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  1. You're like genital warts. No matter how unwelcomed you are, you keep coming back.

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    2. Venocide
    3. MilanYildirim


      Well, you see @Lion of the Lolis another reason why he is like a  genital wart.

    4. TigressLion



      Genital Warts also can be painful like:


      Brazilian Street Vendor Food



      "I saw that coming, using my gypsy crystal ball" - Milan



  2. Oh, seeing your fossil ass made me realize how l did not miss you at all. 
    Please, don't even come back. Community is better without you. 

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    2. Hemiak


      Wtf with having to hit show more content on this status to see all 24 replies. O.o It only showed three more each time. :/

    3. MilanYildirim


      Yeah, it bothered me as well. Hopefully, it will fixed

    4. TheYuriG


      WTF is this shit? gonna put it in the list too

  3. Yes. Games are games and trophies are trophies. That's how I think, not going to miss fun out of a game just because its mere platinum is unobtainable.
  4. One of the only 71 Achievers. 9/10
  5. Escape Plan
  6. Good ol' Dante. Known him for a long time now
  7. Good ol' Condemned09
  8. FF XIV : A Realm Reborn I'm proud of you
  9. #100 Call of Juarez : Bound In Blood Ace of Spades Collect all other Trophies Difficulty : 6/10 Enjoyment : 6/10 Quick thanks to Lord_of_Ra, LittleLamb121 and Taiga Aisaka for boosting Multiplayer trophies and for once make boosting fun So here we are. #100 Platinum. I actually had a goal to tryto achieve this number until the end of the year So it feels good to have a lot more time to surpass my goals until the end of the month. Game overall was good, nothing exception. Have to admit I was scard to what expect of Very Hard difficulty, but in the end it was quite doable, you just need patience really. I promise with all my heart to compromise myself as a Trophy Hunter and have a proud and satisfying set of Platinums whilst having fun throught my experience.
  10. Platinum #100 Call of Juarez: Bound In Blood

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    2. whyfire


      Congrats bud! :)

    3. Freyja


      Woo, well done :D

    4. Roster13


      Sorry late reply, but thanks guys :)

  11. Only seen you around the ''Most Recent Platinum'' thread
  12. Came across this site when Googling for an Issue with a specific game. I signed up because people seemed to be very friendly back then and I thought ''Why not''. Still am active around the Forums because I've met a fantastic deal of people here, otherwise I would have abandoned by now like I did with previous gaming Forums.
  13. Sorry I added on by accident whilst going for your Trophy List. But I'll keep you added :)

    1. realm722


      lol that's funny. I figured you just saw a random post of mine and liked it but I'll take it as my 1st friend on here. :P

    2. Roster13


      I won't disappoint you :)

  14. 1 - Resident Evil 6 2 - Resident Evil 5 3 - Uncharted 3 4 - The Wolf Among Us 5 - The Walking Dead 6 - Infamous First Light 7 - Infamous 8 - Infamous 2 9 - Assassins Creed 2 10 - Heavy Rain 11 -Uncharted 2 12 - Sly Cooper 13 - Sly 3 14 - Sly 2 15 - Uncharted
  15. Can't really rate that. 0/10