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  1. Just as an update to this, they are updating break tools trophy to be a bit easier with their autumn update. No details yet, but they confirmed it in the discord.
  2. What missions officially count for this? All missions? Can I combine it with the Hives that I'm doing? Or do I need to do specifically drop zones? I only have this and the hive trophy left and want to combine as much as possible.
  3. With the festival in the middle of the settlement, most of the decoration spots are down. Is this trophy not possible until after the festival is done in a month?
  4. Does anyone know if there are any patches scheduled to come out? I've had the game crash at least 10 times, twice it has corrupted my save file. Anyone else have crashing issues?
  5. Is there a better way to get an item that can work towards certifiable or painted other than just simply playing? I feel like it takes forever to level up the rocket pass and am not sure when I will get an item with the extra attributes to level up certifiable. Also, the painted items aren't coming either. Is this just part of the new update now? Or is there some place to get items easier that I'm missing?
  6. Personally, I've been having a blast! Matchmaking as the Predator can take up to 10 min occasionally, but thats more because theres one of them versus 4 fireteam. Trophies are a BEAST though, so if you commit, good luck. I just got the 500 kills as predator one and am working towards 1000.
  7. I think I read on their Twitter it is going to be out tomorrow! (March 17th)
  8. THIS IS PERFECT. Thank you so much! Can finally finish this game years later.
  9. I know this is a really old and mostly dead game, but can anyone find a good guide for this trophy? I'm struggling to find any that are very easy to use/accurate.
  10. Injustice Ultimate Edition: Ultimate Battler and World's Finest Even if you were one of the best players in the world these aren't even close to attainable with the difficulty. Let alone the get to level 100 one.
  11. Do we know if this second story DLC is the last one? Or should we be expecting another?
  12. I really dug the pirates one, the old timey one from the classic kingdom, and I used the Winnie the Pooh one a TON.
  13. Thanks for all your help and suggestions guys!
  14. I've been going back and forth about getting this. I've never really played many top-down RPGs, but I love turn-based stuff like Persona, Child of Light, and some tabletop things like Gloomhaven. Would this be a good game and comparable to anything like these? I've always wanted to try something "deeper" and was curious if this was a logical one to jump into. Reviews are outstanding.
  15. Oh okay odd. I just assumed since the P3 one was English it would be an easy fix. Good to know!