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  1. Can't agree here. I loved both FF10 and FF12.
  2. I think it was the best. Topic: Black Ops 4 but I'm probably not gonna like either of them.
  3. Good luck with that. You won't believe it but your post just made me very happy. Kingdom Hearts is my favorite gaming series and yeaaa, that's why.
  4. That's right. But it has always sold enough copies to keep going while FF15 made them be in financial straits. Yeaaa, I would love that. At least the way, FF9 was released lately... Yes, I remember how long FF15 took and that it was halted once and later returned with a new team that turned into crap (imo) ... and that it was not worth the waiting. Just imagine, what XV/Versus XIII could have become if Nomura (Kingdom Hearts guy) wouldn't have left the director position after 2013... Let's hope that's not gonna be the case with FF7R because right now, he's still the director there.
  5. So ... that's it, huh? Nothing about it? I mean, yeah, they've kinda restarted production - but NOTHING? Man. It saddens me A LOT that except for a FF14 Update & a Brave Exvius event the title "Final Fantasy" hasn't even dropped once on E3 2018. Square Enix seems to be really going down after FF15.
  6. I still have no idea what this game is gonna be like lol.
  7. YES! I was praying for that!! And the Davy Jones Storyline! YEA!
  8. Dayum, Jade! I'm super excited. BG&E1 is one of my favorites.
  9. When the short gameplay started, my first thought was "Is this western Yakuza?" Just because of the way, the main character moved his arm haha. Reminded me so much of Kiryu's battle starting animation.
  10. I just want the old Tomb Raider back. Don't like the reboots.
  11. Excited about what this will be about.
  12. Yeah, I expect it around 2021 earliest.
  13. I like it. Let's hope it gets the new and better Mass Effect.
  14. Well. What are your thoughts and expectations?