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  1. Online/COOP trophies, oh yes my favorite ones.
  2. After mafia 2 remastered i'm not suprised anymore. my game froze in the prologue
  3. Game performance is bad, not smooth at all.
  4. Yeah, same thing happened here opened the map in chapter one, clicked on main quest to get a marker and crash. Nice Sony, Nice devs
  5. Any Yakuza game except 6, Damn you Mahjong!
  6. Hard froze while trying to expand rooms. Waited it out, screen flashed couple times before error screen. Kinda scary. Probably stay away from this game until updates.
  7. Worked!! Finally got this platinum, gave up on it 6 months ago because of one BS trophy... Thank you
  8. What a wonderful topic. Please create following topics: Is this game good? Is this game hard? How long is this game? And any other triggering topics. Gracias!
  9. Oni, Kingpin, Joule
  10. I would call it a ''demaster'' until some big patch lands. Audio is shit, constant fps drops... I had alot of fun with mafia 2 on PS3...
  11. Are they gonna f** patch this mess? unplayable. Only left ear audio during cutscenes, constant frame drops. R-E-F-U-N-D
  12. Dark Souls Remastered? PSN: Nah, Farming sim bro.
  13. Dragons Dogma Dark Arisen for the first time
  14. Pull ups... Kill me
  15. Knack 2 is a game that will come to PS+, just a matter of time. No rush to play that game