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  1. PS3: Devil May Cry - No issues foundDevil May Cry 2 - No issues foundDevil May Cry 3 - No issues foundGod of War - No issues found God of War II - No issues foundGod of War: Chains of Olympus - No issues foundGod of War: Ghost of Sparta - No issues foundPS4:Neverwinter - No issues found
  2. PS3: Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition - No issues found Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse - No issues found Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy - No issues found Jak II - No issues found Jak 3 - No issues found PS4: Entwined - No issues found. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy - No issues found Jak II - No issues found Jak 3 - No issues found Jak X: Combat Racing - No issues found
  3. I finally got around to testing this, and it appears to have been patched in the PS4 version, but it still works in the PS3 version and presumably the Vita version as well. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
  4. PS3: DJ Hero - No issues with save file, local progress, or connection to servers. Removed from leaderboards. DJ Hero 2 - No issues with save file, local progress, or connection to servers; online rank and progress are intact. Removed from leaderboards.
  5. I'm pondering grabbing this since it's currently on sale and I'm curious of how people would rate the platinum difficulty for this one compared to the other WipEout games. I platinumed HD and 2048 a while back; is the platinum for this one easier or harder than those two?
  6. I swapped L1 and Square on each character just because it's so awkward to evade with X while you're holding or spamming Square to shoot. The other buttons feel fine. Nero got a little funky after getting a Devil Trigger, so for him I ended up with: -L1 = Gun -Square = Devil Trigger -Dpad = Eject Breaker
  7. S-Ranks on Hell and Hell look like the only problem, but it also depends on how the ranking system will work since we didn't get the full taste from the demo. I've never been as hyped for a game as I am for this one, so I'm definitely up for the challenge. Not going to plat it right away though; I'm going to save HaH S-Ranks for last and make this my 300th platinum since it's my favorite series.
  8. Following. I'm interested in doing this, but I'm not buying it unless more information comes out.
  9. To an extent. The main reason I'd call it a chore is because of longer download times, inability to download games while playing, and lack of external hard drive support. I'm still enjoy the games themselves luckily, but hunting in general is indeed much more fun on PS4.
  10. Update: I selected another class and played Bomber Royale until I was near the end of level 29 with it, then I went and did dungeons in the world to make it to 30 and the trophy unlocked. So to summarize: Bomber Royale is perhaps the fastest way to level your classes up as of right now, but if you still need the Level 20 or Level 30 trophies, don't hit those levels while you're in PvP or the trophies won't unlock. Get close to the next level, then go do some dungeons until you hit the necessary level for the trophies.
  11. After spending likely 150+ hours playing the game and ranking up my Boomeranger I finally reached Level 30, but the trophy didn't unlock. I was playing the new Bomber Royale mode when I hit 30, so I'm questioning if that's what screwed it up. If anyone has had a similar problem, let me know if you found a solution because I'm extremely irritated by this.
  12. Soul of Cinder. Not sure why that isn't an option here.
  13. Thanks for the replies everyone, got platinum last night and the DLC items were not required.
  14. Just checked the store. $30 just for one season bundle? I really hope they put these tables on sale before they delist them, cause there's no way I'm spending $60 for both of the table bundles.
  15. I've been skimming around for answers to this, but I haven't seen any yet. Does anyone have confirmation if the dlc items are required for their respective trophies?