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  1. bobbygo20 LittleBigPlanet 2 Whoa, this was a while back. I believe in 2012 at one point I owned a PS3 and so did my little brother who always loved level editing and such, he just played a lot of littlebigplanet and got the plat on his own over the course of about 7 months on my account without ever synching trophies on his PS3, so one day I decided to load up his PS plus save just to see if trophies unlocked, and when they did, I just played a while on my own to check the game out since it was free on plus for some time. I don't really have proof since this was so long ago, but I'm not really the kind of player who would use somebody else's work just to get achievements or trophies, I quite enjoy getting 100% on my games before I uninstall them
  2. Resogun PS3 Fun
  3. Jeez man good job on the Plat I think it's probably the hardest plat in the world (seedless runs only thow). I heard some trophies were bugged and couldn't pop with 1.02, could you pls tell me which trophies/items were bugged? I started the game a while ago and I dropped it because I had to study real hard for school, now I should be free for a while and I'm thinking of platting this baby (seedless)
  4. There's an other theory which has huge similarities with this one, but in which Magdalene is Isaac's sister who died because of an accident Isaac's dad made, and that's why he leaves and Isaac's imagination starts to open up
  5. I tried doing both things, If I access from the PC the same thing happens, while even though I keep trying to download on PS3 nothing happens
  6. Hi I can't seem to download the game even thow I got it through PS+ about a year and a half ago. I live in Europe, with an Italian PSN account and the game seems to have been registered on my account, but whenever I press download I get a 3 second loading icon and then nothing happens.... can anybody help me here?
  7. I tried the first chapter at Milan's gamesweek on Xbox One so I'm really confused at this point.... What platforms is it coming to? I would love to play it on Vita but at the same time there's so little info on it I might just get a cheap Steam Key for it and play it with a stable framerate... The whole game was advertised badly even thow it's really interesting and has cool mechanincs
  8. How do you make a checklist? Awesome collection btw
  9. PS4: Mercenary Kings PS3: tough one, really. I'd say Ubisoft hasn't given much content lately, so maybe Rayman Legends and as my second game Ni No Kuni (been out for a while, on multiple PSN sales and Level 5 are in good relations with SONY) PSVita: P4G is my best guess, could be anything thow. Lone survivor is a good pick also, been on sale twice and US IGC
  10. Great news! I was just worried I might of done something wrong, thanks for the info
  11. Hey there, I've written my guide a couple of days ago and it's still in the "Awaiting Review" phase. Is there something wrong with my guide? Or are there lots of guides to review?
  12. Damn I thought I had to click the button while I had the trophy page open. Never mind, thanks for the info ;D
  13. Hey there, great addition, finally I can write easy to understand guides for people here before the super popular guys do so The only problem for me is that when I click the big green button I can only see a pic of the button itself. Is there any chanche an admin could post me a link here? I really want to write a Bioshock Infinite guide asap
  14. Thanks for the advice bros. I'll probably restart the game, since I'd already missed a couple of musical instruments to play, and as iporiginalg (great name btw) mentioned, I'm not even that far into the story. It buggs me though, because of a stupid glitch I have to restart the game