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  1. The Discord server i made to manage helping people is stil active for those in need! so feel free to join for those who stil need the help
  2. for those who use discord personally i mainly/fast reply on the server i posted here to. as its a " stil active " help server also TY to huskii for replying on the forums for those who don't join the discord server! great guy :3
  3. i am but life is busy i mainly react to the discord server i linked in the post. my psn replies are a bit slower due to life
  4. you can boost sunlight medals via invades while being in sunlight covenant. same with shackles and tongues. however sorry to say blue sentinels and bladegrass cannot be boosted there are currently no working methods for those. so just have to put ur points in luck temporarely via rebirth wear max luck items and use gold coins to get them asap.
  5. always to the resque :3
  6. as i mentioned in the original post. miracles pyromancies and spells are not drop/tradeable. please use the links provided in the original post on page 1 to gain the spells/pyro/miracles you need! gl and hf :3 as for the rings might help when i have time atm having a bit of a busy schedual
  7. i am basicly a cross between completionist and casual. eventho i refuse to have games like minecraft "because a personal dislike" or easy plats like soundshapes. i also try to avoid dubble plats as much as i can to. have a second acc to speedrun games and current psnprofiles record for rwby :$. i only play games i like so if i dislike a game i wil drop it nearly instantly but when i like a game i prefer to 100% it befor playing another game. and i mean 100% game completion not 100%trophies ;x i also have a bad position towards boosting/boosters i have no respect for them and kinda look down on them for being lazy and not even trying to play the game. its a insult to gaming
  8. sorry for the inconviniance haha just alot of requests even after years makes it harder to menage :3
  9. please join the discord server if you have discord link is on page 1 "original post" its way to hard to organize via the forums.
  10. remember that i personally mainly react to the discord server i linked in the op. as i don't have time often to look on the forums specificly ^.^
  11. after getting cratered solo without a zarya theze trophies wil probably feel easy ;-; im glad to see normal trophies again
  12. help wil be avaliable soon. "faster replies are on discord"
  13. TY For people who have helped in my place ! Remember i always react in the discord, and am stil active! i only react on ps4 when i'm on it wich i'm not to often lately. and don\t always have time to look here. Again ty for those who helped in my place ^.^
  14. on the pc with the number buttons is alot easier then playing with the controller. i can say this from my old jamlegends days haha . its hard to get used to 5+ button gameplay
  15. is there stil someone who can give lvl70 legendary items for the trophy?