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  1. Story related trophies aren't popping. Is this game still bugged?
  2. Thanks for the guide!
  3. Just got the trophy using this method:- Any map, Modern Times, Population 50, Money Unlimited, 2x Very low, 4x none. Then follow these steps: 1. Quick build a single Power Plant and plenty of streets 2. Pause game time 3. Quick Build 20 Office Buildings -> Capitalists + Globalists = 100 4. Quick Build 4 Cathedrals -> Religious = 100 5. Quick Build 4 Barracks -> Militarists = 100 6. Quick Build 40 Apartments -> Communists = 100 7. Quick Build 6 Factories -> Industrialists = 100 8. Quick Build Space Program and Nuclear Program -> Nationalists 95 9. Quick Build lots and lots of large gardens -> Environmentalists 100 10. Unpause game time 11. After a short period, the achievement unlocks Hope it helps!
  4. Looks like I have to get it from EU only
  5. I can't find it on the US store, but still available in EU
  6. Thanks!
  7. Bought the game yesterday but unable to download since I've used all my data for this month. Can I still download this game?
  8. That's great. Thank you
  9. Life is not a fairy tale and there are no Happy endings

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      That's why it's such a hard Platinum...

    3. SarDarniTron


      ^^ wow good one

    4. Fatty_Fatness


      Still trying to get the best ending I can, though. (^^)

      Would be great if I didn't have so many connection errors.

      DLC is endless and expensive, too. :P

  10. Hi any trophy guide for this game?
  11. Great...,, thanks! I can play MGS now
  12. Resident Evil
  13. Hi thanks, I just checked and all the toys are now unlocked, I'm not sure how but it is really weird it didn't unlock for me immediately after I've completed the game.
  14. Hi can anyone please help me. I've completed the game and found all 64 balloons but I still can't buy sniper rifle and all the toys are still locked. Is my game glitched or am I missing something?
  15. Anyone looking for optional photos achievements, here's a link