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  1. The fastest way that I know of is racing Blue Moon Bay in GT League. It is located in the Professional League under Premium Sports Lounge. Use the KTM X-Bow R '12 which is an N300 class. Equip racing super soft tires before the race. Winning with the 50% clean race bonus and a 150% car handicap bonus nets you 375,000 credits and 8250 experience. It will take less than 12:30 to complete the race.
  2. I'm using the Logitech G29 wheel that I bought over the summer after enjoying the GTS beta so much. Yes, use the triggers for gas and brake. Some people find using the sticks works best for them.
  3. The Brazilian bumper cars! Yes. Some cars you will want to use TC 1 or 2 (Gr.3 class and some Gr.4 cars) depending on the track. Experiment with different values when qualifying. Controlling wheel spin is the key without TC. When I race any of the three ovals, I use TC 2. It makes it harder for you to be spun out from being bumped at high speeds. What I said about car setups no longer applies as you can't use custom tunes as of this time anymore. The BoP locks the settings and every race has BoP. You can still adjust brake bias and LSD distribution on the fly. That may help you take the corners faster. With the ability to watch the top 10's lap times, we can follow their line and see what driving aids they used. Excellent training tool.
  4. Yes, the penalty system needs to be tweaked. Many times I felt I was penalized unfairly due to actions of others. At "S" "SR", the races are much cleaner. The new start times do not make any sense. I liked it with race A starting at the hour, B starting 5 mins later and race C starting 10 mins past the hour. This allowed you more opportunities to race. You should be trying to set faster lap times while you are waiting for the race to start. It helps to improve your driving.
  5. I have 50 poles and 22 wins right now. The best tip I can give is to practice the track. Learn the braking points and the racing line. Turn off all driving aids and set ABS to default. You also want to change the car settings to make it faster; tweak the suspension, set the limited slip differential, downforce, and set the transmission in the power band. When driving, car control is most important. You want to be slow in, fast out on the corners. Don't slam on the breaks before a corner, you will move all the weight to the front car putting it in a "nose dive." This is bad for cornering as your car will not be flat and the suspension roll will make you slower as you turn in resulting in understeer. You want to brake firmly as this will keep the car's geometry flat allowing you to tackle the corner with a higher speed. You should have your braking finished before turning unless you are trail braking. Throttle control is important through the corners also. You don't want to floor it as it will create oversteer in RWD and understeer in FWD and AWD. Ease on the throttle after the apex, don't floor it as you could lose control. Races are won in the corners. Take a look at the top 10 leaderboard and see what cars they are using to set the times. Use that car and learn to drive it. With Sport mode being region locked, use it to your advantage. Race during off peak times as the best racers most likely won't be racing at 6am during the weekdays. I don't recommend doing this: If you keep your "DR" and "SR" in the D or C range or lower, you can increase your chances of not being matched with people who are fast. The best racers race clean and have "A" or "S" rating. So, you can deliberately run into people to penalize yourself dropping your rating.
  6. This situation reminds me of this one that Naughty Dog pulled. http://kotaku.com/artist-says-the-last-of-us-ripped-off-his-boston-subway-575667219
  7. 5714 trophies 256 ultra rares 26 ultra rare platinums
  8. I started planning milestones with my 2500 trophy (Lego Rock Band platinum). A lot of the milestones have dropped off the milestone list. I plan for every 1000th trophy and every 25th platinum. Most proud of platinum #50 (Max Payne 3) and platinum #100 (Rock Band 3).
  9. Showing your most favorite games you have earned the platinum for.
  10. Yes I do. I like to play one game at a time and complete it before moving on to another game. If I jumped between games I lose my groove and forget what to do next. I play games that I enjoy and not just any game to pad my count. If it wasn't for three games on my profile, I would have 100%.
  11. Castlevania Symphony of the Night. The best Castlevania game ever made.
  12. 8/10 Sports game. Can't stand sports games. Winning a championship online is no easy feat, congrats.
  13. Good thing I waited on picking up Max Payne 3 for $20. Now I can get it for $21.
  14. Its been confirmed now that it will release June 4 for $60. http://www.bethblog.com/2013/04/25/legendary-release/
  15. You can buy the DLC stand alone and then tell me what a rip off is. The DLC is NOT worth the $45 price. GOTY and Ultimate Editions always make out for thebetter. Take a look at Dragon Age Origins that one is ridiculous.