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  1. I Facebook messaged the devs two days ago notifying them about the glitch for Code Monkey and received a message saying that they know the Egg Hunter trophy for the NA version was glitched and that there would be a patch for it soon. I then replied by saying that the Egg Hunter trophy is fine, but it's the Code Monkey trophy that's glitched (again!), and is there another special code we can use. I haven't received a second reply yet, and the 3 Tweets I sent yesterday to UseYourWords and BrentalFloss have remained ignored as of yet. (I'm unsure if the EU version is glitched aswell).
  2. It appears that if I takedown the first three guys, the antique won't appear. If I leave them alone, then it does. Work that one out!
  3. The antique isn't appearing for me either. I've restarted countless times and still there's only the 800 quid item. Yet another game released without proper playtesting. Any chance you could get this patched @Fabrik Games please?
  4. Just a heads up. I've chatted to David Board (the chap who made the game) and, unlike the PC and XBox versions where you are able to quit the game, back up your save, then reload that 'safe' save if you happen to die, it's currently not possible on the PS4 version. You have to obtain the trophy in ONE SITTING. You can't quit the game and resume, so don't waste numerous efforts like I did as you'll probably end up as frustrated as me! David has acknowledged there is a problem and is hoping to get it sorted in a patch. Otherwise you can attempt the run and hope you make every jump, and pray that a glitch doesn't get you late in the game!
  5. I completed the game in about 2 and a half hours without dying and neither Survivalist or Rocketeer trophies popped. I'm livid!
  6. @Cassiopria okay now I can be a Grand Architect again lol. Vita version finished!
  7. @Cassiopria you're right!! Better get on it lol.
  8. I've also got the Plat for The Force Awakens, so I can keep my Grand Architect. The best Lego game to date I thought.
  9. Many thanks @Cassiopria.
  10. Hi! Hopefully you can add me to the Grand Architect leaderboard as I have every Lego Platinum available (apart from Rockband understandably). ALL 34 PLATS, including EU & NA versions of Lego Indy, and I have 100% in at least one version of every game.