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  1. I used to be like that too prioritise trophy hunting ahead of everything, at least now I've learnt my lesson and have a nice balance with my social life and hunting (helps a lot now that i dont care about 100% completion anymore) play games for the enjoyment not the trophies
  2. Pre ordered it with my mate today come on gimme dem budokai tenkaichi feels back its been too long
  3. Me and my girlfriend recently purchased two "new" 3DS systems along with omega ruby and alpha sapphire and are having a blast playing through them. What are the best multiplayer games on the 3DS? I want to buy more games for us to play but dont know what to purchase since i havent followed nintendo games for a while now. Your suggestions would be appreciated
  4. Definitely would pay for a app, sure majority of the site can be accessed easily on mobile devices but the forums on the other hand are clunky and clustered and dont feel natural on a mobile device. If the app came with accessible access to the forums I'd actually post more often xDDDD
  5. Can any dragon ball fans tell me if battle of z is worth it for a die hard fan?
  6. Cant wait until this releases. Ocarina and this were my first two zelda games and playing them all over again in 3D is a added bonus
  7. So many gaming achievments this year but few on YoChiink_ which i made in august due to my account being hacked, 14 plats gone :'( but its all good motivated to trophy collecting on this account My best trophy moment this year was platting GTA 5 (again) the grind was sooooo long cant wait to plat it for the 3rd time when i get it on ps4
  8. If only this was in the game day one along with a WORKING online...
  9. Super hyped for this! Cant wait to see more dragon ball z movies
  10. Wouldnt mind platting this again as long as fully decorated auto pops up when you import your character cause that was a b*tch to boost for
  11. Love OOT 3D was the first 3ds game i played endlessly, new pokemon new zelda "new" 3ds cant wait ^-^ (see what i did there)
  12. Was just about to buy first light, now that its free in jan i have more time to play all the othee games im gonna buy in november
  13. Trading in all my classic ps2 games along with my fat original ps2 for $200NZD off a wii.... my 10 year old self got sucked in by eb games trade in offers Trading in all my classic ps2 games along with my fat original ps2 for $200NZD off a wii.... my 10 year old self got sucked in by eb games trade in offers
  14. So many great games and ive brought none guess that what happens when you have exams and havent touched your ps4 in ages
  15. Sony NEEDS this to come out next year, perfect way to setup to uncharted 4 and to revisit uncharted 3 my first ps3 game