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  1. If anyone's doing this now it's glitched af. I've done more than 20 now and still no trophy
  2. They simply removed all the wish ender quest steps in tangled shore in the end. I was hoping to get the witch queen seal for the trophy but apparently it's not going to be good? I did the witch queen collection for the fashion statement trophy and it didn't unlock, however it did say 0/21 completed even when it lights up and says complete. I got my trophy for completing the beyond light collection today, and that isn't included in the Forsaken pack tho so it's all a bit messy
  3. Does anyone know if we'll be able to autopop the singleplayer trophies without buying the SP? I pre loaded from the GTA Online store page and it downloaded the whole game even though I probably don't have access to Single Player
  4. They're all quite tedious, probably the gambit quest for the shotgun is the easiest, just requires you to play gambit basically.
  5. I just got it too, but had to play on a different Rogue Company account. The tracking is fixed for new players, but not for players who had the achievement glitch on them prior to the Glimpse update. Well, at least I have the trophy now
  6. So I logged into my PC on the same account I use on PS5, and to no one's surprise, even after winning a few games, progress for the award (which in turn unlocks the trophy tied to it) is still stuck at 75%. I'm getting annoyed
  7. Hey Guys, just read up on official patch notes that Good Company is supposed to unlock now Let me know if it works for you and how it unlocks as I will be able to play the game in a couple of days! EDIT : Quickly logged into my account from PC and the award is still stuck at 75% in the menus, will keep u posted if I end up playing some Rogue Company anytime soon
  8. I just logged into the ps5 version from my pc account and it autopopped all trophies corresponding to the achievements I had. I was hoping good company would unlock but that's just glitched on 75% for me
  9. You can 100% the game, and I believe every base game trophy INCLUDING "Tabula Rasa" can be done solo. Teammate AI are massive bullet sponges and deal reliable dps, but cannot interact with objectives and don't have any skills. Getting a well organized 4 man team is ideal as it speeds up the levelling process and simply makes the game easier. As a PAYDAY veteran who has been playing ever since The Heist was released on Steam, I can tell you to try the game, and if you get into it keep at it. I just recently got back into the PS4 version and being an avarage quality port, you will have to deal with clunky movement mechanics which were designed for mouse and keyboard, framerate issues, and client to server side issues EDIT: There is one trophy you actually require 3 other people to complete a mission while wearing different masks from the same set, but I believe you can stick them onto your AI companions and it SHOULD work, but I have not tested it
  10. Does anyone know if this is still going? Would love to know it cause it could be worth booting up my ps3 to go for plat
  11. Cool guys, thanks for the clear info, will have a think about downloading it or not, I'm catching up on my massive backlog of started but never completed games
  12. I'm on the fence about starting this game, will I be able to Plat and 100% the game with the challenger edition? I hear people saying I can and people saying I can't. From my understanding there's no way to fight the individual bosses for their trophies, but again, I really don't know anything about this game
  13. So the idea is correct, the whispers show up to ensure everything goes according to the oroginal ff7 game, eg. the first time Cloud and Aerith meet, they’re going on chatting for too long and she needs to be gone by the time Shinra grunts show up and in chapter 4 Cloud and Tifa aren’t going on the reactor 5 mission until the whispers ‘injure’ Jesse and Wedge. The reason Sepiroth has you fight the harbringer of destiny is because he’s aware of the original ff7 timeline and in order to succeed he needs destiny not to run it’s course. The three sub bosses in the fight are holding a sword, a gun and their own fists to prevent destiny from being destroyed (so theoretically, Cloud, Barret and Tifa from the future, fighting for their own reality to bee preserved across all timelines). My take from the ending scene where Aerith sees Zack and Cloud walking to Midgar is that’s a separate timeline, she gets a glimpse of Zack surviving since Destiny’s been broken across all timelines, and that has nothing to do with the REMAKE timeline, maybe just a way to show fans the new dev team is fully aware of the Zack situation and a way to build Aerith’s character even though newcomers won’t know about their story. That’s my interpretation of what happened and maybe you can agree with it if it makes sense!
  14. Resogun PS3 Fun