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  1. I still need the last dlc trophies, if you can help me out it would be greatly appreciated! Edit: just saw your post on the other thread about the event in three hours, Ill be there. Thanks!
  2. Hey guys, I am 100% sure the exploit is not working right now. I got 5 wins using the exploit day before yesterday and didnt get the trophy so I thought maybe I messed up my kudus count. Today I got it again with me being 200% sure my kudus did not go up at all but still did not receive. Looking at the recently earned infallible trophies, you can see that this is true since 29th sept. Before 29th there were around 6-7 ppl on average earning the trophy everyday, after 29ths theres only two other people who have earned this and last was on 3rd october. Looking at reddit threads and twitter posts, other people have been complaining about it aswell, so I am assuming it has been fixed, although I hope to be wrong. Looking at fall guys official twitter, they shifted their servers and DNS to another domain on early 30th sept so that may be the cause of it? Idk really Good luck to everyone who still has to achieve this! 😅
  3. thank you very much for this, very helpful. 🙂
  4. Hello, I can completely relate with you. Its been some time since I 100%'d this game however the name astrosight I'll certainly remember because it gave me the most trouble. If I recall correctly, the song escalates real quick into a shit show after the second barrier and you drop down quickly from 3 bars to literally 0 bars because you sometimes can't even finish the whole damn song and you lose all your energy. If it helps you in any way, I finished the game off and I can with 100 percent certainty tell you that that part was the hardest thing for me during the whole run. Honestly dont be demotivated, I went through the same thing as you. The scoring is much more lenient in the songs after astrosight. It is easier to three bar the later songs with more practice but it remains hard to three bar astrosight even with more practice. What I did was I got 1 bar only for astrosight and three bars for the three songs and made it to the bonus song. Then for the last 4 set of songs, i only remember two names and thats digital paralysis and datalectch? Aim for two bars in these two songs and IMO, two barring these two songs is easier than surviving astrosight. Then aim for three bars in the other two songs. Of course, the best advice is still practice. Practice the two songs in the last set so you can get 3 bars ans both of them, and practice astrosight and aim for only one bar if u are having trouble with it. Remember which instrument to go to when shit hits the fan and try to go to only the easy ones because remember getting ome bar requires u only to finish the song, no matter how low the score. You can get some leeway and get two bars on it so you dont have to get three bara on the remaining three songs, but the way I did it I got one bar on it. You can do it bro, all of my writing above is for the campaign, there are harder songs for super that are outside the campaign but super only requires u to one bar each song so the hardest part for me was still campaign astrosight. If I can do it you can most certainly do it because Im just an average player in this game.
  5. Hey, sent you a request but can't add you because of your privacy settings If anyone else is willing you help me with the certified veteran item trophy it would be appreciated, I'll give it right back! Thanks
  6. Hey, did this glitch just start after the latest patch (which released on friday)? if so, then just hold out for a few days and hopefully it will be fixed. Theres a huge new dlc coming tomorrow on steam, and a pre dlc patch was released on friday prepping the game for it. Unfortunately this broke the game a bit on ps4 and switch and some people already have access to the new boss and biomes. Im assuming this will be fixed when the main patch releases tomorrow. However, if this has been happening since before Friday then I'm sorry, I dont know how to help
  7. I'm not sure about multiplayer, but extinction teeths and upgrades are still connected between both consoles
  8. You should most definitely go for IW zombies. They are extremely fun and light hearted in tone. The music selection in all the maps are perfect, and just the general vibe is great. I have done bo3, IW and AW zombies and I think IW is the best out of them all. IW also has some quality of life improvements over AW such as can remove perks, crawler zombies don't die out, loot stays after death, and can come back into the game after death rather than wait for the round to end. the sliding mechanics doesn't slow you down and the average pace is much faster than AW and bo3. The Easter egg quests are much more varied, and imo harder than AWs quests, but much more fun. Every map has two quests, the main quest and the skull busters quest. Completing the skull quest gives you all the perks so most people do that before finishing the main quest. Mind you tho AW has a jetpack mechanic so you might find dodging and training a bit difficult at first. Still tho I highly highly recommend you go for IW can't go wrong with it Also not a part of the trophy list but there's a super secret boss at the end if you complete every maps Easter egg quest and beating that boss was the most fun Ive had in zombies by miles. Just my opinion of course, many people prefer bo3 over IW too 🙂
  9. There are no missables in the PS4 version. So don't worry about it, you can banish NGK or fight him, leave zote to die or save him, it doesn't matter, you can get 112% always!
  10. Nex Machina was free for the middle east region when god of war III was free for NA and EU
  11. A pretty cheap list indeed. Don't really care about the no multiplayer trophies. But no completion on realism only and no three star spec ops really is disappointing
  12. The plat is pretty doable and still pretty fun. Imo compared to the vanilla game and todays update, the difficulty hasn't changed that much. Also imo the updates made the game more fun
  13. Hey sorry for the late reply! The DLC has its ups and downs but generally speaking, it has made the game more fun with the edition of new levels, bosses and enemies. In terms of difficulty, they completely removed enemy scaling with scrolls, meaning before (in addition to general enemy scaling with each level) when you got one scroll, the enemies health would increase with it slightly. So if you missed a bunch of scrolls, its alrite, the enemies health wouldnt go up that much. In the new update there is no scaling with scrolls, rather there are fixed enemy healths on each level. Meaning if you missed a few scrolls, you'll be weaker than the enemies in the following levels. So this makes it generally difficult if you were that kind of guy who didn't go for cursed chests (which always give one scroll). However, if you collect all the scrolls, the difficulty is more or less the same I would say for the first three boss cell (BC) difficulties. After 3BC however, is when things really get different. There are certain new enemies which only spawn after 3BC, one of them which is extremely annoying and hard to play against (they are called arbitars). These show up in ramparts, ossuary and castle in 3BC, and in ramparts and castle in 4BC. They are like the inquisitor but instead of one projectile they throw 6 projectiles towards you and they can see you through walls and floors with a huge range and they also have zero cooldown time. In addition to this, in 4BC, every single enemy now has the teleportation mechanic like the elites and they will follow you throughout the level until you kill them. Again, this is a huge amp up in terms of difficulty compared to the previous update. Looking at your trophies, I see that you havnt done 3BC yet so for you, the game would be more difficult unfortunately. However its not just simply the case of increasing difficulty, the game is more fun with more weapons and mutations and some other tweaks here and there. Its more stressful and makes you have an adrenaline rush even more. There is more lore and with the addition of the two new bosses (which by the way you can totally skip since there are no trophies around them) and soundtracks, I would say the devs and gone far and beyond into making this game more balanced and challenging. TL;DR the game is easier from 0-2BC and harder from 3-5BC due to new enemies and new teleportation mechanics
  14. Dang thats a bummer I hope people still play the dlc and manage to get to 5BC and the last true boss, its so much fun
  15. The giant boss is the opposite of the time keeper. Just like the tentecle boss was the opposite of the concerige! So if you go to the giant, youll skip the time keeper and reach high peak castle! You get the fifth bc after killing giant on 4bc. After you get 5bc, the game wont end and you will continue to high peak castle. Im not sure if you have to finish the whole gsme and beat HotK to lock in the 5bc or you can quit right aftwe you absorb it from the giant tho. I personally got lucky and finished the game. Hope this clears it up! The final boss is still hand of the king i would say. Only in 5bc there is anither boss and another whole level, which i would consider a secret true final boss which not many players will reach. Yes after you beat HotK on 4bc, you enter the locked room after the boss and go to a new level! Edit: to make things more clear, the giant is not the final boss, it is a boss in the middle of the game and the game continues on after you beat it! However you do get the fifth boss cell from him and not the HotK. This is due to lore reasons which i shall not spoil! Also there are new enemies in every level. And each new boss cell difficulty changes enemies. For example ramparts have two new annoying enemies in them, so annoying that my usual route of promenade -> ramparts -> conceirge has now changed to promenade -> ossuary -> conceirge. Its almost impossible for me to complete ramparts without getting low health now haha, and before the update it was one of the easiest levels!