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  1. We Happy Few. Why? Surely not the FPS. Who doesnt love a nice 20 fps?
  2. The driving is very slow like there is something wrong with the R2 input, i dont even make it to the second last checkpoint. But when i drive in reverse the speed is ludicrous fast. i tried using a diff controller, new game, reinstalling the game... Anything i"m missing?
  3. This ''oh we will add a platinum trophy so you will probably buy our shit'' thing is getting ridiculous lately
  4. Recently when i just close my application, the ps4 also shuts down? Anyone else?
  5. Suicide Guy Picked it up for the easy platinum but was pretty fun as well!
  6. This is probably just a temporary glitch, I just updated my profile and my trophies are completely wiped? 'aww no trophies here' 🤔
  7. Kingdom Come Deliverance Just bad, felt very console unfriendly glitchy and one of the longest loading times i seen.
  8. Isnt it fun when she grabs you and kicks on your face? UNWORTHY! UNWORTHY! Enraged me alot And when you die in that move the ress stone didnt work for me.
  9. King RNGball...
  10. I'm in the same situation... Ok one more higgle, *sees tainted monster* oh no please let me pass, oh no no. Really fucked up my life
  11. 7,99 for inner world seems like a good deal
  12. Yeah i also played with the brightness settings after searching for a while. Found the last '?' the first time while going through the map. But after all, very poor map design.
  13. Searching searching... for that last question mark i missed... getting ridiculous.
  14. This ''sale'' makes me very very sad.