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  1. I feel kind of bad for being this type of person, but I need the Jams challenges to maximize XP.
  2. I'm doing all skater specific challenges for sure; some of them don't award that much, but there are a lot of them and it only takes maybe an hour to clear all of them for one character. From there I'm just gonna wing it. I'll go for any challenges that reward a lot of xp, but if there are any smaller ones that seem like a pain I won't bother.
  3. I'm just clearing as many challenges as I can right now. I've cleared over 300 and I'm still only level 68, so seeing how the xp required increases each level I'm probably going to run out of challenges before I get to 100.
  4. Thanks for the tips. I finally managed to get Feed Me using the following ramp: Now to just press on for the other two. Update: Literally within two minutes of finishing Feed Me I gave the other two an attempt and got them both immediately. Wild stuff.
  5. I've cleared out gaps for all levels saving Skate Heaven for the finale, so naturally it had to be the most problematic. I've come across 3 gaps that don't seem to register no matter what I do: Feed Me! - Ramping into the volcano never triggers the gap regardless of the angle I try going from, and I've attempted it over 100 times. Kicker 2 Radrail - The gap never triggers even with everything being done correctly. Rail 2 Kicker 2 Rail 2 Bench - An extension of the above gap. Grinding the rail just before the kicker severely slows you down so you can't get enough air off the kicker to get to the next rail. Since the above gap doesn't even trigger, I'm curious if this one will have the same problem even if I correctly pull it off. Seeing how the trophy has been obtained by a few people now, I'm curious if any of you have found solutions/workarounds to make these 3 gaps trigger since nothing I'm doing seems to be working.
  6. Not yet, I'm working my way through all maps in order and I'm currently on Marseille. Just trying to get into that volcano for the Alien Plushie wasn't fun, so I'm not looking forward to what else that map has in store when I get to it. Update: I have since made it to Skate Heaven and can agree with you that Feed Me is 99% broken.
  7. This is a problem I've been having with a lot of the gaps in this game. It must be a change in the physics from the original games because it seems like it's very hard to build the speed needed to clear some of these no matter what you try, and I feel like I was able to do some of these gaps much more easily in the original versions. Going for gaps in the older games, I would follow a video and clear most gaps in 5 attempts or less. Some of the gaps in this game have taken me over 100 attempts to get.
  8. Looks fairly easy and fun, but I'm curious what the Legend Challenges will be.
  9. The group I was playing with just completed the pack a punch ritual on round one, but the trophy didn't unlock for any of us. Our only reasoning is that our 4th player disconnected after opening his necessary gates, so we think that may have locked us out of the trophy for some reason. Has anyone else had issues with this trophy unlocking?
  10. Solo FPP with crossplay disabled puts you in a game full of bots that are generally easy kills, making the grind faster. I had gotten a few hundred kills in previous seasons, but the trophy didn't pop till I had slightly over 1000 kills for Season 7 alone.
  11. You can go to the Pier in Goo Lagoon and play the Skee Ball mini game to slowly build them up. When you come across a Duplicator robot you could also try leaving it alive and farming the robots it spawns to build up shiny objects that way.
  12. Nothing is missable, and all but one trophy (talk to Squidward 10 times) will come as you work toward 100%. Edit: You also need to collect all of the Shiny Objects in SpongeBob's House for the Time for Tutorial trophy, but still nothing is missable.
  13. I was a bit skeptical about this because it's so bizarre for a game (especially as big as this one) to not be released digitally. I'm just a bit annoyed that they didn't put it up for pre-order because now I'll have to wait till the game actually launches just to start the slow download and won't be able to play it right away.
  14. I haven't seen anyone post this in the forum, so I figured I'd make a post about it in case people were unaware. I managed to find a trophy guide for this game for anyone who is still going for platinum. It's written in Polish so you'll have to use Google Translate or something similar if you don't speak it, but this should still help you get the job done much faster than researching and figuring things out yourself. I hope it helps!
  15. My 100 Kills trophy hasn't even popped yet and I have over 160 now 😑