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  1. I haven't played the PS5 version so I have nothing to compare it to, but the PS4 version looks great and plays very well. No complaints from me so far.
  2. I was aware of that being a possibility, but I wasn't sure if that was the case. I think I read that that "final" event was posted in April of 2012, so it should have ended in April 2020 but didn't seeing as people were still earning it all the way through early 2021. I'm guessing that long period where the servers went down paused the timer for the event which would be a likely reason it ended up going until March if it actually did. Whatever the case, I reported it to Harmonix, got an automated response saying they'd investigate it, got a response saying they closed the ticket, and got a response saying the ticket had been resolved. The issue is still there though, so since I didn't actually talk with someone from Harmonix about it I can't say exactly what happened on their end regarding it. For anyone else who's locked out of this trophy at the moment, contacting Harmonix support about it would be your best bet. It's hard to say if they'll do anything about it since this is such an old game at this point, but as he mentioned they already brought these servers back once likely due to receiving enough complaints. It's not a guarantee, but if enough people report this issue it's not impossible that they could give us a solution.
  3. One of my friends is going to do a bit of checking on it. He mentioned the servers for this have been dodgy for a long time, so it's possible we're just having issues with it at the moment. He thinks it's probably just a server issue, and the wording of the error message I mentioned above makes me think the same. If the final event concluded I think it would give a different message along the lines of "Sorry, but there are no events available at this time."
  4. I've recently picked this game up again planning to get the online trophies out of the way, but when I try to access Battle of the Bands I keep getting a message saying "Sorry, but you're unable to play Battle of the Bands at the moment. You are currently attempting to connect to Rock Central." Is this just a server issue that comes and goes, or have all the events finally ended? I'm concerned this may have made the platinum unobtainable, and the last time this trophy was earned was back in May.
  5. I played as April against three Patricks (the Patricks have to be on the same team). Set Lives to 1, and turn on Friendly Fire so they can damage each other while trying to attack you. I also turned on Critical KOs so I could automatically knock them out at a certain damage percentage. Play on the Irken Armada Invasion stage and jump around as much as you can while using your Down-right/left + Circle attack against them. It can take quite a few attempts, but the match will only take around one minute when done successfully, keep at it and you'll pull it off before too long.
  6. Try to kill him with a melee attack. If you go into last stand and shoot him you can avoid the crash that way. That's what I did and it didn't crash for me.
  7. I had 3 failed attempts and completed it on my 4th attempt. Attempt 1: I found out the hard way that the knock off controller I've been using has an extremely sensitive R2. In the beginning of Chapter 8 after going up the spiral stairs and clearing the graveyard just past them, the short cutscene there ended and Passos was immediately and unwillingly shot in the head by me. Worst of the worst luck, but it was such a freak thing I was laughing about it by the time I started my 2nd attempt. Attempt 2: A failure that actually was on me. The section in Chapter 11 where you come up to the top level of the boat and have to fight a bunch of guys up the stairs as well as guys on the shore to the right can be rough, and I just hadn't practiced it enough beforehand. I ran super low on painkillers and got killed in the following section where you're clearing enemies on the tower ahead of you and moving up with Passos. Attempt 3: Another wtf moment. Made it to the QTE at the end of Chapter 9, hit the L2 and R2 prompts, then somehow failed on the Triangle prompt even though I pressed it. Maybe my sensitive R2 was the culprit again? Fortunately I just finished it with my 4th attempt, and thankfully I never had any crashes or infinite loading screens that killed my run. For anyone who's still looking to complete this mode, here are some of my pieces of advice: 1) I played the game on disc. The digital version seems to have a lot more problems with crashing for some reason. 2) I turned off Golden Guns. I read in another trophy guide that doing this takes a little stress off the game, so maybe this was a factor that helped me avoid crashes. Honestly, I barely even noticed a difference playing without Golden Guns (you are going for headshots 99% of the time anyway), so don't be worried that you'd be making the game more difficult on yourself by turning them off; if there's a chance it can reduce crashing, it's worth it. 3) The infamous Chapter 13 crash seems to be when you shoot the last guy in that office before the heavy armored guy with the LMG comes out. A friend told me to try either killing that last guy with a melee attack or killing him while in last stand, so I did this and made it past this section without any issue (although I wasted several painkillers trying to melee him and fighting off the heavy armored guy, which made the rest of the mission a bit stressful). 4) Take a break in between attempts. While this game is a lot of fun and it's fortunately not that long, it's still really draining failing in the second half of the game and having to start over. My plan was to attempt NYMHC once per day--one good attempt, that is--so I wouldn't absolutely hate playing through the early chapters because of an earlier failure. It pretty much worked for me, and the early chapters didn't bother me at all in my later attempts. Most of them are pretty short anyway. 5) Follow this guide and pick up every possible painkiller during your run, and use them manually to avoid going into last stand since it's often really risky. I was really anxious about the possibility of dying during the final "boss" encounter in Chapter 14, but I went into the fight with 9 painkillers stocked so I was comfy. 6) The standard that you've probably read already: rush the game's early chapters (especially 1-6) to build up time so you can take it slow during the later chapters (especially 11, 13, and 14). Use Uzis and pistols as much as possible, but hold onto rifles and SMGs since they can still get you out of a jam. Try to avoid shotguns. Good luck!
  8. I saw a bit of discussion about this in other threads for this game, but I figured I'd make one to give a clear answer so people wondering don't have to dig around. Singularity was one of the few games that was reported to have severe issues for people who changed their PSN ID--the biggest issue being that you could no longer search for public matches after changing your name, which would make its online trophies impossible. Fortunately there is a simple workaround. If someone on your friends list is able to host or join a public match, then you can still join them through the Friends menu in-game even if you changed your ID, bypassing the issue completely. All online trophies are still obtainable this way.
  9. Throwing my cents in, I started the game from scratch yesterday and was able to get this trophy without any issues. I didn't stay in one server; I jumped around using the advanced search and joined only the maps I needed. I joined most games in progress and stayed until the end of each before checking a map off the list.
  10. The Vita's messaging system was announced to be shutting down June 28th, and this shutdown will affect select games that use the messaging service to send invites--Rocketbirds being one of them.
  11. With news of this platinum becoming unobtainable next month I got a partner to boost the co-op trophy with, but we've been having issues connecting every night we've tried. Regardless which of us tries to host, the other always times out before we can even get into the lobby to start the game. We've checked our NAT types and tried restarting the game and our systems multiple times but haven't had any success connecting. I'm wondering if any others have been having this same issue with connecting to a friend, and if so what did you do to solve it?
  12. The thing that makes dead ops difficult in my opinion is the lack of a strategy that works consistently. Sometimes you'll be lucky enough to get vehicles and great powerups that make rounds/levels a pushover, then other times you won't get much and it will seem impossible. Plus, the last round is made much more difficult by the fact you have to fight off an entire round worth of zombies before the mamaback even spawns, then more zombies spawn with her. It can be hard just to make it to the fight without giving up all of your lives and nukes first. As someone who's still struggling with the last 4 stages, my recommendation would be to just keep attempting it, and you'll eventually hit a stride and find the proper combination of skill and luck to finally get through it.
  13. Since launch there has been an issue with this trophy where you could only obtain it on one version--PS4 or PS5--since it wouldn't autopop on the other system and there was no way to reset the levels on your Perks. Now that they recently updated the game, has anyone tested if this issue has been resolved and the trophy autopops on the other system, or if upgrading Tombstone to the max on the other system is a way to unlock it?
  14. I'm conflicted on this. On one hand it will be nice not having to come back to the game every few months for new trophies (especially since I'll be stacking this on PS5 when I get ahold of one) because I'll have more time to focus on the many other games in my backlog. On the other hand I won't have as much motivation to play the new maps, and the break from tradition of trophy hunting on a new map--something I've been doing since the BO2 days and other people have been doing for longer--will really be a bummer.
  15. Has anyone figured out exactly how this works? I played a normal Solo game and lost all my lives at round 10, but when I started an Advanced game afterwards it still put me back at Round 0. Edit: Nevermind, it bumps you up to your previous best round after a few moments.