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  1. Scary tweet. I hope this is about Spartacus or something like that, you know, something positive for us lol.
  2. Finally got Deathloop for a reasonable price!
  3. Can anybody confirm if - except for the No Death trophy - there is any missable trophy?
  4. There's a lot. Starting with Elden Ring soon, followed by Elex 2, LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga, Shadow Man Remastered, Hogwarts Legacy, Hitman 3 Year Two content, STALKER 2, [...] but I think I'm most hyped for Eiyuden Chronicles in late 2022. Backed it on Kickstarter back then and I'm so ready to experience a new Suikoden-ish game! So excited for this year. (Also, it's not a new game, but I'm heavily looking forward to finally play Deathloop soon.)
  5. I'm super excited to play this game! Have already bought it but I might be waiting for a decent (spoiler-free) trophy guide / roadmap to get the trophies along the way.
  6. For real though: Many people in the US still spell it with an -e-, but dude the -ou- just looks sooo wrong. For real, "Dishonoured" (instead of "Dishonored") aches my brain as I feel like, I don't know, like I'd have to pronounce it Dishonoort or Dishon/aʊɚ/ed.
  7. Cthulhu Saves the World was an amazing game with an amazing OST. Never got to play the sequel, so count me excited!
  8. Well, minor minor spoiler ahead: quite early in the game you get a brush technique to make the moon rise (it's mandatory, story-wise), so maybe you wanna wait for that. Edit: I just realized your message was from 2017 and it's 2021 now lol.
  9. Assassin's Creed Odyssey. Played and loved all previous entries but man, this one was nothing but work. Liked it until after leaving the first island. Any Monster Hunter and Dynasty Warriors like game. Nah. Tried too many. NieR Automata. Mistake on my side here as I was not expecting bullet hell-ish battles. And more.
  10. This is what actually bugged me the most. Like I checked the old store on a daily basis and always went to the 'DLC' section to see what's new, just in case I missed anything like e.g. a new Soul Calibur character. What. The. Hell. Did Sony think?!
  11. One of my favorite games from my childhood. Really enjoyed it and I'm super excited to replay it on console. So, now I'm ready for an official sequel. °J°
  12. The Last of Us 2 is my GotD (Game of the Decade 2011-2020). I can't put into words, how much I loved it -- but it rarely happens that I play through a whole game twice in a row ... within four days.
  13. The collectibles are stored in your profile, not just your savefile.
  14. Final Fantasy VIII (8), The Sting! and Banjo-Kazooie. (Sorry that 2/3 are not on PlayStation.) EDIT: Oh and all Shin Megami Tensei incl. Persona of course (especially 5 for me)!