then most of them are ... well ... rather unbeatable haha.
  5. Definitely Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi Series remastered and Rogue Galaxy as well.
  6. Not long ago, Shiver Games released a so called Demake for the PC game Lucius. This Demake was - instead of improving a game to modern standards - porting the original game back to gaming standards from over a decade ago. Even though it might not have been THE best game or demake, the idea behind it quite amazed me. This inspired me to ask y'all: What kinds of Demakes would you like to see (even though it's probably never gonna happen)? I'd really like to see the newer Tomb Raider games (Legend, Underworld, 2013, Rise, Shadow) to be de-made into how Tomb Raider was like in the first 5 games. Also Resident Evil 7 in the style of RE0-3 or Final Fantasy XV in FF7-10 style (or even farther back in 1-6 style) would be interesting. I'm excited for your participation! Cheers Julian
  7. Oh nice, so Japanese developers decided on using a German name for something again. 'Schwarzgeist' stands for 'black ghost'.
  8. Sadly, I think that it's not possible as you are only logged into P1's account while playing - even in co-op. Correct me if I'm wrong. EDIT: I have not yet played ToS on the PS3 but the above was the case in other Tales of games.
  9. Kingdom Hearts 3.
  10. I want this game now.
  11. Hitman 2.
  12. Still no Origins ;_;
  13. Oh yeah, IU and LO were two of the greatest JRPGs I've ever played. Definitely a must-play.
  14. Well, I guess Ni No Kuni 2 actually is a great start for JRPG beginners as it features most of the important elements any JRPG has while being very easy and offering lots of side content. However, lots of people didn't like that game which I can't understand at all (easy plat as well). It's also very recommendable to play some classics on PS4, like Final Fantasy 9, 10 and 12, as well as Resonance of Fate. However, the perfect choice would be "Rogue Galaxy". A very underrated JRPG which was - in my opinion - the best of the PS2-era. It's also available on PS4 digitally. You could also go for the Yakuza series, beginning with Yakuzwa Kiwami (featured in PS+ IGC in November) but even though it still has lots of JRPG elements, it's waaaaaaaaaaaay different and I guess lots of people would beat me for calling it a JRPG. If you're on PS3, go play the Suikoden series. 1-4 are available digitally as "PSOne Classic" and they are just perfect.
  15. Trying to plat a game without a plat? °J°