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  1. Hitman 2.
  2. Still no Origins ;_;
  3. Oh yeah, IU and LO were two of the greatest JRPGs I've ever played. Definitely a must-play.
  4. Well, I guess Ni No Kuni 2 actually is a great start for JRPG beginners as it features most of the important elements any JRPG has while being very easy and offering lots of side content. However, lots of people didn't like that game which I can't understand at all (easy plat as well). It's also very recommendable to play some classics on PS4, like Final Fantasy 9, 10 and 12, as well as Resonance of Fate. However, the perfect choice would be "Rogue Galaxy". A very underrated JRPG which was - in my opinion - the best of the PS2-era. It's also available on PS4 digitally. You could also go for the Yakuza series, beginning with Yakuzwa Kiwami (featured in PS+ IGC in November) but even though it still has lots of JRPG elements, it's waaaaaaaaaaaay different and I guess lots of people would beat me for calling it a JRPG. If you're on PS3, go play the Suikoden series. 1-4 are available digitally as "PSOne Classic" and they are just perfect.
  5. Trying to plat a game without a plat? °J°
  6. I'm super okay with it not having a platinum trophy buuuut sometimes I wish it wouldn't have that many 'complicated' trophies. Going for those, I feel like the freedom the game gives me is taken away (as I'd never play the game like some trophies require me to do).
  7. Yea, I've read this couple of weeks ago aswell and I'm pretty sure it's gonna happen.
  8. Funny enough cause that is what I think is one of the best things in DS2. It had more like a "level by level"-type feeling and I loved traversing the different paths to an END and not suddenly finding myself back in an area I already was before. I personally disliked the way, DS1 structured the world.
  9. I just can't really get into it. DS1 was the first DS I've played and I had no fun at all. Gave up the game at the big bow dudes in Anor Londo. Later, a friend kinda forced me to play DS2 and I loved it. Played DeS afterwards and loved it. Played through DS3 shortly after my A-Level exams and I liked it (did not love it but liked it). Now, just a few weeks ago, I bought DS1 Remastered and I was convinced that I'd like it now after finishing all the other Souls games - naaah. It felt sooo wrong to me, I don't know. The places feel so boring, I don't like any of the bosses, etc. Every Souls game kinda motivated me to re-try a boss battle I couldn't finish before. However, every time I do not beat a boss first try in DS1 (happens a lot) I just feel frustrated and annoyed without having ANY motivation to re-try them. It's hard to explain WHY I dislike DS1 so much as I can't even think of any reasons myself. It's just a feeling and I just don't have any fun with it.
  10. Dark Souls 2 is my favorite Dark Souls game while Dark Souls 1 is the only one I don't like at all. Seems as if I'm different. I only prefer Demon's Souls over DS2.
  11. Any information on when DLC6-9 will release?
  12. Now that the trilogy is over we can finally go back to the roots and continue the story after Underworld, can we? °J° No seriously, I haven't finished the trilogy yet (finished first one, started the second one) and I didn't really like it. Or let's say ... it really wasn't outstanding. There was no reason for me to play it except for the title "Tomb Raider" as I'm a huge fan of TR1-8. I'm glad so many people like the reboots because otherwise, there probably wouldn't be any Tomb Raider games around anymore. I just hope they somehow get back to what Tomb Raider was before - especially without any kind of survival aspect. Or they continue remaking the classic 6 TRs like they did with Anniversary. Still: I wish everyone who play the new trilogy much fun!
  13. Batman. I just dislike Spider-Man and Marvel.
  14. I'd actually like that.