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  1. As someone who's completed around 10 of these, I can gladly say, ^this exactly. Some of the times are absolutely insane where you literally have to get your movements correct down to the pixel. Oh and by the way, have fun with dragon mines. You remember that shortcut you had to take for the trophy? Yeah that motherf*cker says hi. 3 times to be exact.
  2. Did you make sure to avoid your boosting partners as teammates? You can select that option from the view profile menu, and you'll also need to make sure that there is atleast one person not on your friendslist before you're able to select the option.
  3. Weekly yes, daily no.
  4. Yeah peeps I can confirm that the daily objectives are indeed no longer avaliable. I logged in today to check on my FUT and noticed the daily objectives tab completely missing. Also if you check the recent achievers, you'll see no one has earned these since Nov 17th. Welp, looks i'm on the next train to boycott FIFA and EA.
  5. This active one is supposed to end 15 hours from now, but could end at anytime within the day, so i'd try and get it done sooner rather than later today.
  6. Do you guys know if that goes for both daily and weekly objectives? I have the trophies and plat already, but just asking for a friend.
  7. I doubt they will. Just look at some of the commotion about unobtainable trophies in some of the older FIFAs. Guys even went as far as making petitions for some of those trophies and EA didn't even flinch lol, but only time will tell I suppose.
  8. Have you tried it with a buddy? Having a friend who can play a good Zarya or Reinhardt can make alot of these "Get X amount of kills with this ultimate" trophies 100 times easier, believe me, i've helped alot of people out with these back in the day. 😂
  9. Yeah you can, but you have to make sure that your alt has atleast one win and from what i've tested, you can only match up with an alt once (whether the main is in placement or not) before having to create an entirely new one and getting the one win for it. Also i found that there's a limit to how many times you can create ultimate team accounts with alts or main accounts before it gives you a message telling you that you have reached the limit of FUT accounts on the console, so proceed with caution with this method.
  10. Yup, can also confirm that 3 wins and 2 losses will not be enough for division 4. Tested it 3 times with my alts and had ended up in division 5 and 6 after each time, but found you can still boost with alts that are still in placements even after you've finished your main's placements, so definitely something to think about.
  11. Hey man and nah PS4's FIFA's 15-18 are still 100% obtainable, but i'd get them done ASAP as they always tend to announce server/game mode shutdowns for some of the older FIFAs after a few years down the line.
  12. Nah bro, it's nothing you're doing wrong, the trophy went unobtainable a few days ago. Read here: You basically had to select on the FUT champions option once you reach the 2000 to redeem it, but since there aren't any more competitions, it won't give you the option to do so.
  13. Add FIFA 19 to the list as this trophy: Went unobtainable a few days ago. Can expect the same with FIFA 20 next year as there's another one of these you have to do lol.
  14. Honestly i'm really liking his playstyle so far. Some of his abilities could be meta changing if used right, especially his ult which can be used to run down the overtime clock for the enemy team, haha. Overall I reckon he's the shield tank that this game's needed for a while now, but I don't see him completely wiping out bunker comp 😂. Also, I think they said he's gonna be released in september, as they're changing the release schedule this time around. Can't wait to get a peak at his trophies! 😉