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  1. I saw a bit of discussion about this in other threads for this game, but I figured I'd make one to give a clear answer so people wondering don't have to dig around. Singularity was one of the few games that was reported to have severe issues for people who changed their PSN ID--the biggest issue being that you could no longer search for public matches after changing your name, which would make its online trophies impossible. Fortunately there is a simple workaround. If someone on your friends list is able to host or join a public match, then you can still join them through the Friends menu in-game even if you changed your ID, bypassing the issue completely. All online trophies are still obtainable this way.
  2. Throwing my cents in, I started the game from scratch yesterday and was able to get this trophy without any issues. I didn't stay in one server; I jumped around using the advanced search and joined only the maps I needed. I joined most games in progress and stayed until the end of each before checking a map off the list.
  3. The Vita's messaging system was announced to be shutting down June 28th, and this shutdown will affect select games that use the messaging service to send invites--Rocketbirds being one of them.
  4. With news of this platinum becoming unobtainable next month I got a partner to boost the co-op trophy with, but we've been having issues connecting every night we've tried. Regardless which of us tries to host, the other always times out before we can even get into the lobby to start the game. We've checked our NAT types and tried restarting the game and our systems multiple times but haven't had any success connecting. I'm wondering if any others have been having this same issue with connecting to a friend, and if so what did you do to solve it?
  5. The thing that makes dead ops difficult in my opinion is the lack of a strategy that works consistently. Sometimes you'll be lucky enough to get vehicles and great powerups that make rounds/levels a pushover, then other times you won't get much and it will seem impossible. Plus, the last round is made much more difficult by the fact you have to fight off an entire round worth of zombies before the mamaback even spawns, then more zombies spawn with her. It can be hard just to make it to the fight without giving up all of your lives and nukes first. As someone who's still struggling with the last 4 stages, my recommendation would be to just keep attempting it, and you'll eventually hit a stride and find the proper combination of skill and luck to finally get through it.
  6. Since launch there has been an issue with this trophy where you could only obtain it on one version--PS4 or PS5--since it wouldn't autopop on the other system and there was no way to reset the levels on your Perks. Now that they recently updated the game, has anyone tested if this issue has been resolved and the trophy autopops on the other system, or if upgrading Tombstone to the max on the other system is a way to unlock it?
  7. I'm conflicted on this. On one hand it will be nice not having to come back to the game every few months for new trophies (especially since I'll be stacking this on PS5 when I get ahold of one) because I'll have more time to focus on the many other games in my backlog. On the other hand I won't have as much motivation to play the new maps, and the break from tradition of trophy hunting on a new map--something I've been doing since the BO2 days and other people have been doing for longer--will really be a bummer.
  8. Has anyone figured out exactly how this works? I played a normal Solo game and lost all my lives at round 10, but when I started an Advanced game afterwards it still put me back at Round 0. Edit: Nevermind, it bumps you up to your previous best round after a few moments.
  9. Quite unexpected, though I'm wondering if they could still be planning to release the trophy set for this map once they enable the easter egg.
  10. I only need one more Secret Chamber for the trophy, and it is this one in Chapter 3. I'm unable to access it though because the passage to the right of the throne is blocked, and I can't find any way to open it. I read a couple comments about having to examine a painting and restart the level for it to open, but I've already examined all paintings in this chapter according to the stats page and the path is still blocked. Has anyone else had the same issue with this chamber, and if so what did you do to fix it? I'm concerned that it may be permanently bugged and I may have to restart the entire game to get to it. Update: I couldn't find a way to get this door open, so I ended up making a new save; if anyone else has this chamber glitch out on them it may be best to do the same unless someone finds a fix. For anyone playing through the game for the first time: when you get to chapter 3 make a backup save. Play through to near the end of chapter 3 and examine the painting shown at 6:41 in the video, then pause and restart the chapter once it autosaves. Run through the chapter again until you get to 4:35 then follow the path (the video says you need a succubus to break the wall, but I believe I used the chort roaming the area). Once you're in the first chamber, the second chamber will have opened to the right of the throne since you examined the painting. This was the only secret chamber that glitched on me in my two playthroughs, so once you take precautions to get this one you should have no problems getting the rest of them.
  11. I feel kind of bad for being this type of person, but I need the Jams challenges to maximize XP.
  12. I'm doing all skater specific challenges for sure; some of them don't award that much, but there are a lot of them and it only takes maybe an hour to clear all of them for one character. From there I'm just gonna wing it. I'll go for any challenges that reward a lot of xp, but if there are any smaller ones that seem like a pain I won't bother.
  13. I'm just clearing as many challenges as I can right now. I've cleared over 300 and I'm still only level 68, so seeing how the xp required increases each level I'm probably going to run out of challenges before I get to 100.
  14. Thanks for the tips. I finally managed to get Feed Me using the following ramp: Now to just press on for the other two. Update: Literally within two minutes of finishing Feed Me I gave the other two an attempt and got them both immediately. Wild stuff.
  15. I've cleared out gaps for all levels saving Skate Heaven for the finale, so naturally it had to be the most problematic. I've come across 3 gaps that don't seem to register no matter what I do: Feed Me! - Ramping into the volcano never triggers the gap regardless of the angle I try going from, and I've attempted it over 100 times. Kicker 2 Radrail - The gap never triggers even with everything being done correctly. Rail 2 Kicker 2 Rail 2 Bench - An extension of the above gap. Grinding the rail just before the kicker severely slows you down so you can't get enough air off the kicker to get to the next rail. Since the above gap doesn't even trigger, I'm curious if this one will have the same problem even if I correctly pull it off. Seeing how the trophy has been obtained by a few people now, I'm curious if any of you have found solutions/workarounds to make these 3 gaps trigger since nothing I'm doing seems to be working.